Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino6 min read

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casinos

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a casino? The glamor, the glitz, and of course, the games and the alcohol. You might have seen in movies, the flashy actor and actress playing the famous casino games with a drink beside them. Ever wondered what they are drinking? If you are in a physical casino, you might either opt to drink because you want to give your friends company, or you will want to boost your confidence and enjoy the atmosphere. But the best advice when it comes to drinking is to do it within limits, not to lose composure, and focus on the game and the surroundings. Gamble responsibly, and also drink responsibly. 

Below are some of the most popular drinks that you will find mostly in casinos, and this is also what the gamblers prefer. Note that the drinks are not ranked in any particular order, and neither is the list exhaustive. 

  • Whiskey On The Rocks 

Although it is not exactly a cocktail, it is one of the most classic and beloved drinks of the casino. On the rocks in this context refers to the ice on which whiskey is poured, the result is a cold and powerful drink. Although the ice does dilute the whiskey, the coldness adds to the relaxing effect. But some casino pride whiskey lovers prefer to have the drink neat. 

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  • Screwdriver 

This is another famous cocktail that people love to drink at the casino. The basic ingredients of this drink are vodka and orange juice, although you will find plenty of variations around the world. You will find this drink very commonly on table games. The orange adds to the sweetness of the drink and shoots up the sugar levels of the drinker, but at the same time, stocks them up with a good amount of Vitamin C.


  • Gin and Tonic 

Another classic casino drinks, and it is most commonly served in two ratios. Either a 1:1 ratio of Gin and Tonic or a more diluted version having 1:3 Gin and Tonic. The drink is delicious and the taste just enhances when you place a squeezed lemon on the drink. 

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
  • Pina Colada 

Whether it is the beach or the casino, Pina Colada will remain one of the favorites of alcohol lovers. The cocktail is so famous around the world that it has its song! If you are looking for a true fruity punch to your alcohol taste, then order a Pina Colada at the casino, the next time you go there. The drink is typically prepared with 1 part coconut cream, 3 parts of pineapple juice, and 1 part of rum. The drink is served in the coveted hurricane glass typically with a cut pineapple inserted on its edges. 

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
  • Mojito 

If you are looking for something refreshing (especially if it is hot outdoors), go for the mojito. Many casinos also serve this drink in the non-alcoholic version. It is a favorite drink of the summer and typically has 5 ingredients going into it. They include lime, soda water, white rum, mint, and sugar. The mint leaves aim to get their unique aroma and the essential oils from it. To complete the taste, even ice is added after the mixing and stirring of the ingredients. 

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Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
  • Margarita 

If you are a fan of Tequila, it’s almost impossible that you have not tried the famous Margarita. According to conventional standards, the drink has a 10:4:3 ratio of its ingredients. They include tequila, triple sec, and lime juice in the same ratio order. The drink is served in the margarita glass and most casinos make sure to stick to this tradition. You will find this drink available with no ice, blended with ice, or just shaken with ice. 

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
  • Martini 

Another drink that is a favorite at the casino and the bar. Martini has been commonplace in many movies, advertisements, videos, and commercials. Martini is more preferred at the Poker table, and this has been made popular through the famous Bond movies. Depending on the casino, the ingredients and the method of preparation might slightly vary. Typically, the Martini contains Gin and Dry Vermouth in a 6:1 ratio. The drink comes in its signature glass and an olive or lemon twist is added at the end to bring out the flavors strongly. 

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casino
  • Rum and Coke 

Drink lovers will say that Rum and Coke go hand-in-hand. No casino menu can be deemed complete without this favorite Rum drink. The drink is high on taste and alcohol strength, it is sure to charge you up while you are at the casino. Once you mix Rum and Coke, the lime is optional. The drink is simple to prepare and depending on how strong you want it. You can decide the ratio of Rum and Coke. The drink has its origins in Cuba and since then, it has traveled worldwide and is loved equally. 

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  • Vodka and Cranberry Juice 

Another delicious drink that combines the punch of cranberry with the explosive flavor of Vodka. The drink can be served by simply mixing the two, on the rocks or even with a garnish of lime. Depending on how strong you want the drink, you can prepare or ask the bartender for the specific ratios for mixing. While it can help you enjoy the activities of the casino, the fruity punch will help you keep refreshed throughout the casino event. Drink responsibly though, because Vodka does have a strong effect on the body. 

Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casinos
Top 10 Best Drinks To Try At Casinos

Drink Responsibly 

The casino drinks menu might be tempting, especially if you love alcohol. However, make sure to drink within limits. The reasons for this are aplenty. One, excessive drinking can harm your liver and decrease metabolism. Two, once you drink in excess, you lose inhibitions over your decisions and that might affect your casino gameplay. Often excess drinkers have regretted over spending more money they have wanted to in casino games and losing everything. Three, if you are driving post your casino event, please do not drink even a little alcohol. Drink responsibly, be aware of the consequences and have fun. 


Whether you are a casino pride whisky lover or prefer the vodkas, drink in limits and enjoy your time at the casino, playing games and networking with fellow gamblers!

Do not drink and drive!


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