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Let’s be honest here – there is not much skill required to win Andar Bahar. One, the rules are as light as a feather. Two, the game is entirely based on chance. But again, this does not mean that you go to the table blindly. You need to know some tips and tricks, maybe not much related to the gameplay. This will help you perform well at the table and handle your winning / losing sprees effectively.

How Does Andar Bahar Tips Work?

The game is one of the simplest ones to understand. It has two sides. The left side of the player is called Andar. The right side of the player is called Bahar.

The gameplay just has a dealer and the standard deck of 52 cards. The dealer takes a card from the standard deck and places it face-up on the table. This card is called the game card. This game card will be responsible for driving the game and ending it.

Now, the player will bet on which side the matching card to the game card will land on. Here’s a slight tweak. The chances of the card landing on the Andar side are slightly higher. Therefore, if you bet here, there may be a slight increase in the chance to win and consequently, lesser payout.

The dealer will keep dealing the card alternatively on the Andar side and the Bahar side. The dealing stops when a matching card to the game card falls on either side. If it is on the side that the player has bet on, the player wins and the winning amount is paid out.

If you are serious about the game. Consider the following tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning.

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Andar Bahar Tips

Andar Bahar Winning Formula Strategies – Martingale Strategy

The Martingale betting strategy was originally developed to use in online roulette. But the idea took off so well that now it is used in almost all casino games. After all, almost all of them involve betting an amount in some form. The strategy works the best when used in games that have an almost 50% chance of winning and losing. Therefore, Andar Bahar winning formula is a nice strategy for this ratio.

The principle of this strategy is quite simple. When you lose a bet, you will double the bet amount in the next round. If you win a bet, you jump back to the earlier bet amount. The idea of doing this is that, when you win, you will also be able to cover some of the previous losses (if not all) with a little bit of profit.
andar bahar
The starting betting amount depends on the bankroll you have and how aggressive you want to play. It is always better to start small so that you can play enough games before you exhaust all your money (in case you experience a sequence of losses together). Go with the minimum bet the table allows you to place and start using the strategy from there.

Even the Martingale strategy has some variations that you can consider using. The Grand Martingale is almost similar but every time you lose a bet, you double the bet amount and add some portion of the original bet value. This makes it even riskier but more rewarding if you win. Another variation is the Anti Martingale (also known as Reverse Martingale). Here, you double your bet amount after every win. After every loss, you keep the bet amount the same. This strategy works for those who have a lesser risk appetite and who would like to capitalize on their wins.

On the whole, the Martingale strategy works for players who have a big-sized bankroll. If you do manage to get into a winning streak, this strategy will reward you well. On the other hand, the Anti Martingale strategy is for those who want to try winning big money with small bankroll sizes. The issue with this strategy is that it gets hard to judge when to quit playing, especially if you are on a winning spree.

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The Hot or Cold Strategy

This strategy is not based on statistics at all, so use it at your own risk. If you are playing the online version of Andar Bahar, you will see the latest winners of the game. Typically, you will see that the games where Andar has won will be marked with a blue dot and the games where Bahar has won will be marked with a red dot.

Now it all depends on whether you want to choose the hot strategy or the cold strategy. Players who choose the hot strategy will go for the side that has been winning the most in the previous rounds. On the other hand, players who choose the cold strategy will go for the side that has been winning the least in the rounds that occurred before the current round. But note that, since this is a game of pure chance, there will be no dependence of the future results on the previous round results. Each game is independent of the other games.

Get The Bonus When You Sign Up For Online Andar Bahar

If you play Andar Bahar online, you have the advantage of getting sign-up bonuses and winning bonuses. These may include some free games or some extra winnings and rewards based on your deposits. Although they do not directly affect the chances of winning in your gameplay, they can enhance the rewards you get. Check out for the jackpots, free contests, winning and sign-up bonuses, and make the maximum use of to win in Andar Bahar. Note that many of these come with their terms and conditions, so read them up before signing up for one.

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Andar Bahar – Play Responsibly

Andar Bahar is truly an exciting game. It is fast-paced and easy to understand. Moreover, if you play with friends, this game is sure to guarantee a lot of fun. However, it is easy to lose track of the money you spend if you do not have a budget, to begin with. Play responsibly, and invest only that much money that you would not mind losing it all even if you do not win a single game on the day. A good gambler knows when to quit playing. Keep emotions out of your gameplay. Andar Bahar is meant for fun and it is best enjoyed with that intention.


These are some tips and tricks for winning at Andar Bahar. Try them out yourself, and see how it works for you. As you play the game more, you might develop your tricks and strategies as well! Play responsibly and have fun!

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