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Baccarat strategy

Baccarat’s popularity originates from one thing: its simplicity. Baccarat, or penalizing bento as it is sometimes referred to, is the most straightforward game in the casino.  If you’ve never stepped in a casino or played a game of chance before: Baccarat is the game for you. Or rather: especially if you lack experience, the Baccarat table is where you need to top.

Baccarat Strategy
Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is simple

With Baccarat, you can’t make any factual mistakes. There is no such decision you have to make that would be considered a catastrophic error. It isn’t much you can do where the dealer will tell you it’s not allowed. Other than really, whose “side” you’re taking, no real decision will be made for you.

You don’t have the option to hit or stand with blackjack, no calls or folds like in poker. In some casinos, you don’t even need to touch a card with Baccarat. Going with the banker, the player, or predicting a tie between the two is the only decision you need to make.

Still, so much is happening at the table.  The dealer deals with the first four cards and sometimes adds the second. The dealer announces the number of points, but you know the cards and their specific value; they don’t add up. And in some casinos around the world, the dealer will have small denomination chips, and they expect you to match them before you leave the table. Did you know why players are sometimes allowed to shuffle cards and even crumble them?

Baccarat strategy

Basic – Baccarat strategy

Although players can use many advanced strategies to improve their game, the so-called basic strategy is one of the easiest in action. Under this method, you will focus your attention on the banker’s bet as this is where the lowest house advantage resides. After all, the profit here is a low 1.06 per cent, which is more attractive than the one-player bet at 1.24 per cent. The corresponding figure for tie bets exceeds 14 per cent, so limiting your strategy to banker bets is the best way to reduce profits for house gamblers.

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Baccarat Strategy
Baccarat Strategy

The basic strategy means placing each bet in the form of a single bet or coup, as is known on the banker bet. As such, it’s a straightforward strategy that doesn’t require you to do any complicated math or count any cards for it to work for you. However, this strategy has had limited success in the long term. Nevertheless, you can get some short-term gains, so this is an excellent strategy to employ if you have little time to play or are new to the game.

The Card Counting Strategy

Although – strictly speaking – this is not allowed in casinos, it is possible to count cards to optimize your chances of winning. Like other casino card games, such as blackjack, counting cards enable you to work out what is most advantageous for you to bet. At Panchco Banco, the card counting strategy helps you work out when it is best to choose the player’s bet or go for the banker’s bet instead. Ideally, you’ll have a new shoe to start counting. Unfortunately, most shoes have either six or eight decks of cards, and this strategy will only work if it is. If the shoe is replaced, you must start counting again. 

Starting at zero, you add one to your count if an ace, a two, or a three appear. If four appear in front, add two. Conversely, you subtract one from your count if a five, seven, or eight turns up. If you see a six, you take two off the count. All other cards do not affect the counting strategy. With this system, you bet on the banker that your count is 16 or less. In this way, it is not much different from the original strategy. However, when your count reaches 17 or more, you must switch and bet on the player. You will not be guaranteed to win, but this method helps the gambler work when players are more likely to bet favourably.

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Two in a row baccarat strategy

Players can use another strategy called a two in a row to win. Consistent wins for either player or banker means that this strategy can come into play, so you need to remember the result of the last two coups. Because of this betting strategy, you have to place your bet on something that seems strange at first.

Baccarat Strategy


With two a row strategy, you bet the same bet that two in a row results in the final two coups not continuing with a third win for the same side. It works whether you have placed the first bet for the player or the banker during the last two moves. Although this may be contrary to your initial feeling, you should increase your chance on the point that you can bet.  And a couple of times in a row will not happen three times in a row. It is certainly possible for the player to win three times or the banker for that matter, but it is statistically less likely to happen, which is the basis of the strategy. If you are unlucky and the result of the last three coups is a hat-trick for the player or banker bet, that result must be changed on the subsequent moves.

Baccarat descriptive rule

Baccarat is a more refined and complex game, but a beginner can quickly get used to the game. Some rules will help you understand the game and give you a clear picture of baccarat. So let’s understand this game deeply.

Banker vs. player

In this game, the deal is completed with only two hands; it doesn’t matter what percentage of participants are participating in this game. One player is designated as the banker’s head. And the other one is the player’s head. Any player either bet, except that the player who catches the monkey in full-scale play, must either wager or pass the shoe. 

The play

Now let’s talk about what it means to play full-scale baccarat; the betting shoe slides out a card and passes it to the stand-up dealer. Now, the stand-up dealer will relinquish to the player who has the highest player bet.

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It comes to the next card. The first of the banker’s hands are set next to the shoe. The wager then deals with another player’s card and then another banker’s card.

The dealer goes to the player’s hand, and therefore the player who has the most important player looks at the cards first. Then, the player offers them to the dealer.

The dealer turns the card face up and announces the total point. Now, what happens next? The dealer asks for the banker’s hand. The shoe holder glances at the cards and gives them to the dealer. Now, this point is essential. If the player needs a draw, the dealer will announce, “Card to the player.

The shoe holder gives a card to the dealer, and therefore the dealer passes it to the player-bettor. Now the player perceives the bettor and transfers it back to the dealer.

Finally, if the banker receives a card, the dealer will now call it “card to bank” and repeat the process with the shoe holder.

Talking about the mini-baccarat, the dealer plays with both hands with no fuss. Now the player will back a two or three-card hand that’s closer to nine. The tens and face cards are equivalent to zero points, and all other cards are equal to their face value, with the value of one point.


  • Commissions due to casino “win banks” for betting can vary. They can go up to 5 per cent, but they can also go below. 
  • Most casinos use eight decks of cards. If you find a casino that uses less than eight decks, this can increase your chances of winning.
  • It can be helpful to bet for fun using online backwards. It will help you understand the mechanics of the game and gambling possibilities before playing real money.
  • While paying more significant bets, a bet on a tie provides a tremendous advantage for the house.

It is essential to understand the basics of the games if you want to become a baccarat pro.

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