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Indian Teen Patti


Teen Patti is a fun game indeed and what’s even more fun is the amazing variety of variations the game has. You can expect new variations to pop out in popular online Indian Teen Patti platforms, every year! Teen Patti is played during occasions, gatherings, or as a means of socializing with friends and family because the game is engaging, fun, and highly rewarding to the winner. If you are not familiar with the rules, do not fret! Check out the rules of online Teen Patti and put them into practice through free Teen Patti games. This will help you practically be familiar with the rules without the pressure of losing real money. 

Most of the Teen Patti variations have the same base rules. More often, there is some tweak in the gameplay that makes the game more exciting by increasing reward or stakes, or increasing the thrill of playing it. Although there are just 100s of variations to Teen Patti, here are some really popular ones that you can try: 


It is one popular Teen Patti variations that are played, not against the players, but the dealer themselves. At the starting of every round, you will be dealt three cards by the dealer. At your turn, the dealer will reveal two cards out of these three. The third card remains hidden. You need to place a bet predicting the position of the third card concerning the two open cards. You must guess if the value of this third card falls between the two cards that have been revealed to you. 

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Teen Patti Game
Indian Teen Patti

For example, assume the dealer has dealt three cards to you, and the two revealed cards are 3 and 6. Then you can bet say, INR 100 saying that the value of the third card may be 5 – means that it falls in between. If it is indeed 5, then you will win the bet (that is INR 100). 


Another one of the most popular Teen Patti variations around and is also one of the best when it comes to gameplay. 

At the beginning of each round, every player is dealt three cards by the dealer. Two of the cards lie face down, which is not revealed to the player. The third one is face-up, meaning the player can see this card. All the open cards of the other players combined, act as Joker cards. With the open card that you have, you can place a bid for buying a game. But you must do this only if you believe you have a better card than the others on the table. Once all the games have been bought, the auction round ends. Then the game continues according to the conventional rules of Teen Patti. 


If you think you are the one who always gets the bad cards, maybe you must try this interesting variation – Mufli. Unlike the traditional rules of Teen Patti, in this variation, the one with the weakest hands emerges as the winner of the game. All the other rules stay the same. You will need enough time though to learn what the good hands are and what the bad hands are. But this variation is a great way if you want to convert the bad cards you have to a win, instead of just folding and quitting the game. 


If you are playing with a seasoned Teen Patti player, chances are that they will know this variation and love it! The variation is based on the wild cards or Joker cards and this is what makes it fun to play. 

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At the beginning of every round, the players are dealt three cards by the dealer. The dealer then removes one card from the pile of cards and that becomes the Joker Card (or the Wild Card). The dealer then nominates all the cards having the same suit, number, or rank as wild cards. 

teen patti rules
Indian Teen Patti

The rest of the rules remain the same. Now that you know what the wild cards are, you can build powerful hands that can help you win. Note that the base rules remain the same, there is not much difference in the gameplay. 


No, it’s not referring to the legendary rifle here, but a popular Teen Patti variation. In these variations, all the four cards, seven cards, Aces, and Kings become the wild cards. The other rules of the gameplay remain the same. The objective of this game is to build the strongest hand, except that you have many wild cards and Joker cards this time that should let you build a strong hand quite soon. If you are new to Teen Patti, you will find this intriguing due to the fast-paced gameplay. 

For example, imaging you have a hand of card 7, Ace and King. This automatically becomes the highest-ranked hand (like Ace, Ace, and Ace) and it is most likely that you will win the game. 


Another popular and fun variant of the Indian Teen Patti game is the 999. The objective is simple – the hand that is closest to 999 becomes the winner of the game. The other rules of gameplay remain the same. But note that all the other face cards have the value ‘zero’. 

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For instance, if your hand is the trio of Ace Card, King Card, and the 9 Card, then you are most likely to win the game because the value of the hand becomes 910. It will even beat the player who has the hand of three Aces since its value becomes just 111. This is perhaps one of the few variations where three Aces does not help you win the game!

Teen Patti Rules
Indian Teen Patti


Another fun variation of Teen Patti, here the Aces, Tens, Jacks, Kings, and the Queens become the faceoff cards. The other rules of betting remain the same as the conventional Teen Patti game. 

You will only be getting faceoff cards to play the game. This will make you complete your hands much sooner than in the other variations. For example, the hand of the trio of Ace, King, and Queen will defeat the trio of Queen, Joker, and the 10 cards. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Teen Patti player, Faceoff is a fun variation to play!


These are some fun variations of the Indian Teen Patti game. Once you check out the top online Indian Teen Patti game websites, you will find plenty more variations. Note that these variations may be fun to play, but they are designed to keep you playing more. This might cause an impact on your bankroll if there is real money involved. Therefore, practice caution and always keep a fixed amount to play. Play responsibly and without emotions, you will enjoy Teen Patti to the fullest!

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