How Do You Play Blackjack Online : Perks & Exciting Offers5 min read

How Do You Play Blackjack Online : Quick and Handy Guide

If you enjoy taking up challenges, then Black is one of the top games in casino games, which gives you the same experience. However, it would be best if you learned the game rules first. Here in this article, we will explain to you methods to How Do You Play Blackjack Online? We are providing you step by step guide to making basic learning easy for you. If you are searching for the same, you landed on the right page this time. Now, let us move forward with the handy guide of How Do You Play Blackjack Online without any delay.

How Do You Play Blackjack Online

How Do You Play Blackjack Online: Game Objective? 

The main aim is prevalent among people is to win the game like a professional. We are helping you by providing this guide of How Do You Play Blackjack Online by beating another player available on the table. Still, you must keep your primary focus on dealers and learn how to beat them by drawing a higher hand from the dealer.

The best scoring hand in blackjack is hand having a value equals to 21, and it is also referred to as natural blackjack. You can win the hand with the dealer by drawing a hand value more significant than the dealer. If you both get a natural blackjack, no payment will be made, and if the dealer receives hands equal to 21 before you, then the whole table gets paid for the winning.

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How Do You Play Blackjack Online

Role of the Dealer in Blackjack Live Casino Games

In a casino game of blackjack, the dealer plays like another player with their own hand—the only difference which will help you to recognize the dealer that is restricted to sites. The responsibility of the dealer is to deal with cards. They also handle the physical chips and payout in a traditional casino. Dealers are always dedicated to provides you the best experience. However, they play the role of competitors during the game. They also try to keep everyone engages with the conversation, so you don’t hesitate while playing.

Know in Details About Blackjack Table Layout?

Choose a table. Use the betting chips to place your bet at keeping it in the center of the table. You must know some basic rules to start with the game. These rules are :

  1. In insurance, the players are allowed to bet for half amount of the original. 
  2. Dealers required to stand on 17
  3. The blackjack payout amount will be 3 to 2

An online blackjack standard table allows seven players to play at a time. The Minimum bet on the table is less than ₹100. I suggest you start with a no deposit bonus and earn through playing blackjack online. Meanwhile, you can ask the dealer for the suggestion, but we can’t ensure that it leads you to win only. 

Benefits and Disadvantages of Playing Blackjack Online


  1. It provides you the access to the game from where you can earn real money
  2. It provides you with the ability to play more hand at the same time while playing online
  3. The house edge is much lesser in Blackjack as compared to other casino games
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  1. Multiple decks game option with complicated rules
  2. Use of mathematical strategy to win the game
  3. Highly addictive :You might get addicted to playing Blackjack

Blackjack Decks and Card Value

Initially, the game of blackjacks is played with 52 cards in a single deck. Still, now it is evolving, and you can find different variants such as three decks, six decks, eight decks, and ten decks available for playing Blackjack with some complicated rules. In contrast, a single deck is much easier and more fundamental than multiple decks, but it allows the alternative of a split hand.

As with other card games, Blackjack also consists of 52 cards, including13 Clubs,13 Diamonds,13 Hearts, and13 Spades. The face value of the different cards varies from each other, which are 10 points for King, Queen, and Jack, and 2-10 numbers have the same face value as the number in it. The value of Ace varies as 1 or 11 depending on the situation.

How Do You Play Blackjack Online: Important Moves

If you don’t get natural blackjack hand, then you can use another way to continue this game. First, you must decide along with the dealer what to choose from Stand, Hit, Split, or Double Down, but you need to be familiar with these terms to make any decision before that.

Stand– If you choose to stand, the dealer will skip your turn and ask you to deal with your card.

Hit – You can win easily in blackjack if your hand value is greater than the dealer. You need to reach the closest value to 21, and once you choose to hit another, the value gets added after the dealer draws another card for you.

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Split: If you receive the two cards of the same value, which are identical, you can go for splitting. In this, your dealer will provide you with two additional cards once you match your stake. 

Double Down: If you are playing well and want to double your stake, you can opt for the double down option and will receive a new card from the dealer. Double down is most commonly used during the cards of value 9,10, and 11.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Blackjack is Most Famous Table Games? 

A: Since many reasons make blackjack a famous table game, it is a pretty simple and basic game that you enjoy. Another reason for this game’s popularity is that it provides more edges to the player. Learn simple mathematical strategies if you want to earn money from this game.

Q: Is Live Blackjack & online blackjack are similar?

A: The primary rules will always remain the same in the game, irrespective of you are playing it online or in a traditional casino. The online casino will be as similar as the traditional one, and it will not impact your gaming experience.


We have provided you all the information required to learn How Do You Play Blackjack Online ,we try to make familiar you with some common terms used in Blackjack games and the basic rule and face value of the card in the blackjack.


Blackjack is one the popular casino table games. We have provide you all the step by step guide if you are beginners and want to learn this game, further you can learn about online balckjack guide to explore more about it !





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