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Andar Bahar is a popular home-grown card game. It is said to have origins in Bengaluru, Karnataka. According to where it is played, the game is called differently. For instance, it is called Mangatha in Tamil, Andar Bahar in North India, etc. It is a game of pure chance and not at all complicated rules. The game, owing to its popularity, found its way to the online casino market in India. Almost all online casino sites in India provide Andar Bahar or certain variations of it which is even more fun. But still many don’t know how to play andar bahar, Even after this boom of Andar Bahar is owing to its simple rules and it does not need any other instruments or tools like other casino games. All Andar Bahar needs is a standard deck of cards.

Andar Bahar

How To Play Andar Bahar?

As mentioned above, all you need to play this game is a standard deck of cards. Andar – Bahar here essentially means the right side or the left side. In the gameplay, a dealer first picks a card, faces side up from the deck, and places it in front of the player. This is called the game card, and this card will be responsible for driving the game and even ending it. We will see how.

The player will now bet on either Andar or Bahar. Andar or Bahar means the left side or the right side of the player respectively. The player will bet on which side the card matching the game card will show up after the dealer starts dealing the cards.

Now, let us consider the dealer once again. They will deal one card at a time, on either side of the player until the card which is the same value as the game card will fall on either side. If the player has bet on that same side, they win. Else, they lose.

An important point to note – if the game card (the first that is dealt by the dealer belongs to the black suit, then the cards are dealt on the Andar side, to begin with. If the first card belongs to the red suit, then the cards are dealt on the Bahar side, to begin with.

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How to play andar bahar
Andar Bahar – Casino

Andar Bahar Payouts

The chances of winning are slightly higher for the card to appear on the side the dealing began with. If the card does land on the same side, then the payout for the same is 0.9:1. If the card lands on the other side, the payout is 1:1 (even betting). Let’s see this in more practical terms how to play andar bahar and its payouts.

If the game card belongs to the black suit, then a bet on the Andar side that wins pays INR 1900 (the returned bet + 900 in winnings according to the 0.9:1 betting payout). A successful bet on the Bahar side pays out INR 2000.

If the game card belongs to the red suit, a bet on the Andar side that wins pay INR 2000 and a successful bet on the Bahar side pays out INR 1900.

Tips and Tricks You Must Know When Playing Andar Bahar

Given that the basic idea of the game is so simple, it still involves some tips and tricks so that you have good gameplay. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Yes, Andar Bahar is a game based purely on chance but playing regularly will make you familiar with the rules, the payouts and will develop a certain intuition and feel for the game. You can begin with reading how-to-play articles like these or watch YouTube videos. You can also speak and interact with regular Andar Bahar players to understand how they look at the game. Also, if you are playing the game online, some online casino sites offer free games where you can play without depositing real money. This is the best way to enjoy the game without the fear of losing your hard-earned money.
  • Keep a budget, to Begin With

    Andar Bahar is a fast-paced game, so it is easy to lose track of the money you are betting. Since it is so simple to play, you will be tempted to spend more to test your luck. Therefore, you must know how to play andar bahar. Also, you always know the maximum you would be spending on the table, regardless of whether you are winning or losing. Be aware of the right time to stop playing. If you are on a winning spree, it is always better to walk away when you have more wins than losses.
  • Place the Bet On the Side Where The First Card is Placed

    It has slightly higher winning chances even if it is for a slightly less payout. But it is always better to go for these small wins. Casinos provide lower payouts to discourage the players from putting in bets looking for small wins.
  • Consider using the Martingale Strategy

    This is one of the more famous strategies in roulette. The concept lies in doubling your bet every time you lose. The idea is that you can recover from the losses in the previous games and learn efficiently about how to play andar bahar with around a single win and even with a small profit. It is better to stick to the side the second card is dealt with. It is because the payout on this side is slightly higher.
  • Go For Small Bets

    This is more recommended to newbies. If you go for smaller bets and small wins to learn how to play andar bahar, it will enable you to play the game for a longer time. As you progress and win more, you can potentially increase your bets.
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  • Choose The Right Casino:

The right online casino for playing Andar Bahar will ensure that you have good gameplay. They will have a smooth and seamless interface, rules and regulations laid out, and quick payouts. The right casino accepts deposits in all common payment methods. For any troubleshooting and grievances, it should have customer support that is always accessible through at least email, live chat, or call.


These are a few details you need to know about Andar Bahar. Get a deck of cards and get started to play this game with your friends! It is sure to be fun, but do play responsibly.

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