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8 Ball Pool Rules

8 ball pool is a regular casino game that all casino players love. You must know the eight ball pool rules as games come up with different variations, and you find changes in regulations for different varieties of this game. The game was initially introduced from the USA and is popularly known as 8 balls or Nine-ball pool game. Whether you play nine-pool or 8 ball pool games, you need a table with six pockets to enjoy the game.

However, the popularity of 8 ball pool games is immense compared to 9 ball pool games, as you can find them in any casino club. The 8 ball rules are pretty simple, and if you want to learn more about them, stay connected with us throughout the article; we are going to help you understand these rules easily. You can enjoy 8 ball pool either as a double or single game. The game of 8 ball pool is played with one cue ball,15 object balls, and 16 balls. It is a quick game as compare to other games of the same group. To play eight ball pool game, the players need to have concentration and fast to cross the different levels.

8 ball pool rules

Aim of the Game: 8 Ball Pool Rules

This game’s primary goal is to pot a8 balls and designated balls to make you win this game. The game doesn’t get completed in one match, and the player tries to win as much as possible. As a result, it gets declare according to best out of the format. You need to know both safety way and attack mode to be in this game.

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8 ball pool rules

Get Familiar With the Equipment’s of 8 Ball Pool Game

If you want to play 8 ball pool game, you need to be familiar with the following equipment’s used in the game:

Cues: The use of cue is to strike the ball in-game

Chalk: It gives you good contact between the ball and cues to avoid any confusion.

Table: The game is played over the table having six pockets and dimension 9×4.5 ft


  • One white cue ball
  • One black ball
  • Seven solid balls 
  • Seven striped ball

Scoring in 8 Ball Pool game: According to 8 ball pool rules, there is no score in the game as the players attempt to strike the balls in pockets you choose. Several games can declare the result. For example, if two players play five games, then the player who wins three matches will be the winner.

How to Win 8 Ball Pool Game?

The criteria for winning an 8 Ball pool game is as mentioned below:

  1. The players need to designate the balls and then pot the 8 balls in the pockets they choose.
  2. Opposition players will illegally pot eight balls before they clear the set of balls they choose.
  3. The main aim of opposition players is to knock the 8 balls in the table.

Pros and Cons of Knowing 8 Ball Pool Rules


  • You will be more familiar with the game and its equipment’s
  • You will enjoy the gaming experience as you know all the basic rules of the game
  • No one can play smart with you and cheat you in-game
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  • You might end up wasting lots of time while playing the game
  • Its addiction can deteriorate your health too

8 Ball Pool Rules

The 8 ball pool rules are slightly different in every other country it is played. However, you can learn about standard and straightforward 8 ball pool rules out by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), which can be helpful for both players and professionals.
The object ball is placed in the triangular rack before the beginning of the game. The order in which you place the balls in-game except the eight black balls needs to be random.

The game is initiated with a toss that decides who will break first; afterwards, the game is forward with turns. To get a legal break player requires to hit at least four balls. If any player potted 8 balls in a break, then the player needs to rerack. The player needs to continue with the ball of the same category, whereas the opposition player will pot other group balls. A player can continue to strike the ball until he fails to object a ball. Once the player fails to pot the ball or foul, the opposition player will get the turn, and the remaining game gets continued in the same way.

If a player commits a foul, the player from another side can keep the cue ball wherever he wants on the table. The most common foul in 8 Ball pool game is :

  1. If you don’t hit the object balls of own
  2. If the cue ball goes off the table after you hit it
  3. If you pot on the object ball of another side 
  4. If you hit the cue ball twice
  5. Instead of striking, You choose to push the cue ball
  6. Taking a shot in the turn of opposition players 
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Once the player has potted all the 8 balls, then they need to sink the eight balls. The player needs to decide all the pockets in which they chose to pot the eight ball. If they fail to put the ball in the pockets they choose, then the opposing player gets the turn, and the player from the first team needs to sacrifice their chance in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many variations of 8 Ball Pool Game is Available for Players?

A: There are many variations of 8 ball pool game, and the top 4 game names are as mentioned below:

  •  8 ball coin-operated table
  • Chinese 8 ball pool
  • 8 ball pool Bar
  • 1-15 side 8 ball pool

Q: How to Rack in 8 ball Pool Game?

A: To start the game, the player on both sides needs to agree on the same rack formation, and afterwards, the game gets started.


8 ball pool rules help you get familiar with the game and play it properly, and it will enhance your gaming experience and chances of winning. We try to cover every detail related to 8 ball pool game and give you a compiled information about it.


8 ball pool is famous among the youngster and table game lovers. The game can be play either as a single or double team. The rules are basic, and you won’t regret playing this game.

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