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Roulette Strategy To Upskill Your Game 

While it seems to many beginners that Roulette is a complicated game, you can easier win the games by following some easy roulette strategy. You can use many various strategies along with the roulette game if you are playing online. The game comes with different betting options, and a roulette strategy will help you win higher payouts. Stay with us until the end to know everything that will help you play like a professional gambler.

Roulette Strategy

Know About the Best Roulette strategy

Your playing style will be a determining factor in choosing your roulette strategy. Some strategy allows you to play safely while other will required higher amount for betting. Before you opt for any of the roulette strategies, it would be beneficial if you know about all the strategies, so they provide you option to choose the best strategy for you.

Roulette Strategy


Different Roulette Strategy You Learn to Win Games

We provide a list of varying Roulette strategies and explain them to give you a clear picture of them. The name is as enlisted below :

  • Martingale
  • Paroli
  • D’Alembert
  • Fibonacci
  • Labouchere


Martingale on of the most well-known roulette strategies where player doubles their bets every time they lose. It has to go on until they hit a win, and they start again after they reset their bet amount. It works only on bets with a chance of winning close to 50%. The catch is that doubling bets can mean that they will quickly place huge bets. 

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For a less intense version of Martingale, it is recommended to play Gun and Run. They bet on two-game rounds, after which they will sit out on two rounds if both rounds were losing ones. Indeed, they won’t play the next two. After this, they will place a new bet. No matter if this bet loses or wins, they will revert to their initial bet amount.


Paroli is also known as “Reverse Martingale,” which denotes that you already know the basics. The main idea is to double the bet on each win and revert to the initial bet on a loss.


It is based on the mathematical formula known as the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence is created by adding the two previous numbers, creating a new number.

Using this strategy, the numbers represent the number of units to bet. They move up the sequence one step with a win and move back two with a loss.


Labouchere’s strategy is for those who are a bit nerdy while playing Roulette online. It is a cancellation system where they remove numbers on a win. They will begin with a sequence, for example, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. To bet, they will add the first and last numbers together (2 + 6 = 8) and bet that number of units. If they win, they will remove the 2 and 6 from their sequence. If they lose, they will add the 8. Once the sequence is completed, they will either start over or choose a new sequence.


This strategy is often called “the Gambler’s Fallacy.” There are no set of rules on how to play Roulette using d’Alembert. But, if players see that many numbers are winning in succession, such as only red, only even, only low, etc.

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When looking at the roulette bets available, there are two approaches or strategies players can use.

Depending on the strategy, they will create a high or low volatility game for themself. Yes, unlike most slots, for example, they can decide for themself!

Either they will place high-risk bets with a low probability of winning, but which pays big. Or, they will place low-risk bets that are likely to win but will pay out a substantially lower amount of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why follow a roulette strategy?

A: The table game roulette has much to explore, and it is full of fun! Using a roulette strategy instantly makes them feel like an actual casino mastermind! Secondly, they can win more.

Q: Is there a roulette strategy working all the time?

A: Roulette is a game of chance, and although a strategy for Roulette will help them keep track of their gameplay, it is not a guarantee that the bets they place will payout.

QHow many strategies are there?

A: There are 5 types of Roulette strategies. They are-

  • Martingale
  • Paroli
  • D’Alembert
  • Fibonacci
  • Labouchere

Q: Is it hard to win the game? 

A: No, it is not hard to win the Roulette game. The game becomes easy if you have a good strategy.


Roulette is a game of luck, and no strategy will ensure that you will win; they only can increase your chances of winning the game. We have here mentioned the top 5 Roulette strategies you can use while playing along with that we have answered a few most asked questions to give a clear idea to you. We advise you to play responsibly and enjoy the game, don’t fall into any greed; otherwise, you may burn out all your money in this game. Fix a time duration for playing the game and leave the game afterward even if you had made a winning streak. 

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As we all know, what role does strategy play in a game? To win any game, having strategy is one of the most important criteria. Especially when it comes to Roulette, having a piece of good knowledge about strategies increases your chance to win the match. It will guide you to the path which might end up with your win.

In this article, I have compiled all the strategies that are important in winning the game of Roulette. My advice is to go through this article once to get detailed information about the strategy before starting your game. Playing games and winning the match is another thing and becoming addicted to the game is another thing. You should play the game, but excess of playing games might make you addicted. I advise you to play the game of Roulette to a limit. 

Further if you want to learn top 8 Roulette tricks to increase your winning chances, you can explore here!

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