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Online casinos have soared in popularity over the past decade due to increasingly easy access and improved technologies. There are now thousands of online casino sites across the internet, some of which are more popular than others. But what is it that makes an online casino so popular?


The design is basically the face of the casino. It is the first thing you see on their graphic advertisements and when you click on the website. Many popular online casino sites tend to go for similar layouts but have different colour schemes and graphics; others try and take a more innovative approach to design. Some of the most popular online casinos stick with the more traditional designs, but there are some that have pushed the boat out slightly that are equally as popular. In the end, it comes down to the personal preference of the player; some people prefer it familiar and simple, whereas others don’t mind a bit of extravagance. But the overall look and design of the site is definitely something that influences popularity.

Game Variety

People get bored easily. We can’t really help it, but we need change and variety. The most popular online casinos know this and include a huge variety of gaming options for their users to choose from. Generally, the more games a casino has to offer, the larger their audience and the more popular the site. Everyone has their favorite games and the ones that they usually stick to, but even if they only usually play certain games, users appreciate having the choice.

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We just cannot resist a good offer, can we? Online casinos use bonus offers to entice new users to start playing, and the most popular sites also have regular perks for existing users to make sure they keep your custom, and you don’t start playing elsewhere. Free spins, bonus offers, and other perks are often gifted to new users, and if you want to find the best bonus offers, look no further. Online Casinos have tried and tested popular casino sites and have compiled a top ten list, complete with a score, rating, and the welcome bonus that you get for signing up. Looking at the bonuses offered, it is easy to see why some online casinos are so popular!

High Security

When you play online casino games, you are required to hand over a lot of personal details, including your banking information. Having clear security measures in place to protect users is an essential trait of any popular online casino. The SSL certificate should be displayed, along with the regulatory body and any other formal accreditations it has. Safe and secure sites result in lots of satisfied customers.

Payment Options

We know everyone likes choice, but to be a popular online casino, you don’t just need a variety of games, but also multiple payment options to choose from. The more payment options, the wider the available audience. Having a wide variety of payment options also indicates that a site is trustworthy, especially if PayPal is one of those options. Having multiple secure channels of payment methods means the deposit process is simple and hassle-free, which is likely to result in more users and increased popularity.

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Easy Withdrawals

Users want quick, simple, and easy access to their winnings. The less time and hassle required to withdraw money, the more loyal customers an online casino will have. Delayed payments are the worst, and no one wants to be waiting around for days or weeks and be constantly having to give more and more documentation in order to receive what they are owed. All the popular online casinos have short payment times, being able to withdraw money to your bank account within 10 to 20 minutes with minimal fuss.

User Interface

An online casino just isn’t going to be popular if the interface continues to glitch, crash and slow down. Imagine tripling your account balance, only for the interface to crash and to find that you have lost it all. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Popular casino sites have efficient software that functions properly and ensures your gaming experience is consistently smooth. Plus, they are obviously going to have the best graphics out there as well.

Free Games

Much like everyone loves offers and deals, they also love freebies. The most popular online casinos offer free games to new users or those that are new to gambling and don’t yet have the nerve or skill to start betting with real money. Easing people into the world of online casino games is definitely a trick used by the most popular online casinos to boost their customer base and entice new gamers into signing up. Another trick they use is to offer a demo mode so potential players can check out the interface and get a taster of the gaming experience before making the commitment.

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Customer Service

Online casinos want their users to have the best gaming experience possible, and to make sure that this is always the case, all the popular online casinos have incredible customer service. If anything was to go wrong, you want a solution that is fast and easy so you can continue playing as soon as possible. Popular casinos know that users want any issues dealt with quickly and effectively, so they offer their players different channels of customer service, including in-play guidance, and FAQ section, live chat, online communication and phone support. Having top-notch customer support services is essential if an online casino wants to be popular.

Responsible Gambling

Users want to know that they are cared about and that their wellbeing is of high importance. Gambling can become very addictive and lead people into dark places that are hard to escape from. This is why popular online casinos promote responsible gambling. They have deposit limits, set time outs, and the ability to completely lock yourself out of your account. Casinos want their players to have an enjoyable gaming experience, but sometimes the fun is no longer there; however, the most popular sites will make sure they have methods in place to prevent this from happening.

Online casino games are now a prominent activity to pass the time all over the globe, and this is how they become so popular despite the wealth of competition out there.

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