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Andar Bahar Tricks

Andar Bahar is an Indian gambling game that promises fun. The origins of this game are in Bengaluru, India but are popular all over the country. It is called by different names in different languages though.

andar bahar tricks

All that you need to play the game is a standard deck of cards and a dealer. If you begin to play, the dealer shuffles the standard deck of cards and removes one card out at it at random. That becomes the game card. He places it face up. Now, the player bets that the matching card like the game card will appear either on their right or left. The left side of the player is called ‘Andar’ and the right side of the player is called ‘Bahar’. Once the betting is done, the dealer deals all the cards from the deck, alternatively on the left and right. The side where the matching card with the game card falls becomes the winning side. If it is the same as the betting side of the player, then they win the bet and get the payout. Else they use.

Simple rules aren’t they? But do note that Andar Bahar is a game purely based on chance. However, there are some points which you need to keep in mind while you play this cool, fun game. This will differentiate you from an amateur. Take a note of these:

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Be Familiar With Basic Game Rules

Regardless of how simple the game Andar Bahar is, you cannot join any table without knowing the rules in and out. After all, you are putting your real, hard-earned money into it. You must educate about yourself the basic lingo that the game has, that is ‘andar’, ‘bahar, ‘ game cards, and ‘side-bets. To summarize this, andar means the left side of the player while bahar means the right side of the player. The game card is the first card that is dealt from the shuffled standard deck of cards. A side-bet is a special kind of a bet that you can place, that gives you higher payouts but involves higher risk. For example, in some live Andar Bahar games, you can place a bet on more than 41 cards that will be the game card, before the commencement of a match.

Know The Different Variations

Depending on the online casino you play, there may be several variations. Most of them would have the conventional rules the same but will include some tweaks and innovations in the rules that make the gameplay exciting. Once you join the Andar Bahar table, be familiar with the rules and notice if there are any changes to the version you have always been playing. This new information will help you decide your bets accordingly.

Place More Bets On The Side Of The First Card

This slightly reduces the house edge and the payout but improves your chances of winning. If you work out the mathematics, you will see that the probability of occurring is slightly more than 50%. Even though the payout will be a little lower, this is a good trick, if you want to accumulate small wins.

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For example, if the game card belongs to the black suit, then Andar will be the side where the next card will be bet. The probability of winning increases to 51.5% on this side. Since the cards are dealt with in an alternative fashion, the chances of the card appearing on this site are slightly higher.

andar bahar tricks

Always Go For The Small Bets

Good gambling is not being all flashy, winning millions of rupees in a single bet. It is about accumulating the small wins that eventually make a difference to your payouts. Going for small bets also protects you from exhausting your bankroll, if you go on a losing streak. Andar Bahar is also a very fast-paced game, so it will be hard to make any adjustments. Therefore, to be on the safer side, start small. It will give you satisfaction when you win, and you won’t feel devastated when you lose. This is a good strategy, to begin with, especially if you are a beginner.

Have Control On Your Bankroll

The better you manage your bankroll, the better Andar Bahar player you will be. Note that the Andar Bahar games are extremely attractive and flashy. If you do not have a budget, to begin with, chances are you will spend all of your money within a few minutes. Keep track of your bankroll after every game and play responsibly. It is best to keep emotions out of the game. Do not start playing aggressively because you have lost or be optimistic because you have won. The game is based purely on chance, so no amount of effort is going to change the outcome.

Try Using the Martingale Strategy

Since even with Andar Bahar tricks there is almost a 50-50 chance game, the Martingale strategy suits best for this. In this strategy, every time you lose a bet, you double the bet amount. Every time you win, you keep the bet amount the same. After a losing streak, when you finally win, you can earn back the money you have lost along with a small profit. Do the math yourself. Since you will be doubling your bets, you will need to start the initial bet small. Keep in mind that this is a risky strategy and if you do not keep track of your funds, you might reach the table limit soon or exhaust all your bankroll.

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andar bahar tricks

Know The Limits of The Table

This is one of those andar bahar tricks where players get so much into the gameplay, that sometimes it becomes hard for them to know their spending limits. Check the maximum bet limit on any casino table you play, whether offline or online. You should particularly keep this in mind if you are playing Andar Bahar with the side bets. Also, some tables will have minimum bets as well. So, be mindful of that.


These are some tips, andar bahar tricks, and points you need to keep in mind while playing Andar Bahar. On the whole, it is a fun game to play alone, with your friends and family. If you do not have access to a real casino, you can sign up on many of the top casino websites where you can either play free games or deposit real money and play Andar Bahar. What’s more exciting is that these online websites have more variations of Andar Bahar than any physical casino. So, play responsibly and enjoy your game of Andar Bahar!

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