Rummy Poker – Differences and Similarities5 min read

Rummy Poker – Differences and Similarities

If you are new to the gambling scene, it will not be surprising if you get confused between the two. But even, in reality, the two games are so similar that people use them interchangeably. But if you look deep into the payouts, style of play, and the chances of winning, there are some fundamental differences. If you want to break down both the games to compare how different they are, continue reading below.

To know the difference in a nutshell, just remember that Rummy is a game that involves some degree of skill in it. On the other hand, poker is more or less completely based on chance. The skill in Rummy comes from the fact that it is a card matching game, while poker involves betting.

Both the games have managed to garner interest over the years, and are extremely popular in offline casinos and online websites. Even in India, you will find popular online Rummy games from which you can earn real money (depending on the state in which you are playing).

Understanding Rummy

One of the most popular card games in the world, Rummy has evolved to plenty of variations with countries. However, we will be discussing the original version of Rummy. It is a card matching game of similar ranks and the goal here is to build melds, which are groups of three to four cards belonging to a similar rank. There must be three or more cards as a sequence in a single unit. Every player deals with 7 cards. Unlike other card games, Rummy is not restricted to adults only. There is even a variation of Children’s Rummy which has graphics on cards of animals etc. which can make them want to play even more.

Here are some features of Rummy you must know:

Melds: Each meld must have at least three cards belonging to a similar rank, or a run that has three consecutive cards of the same suit.
Deal: For this, the minimum size of card deck used is one standard deck of cards. It is even common for Rummy to use five standard decks of cards having multiple jokers.
Gameplay: Depending on the Rummy variant and the number of players, the number of cards dealt with each one of them varies.
Score: The score is calculated when someone melds their cards.

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Rummy Poker

Understanding Poker

Another of the highly popular card games, Poker gained much of its fame from the 20th century. Poker is played amongst a small circle of friends/family to even the national level. You must have come across many national-level poker players. Poker is a common game to be played among family and during festivals. The popularity of poker is so much that you will find it in almost every virtual casino out there. There are more than 100 localized variations of Poker, which vary with country.

The main logic and activity in this game are betting. A player wins a game of poker when they have a consistent rank and combination of the cards. Note that some cards may not be visible till the end of the game. The procedure of betting is different depending on the variant of poker. More commonly money is a bet, but some players bet something valuable too.

The card-rank hierarchy is the same in almost all forms of poker. They are described here:

Straight – In this round, a complete hand deals with every player and they bet in a single round.

Stud – The dealing of the cards happens in face-down rounds and face-up rounds

Draw – Once the bet has been placed, players can change the hand by removing the cards they don’t want and deal new cards

Community Card – Also known as flop poker, this is a variation of stud poker.

The Difference In Rummy Poker

The first major difference is that there are no jokers while playing poker. But in the case of Rummy, there is a joker or even multiple jokers.

In Poker, a single standard deck of cards is used. But in rummy, depending on the game variant and the number of players, there may be several decks used at the same time.

Poker involves multiple betting rounds. Compared to this, Rummy does not have any betting involved. There is a points system in Rummy and the player with the lowest score becomes the winner of the game.

Because there is betting involved in Poker, much of the game involves luck. Conversely, Rummy involves a lot of skill and strategizing. Even though there is a chance factor in Rummy, it is less dominant compared to Poker. But if you look in general, there is some degree of skill involved in both the games.

The game of poker is quicker than rummy. Rummy has multiple rounds and it takes time for the score of the player to be zero. Since it is fast-paced, many players find poker more engaging. But even Rummy is fun because it involves a lot of brainpower.

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Responsible Gaming

Rummy is a highly addictive card game. Therefore, as a player, it becomes really easy for you to lose track of the bankroll. Keep a fixed budget beforehand and stick to it even if you are on a winning spree or a losing spree. Do not play rummy emotionally. Learn how to quit the game even if you have been losing multiple games in a row. Emotions can hamper your decision-making, and before you know it, you might have exhausted all the money you have. Rummy is a fun game and it is best enjoyed for leisure.


That is the difference between Rummy Poker. There is no point in comparing which one is better than the two because both of them promise fun in different ways. If you like your games to be fast-paced and thrilling, then poker is a good option for you. If you want to play for relaxation, then go for online rummy. Both the games can be found for free and for real money in almost all top online casino sites across the world. If you are new to the gambling scene, try playing both games and see which one suits you more.

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