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Casino Palms: Quick Overview

Casino palms are located in the gambler’s paradise city Goa. Goa is the Indian state in which the casino is entirely legal. You can find a wide range of options for casinos in Goa, and Casino palms are also one of them. Today we will tell you everything about casino palms and see if it is any good. So if you are planning to visit Goa, you need to recollect the information about casino palms. Let us know about it in detail!

Casino Palms
Casino Palms

Details About Entry Fees

The entry fee of casino palms is very affordable to any gambler. Also, the services provided by the casino are much more than the fees they are charging. The Fees details of the casino are as follows:

  • 1000 INR per person
  • It involves table games and an unlimited buffet
  • You can enjoy unlimited drinks as well as tasty snacks.
  • This fee is applicable for 24 hours.

So as you can see they offer a lot of things in just a tiny amount of fees. Hence we can say it provides the best services with a nominal fee for the guests.

Games Available at Casino Palms

There are numerous table games and Card games available in palm casino. Some of the best games offer in casino palms are mentioned below:


Casino palm offers you to win millions in this game of roulette. This game depends on your luck ultimately. In this game, a wheel has numbers 0 to 36, written half on red and half on black. The dealer spins the wheel, and before that person has to make a bet. If the ball stops and your numbers, then you have won the match. However, if the ball stops at a different option, then you have lost. Casino Pan offers completely unbiased roulette.

Slots machines

There are a large number of slot machines in casino palm. The sole reason behind this is it is the most popular and easy game. People love to play slots as they will have to press only a button and luck play the rest. The machine wheels start rotating when you press the button, and if all the wheels have the same symbol, you have won. But unfortunately, people rarely win millions in slots. However, most of the people have won a reasonable amount. 

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Blackjack is a game that involves strategy. This game is known as 21 because all you need to get 21 points to win this game. You play the game blackjack against a dealer instead of another casino player. Casino palm has proficient dealers who play with you and give you thrilling experiences of this game, Blackjack. Hence playing it in casino palm will not be a wrong choice. It will improve your game, and if you win, it means you are more efficient than the dealers of casino palms. 

Mini Flush
Mini flush is a trendy game in India, Players need to make bets and follow some set of rules to play it. This game is available in casino palm. It is a card game. In this game, the dealer distributes the cards to every player. And hence the player decides whether to bet the two into the original fold or not. This game is exciting and unique. You can play it in casino palm.

Tai Sai Game
Tai sai is a Chinese game. It starts with placing the bets. You can use the chips for placing the bets. Once the bets are placed, the dealers start the Tai sai machine. And that Tai Sai Cup starts running. When the cup stops, the banker enters the three points on which the cup has stopped. The screen clearly shows the winning and losing bets which were made by the gamblers in the beginning. This game Tai Sai has its enjoyment. This excellent game is available in casino palm.

These are the games that are available in casino palms. However, there are many games, but these are the best on the list of game choices. So you can go and play them as much as you want. You will enjoy the most thrilling experience while playing at casino palms.

Casino Palms
Casino Palms

Pros and Cons of Playing Different Games at Casinos

The casino has several advantages, but as a coin has two faces, it also has some cons. Let us know about them in detail


  • You get a chance to make millions in one go.
  • Also, when you visit casino palm, you get to meet many international visitors. 
  • You earn both name and fame together.
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  • You get addicted to gambling games.
  • You can lose millions of money in one go as in a willingness to win money,
  • Don’t forget to quit at a fixed time, and hence you fail again and again.

Casino palm offers you many beneficial services, but you cannot ignore the cons.

Packages Available in Casino Palms

There are many different packages of gambling in Goa in other casinos. Similarly, casino palms also offer numerous packages with various plans to the guests. The most exclusive package is the platinum one. There is a service for a pair of two people in this package, or we can say the couple. It is for two nights and three days in an AC room at the resort of casino palms.

Casino Palms
Casino Palms

It provides all the services such as breakfast, buffet, casino, etc. They will offer free entry to the couple at the casino on both the nights they stay in this package. So you can play any game of casinos with unlimited drinks and snacks. Furthermore, The casino will charge an additional sum of Rs 3000 for other guests per night.

  • Schedule of casino palms
    The timing or schedule for the working of casino palm is 24/7 and 365 days. So you can get a package of rupees thousand which ends after 24 hours. In this package, you can have drinks, a fantastic buffet and enjoy all the casino games. But remember the restaurant closes at 2 a.m. every day.
  • Age limit
    Specifically, an adult (21+ age) can only enter casino palms. You must have the age of 21 + if you want to enjoy yourself in casino palm. Below 21 is not considered as an adult, and they are not suitable for alcohol consumption.
  • Photo ID proof
    Casino palms ask for photo ID proof for entry. However, due to some reasons, I do not accept PAN cards as proof. Hence, prefer to bring your voter ID card, passport, or Aadhar card.
  • Dress code
    There is no specific dress code in casino palm. You can be wear anything of your choice. In Goa, the famous places are shorts and t-shirts for men and skirts or shorts for women. Thus, you can wear them and visit casino palm.
  • Payment methods
    Here comes the use of a PAN card. If you want to make online payments, then you will have to show a PAN card. So you can pay in cash if you don’t want to show your pan. However, it might not be easy for foreign visitors to arrange cash, but they can use online payment methods by showing PAN cards. To avoid any kind of inconvenience, we suggest you use the Indian rupee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of resort casino palms?

The price varies on the package you are taking. It starts from rupees 891 and ends at 5199. So in between, there are various packages, and you can choose the most suitable for you.

On which beach casino palms is located?

This excellent casino palm is located on an exotic beach for probably the best beach in Goa, the Baga beach. It is famous for its silence and peace. Thus, you can go there and get both thrilling and peaceful experiences together.

Which are the luxurious resorts near casino palms?

Casino palms itself offer a luxurious resort. The Baga beach resort and Acron waterfront resorts are the best resorts that are near casino palm. So you can go there and chill with your family and friends.


We have provided you with all information about casino palms—details about the package the platinum package are also given to you. Furthermore, games available in casino palms with their top 5 games have also been told to you. At last, we have provided you with a complete tale about the packages available in Goa’s best resort casino, palm. So you can go and enjoy yourself in this beautiful location.


Casino palms provide both gambling fun and peaceful experiences together at the same place, which you can’t find in any other casino. It gives you numerous gaming options. The price range of this casino is also very affordable and reasonable for general people. Thus, it can be said the best place to chill with your people and have a memorable vacation.

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