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Andar Bahar Winning Formula

It would not be a far throw to say that Andar Bahar is one of the most popular games in India. Part of it has to be because it originated in the country and part of it is because of the easy rules. Not to forget, you can now play Andar Bahar from the comfort of your home. Almost all top online casino sites have the Andar Bahar game, and even if you do not have a casino nearby, you can experience high-quality real-money casinos. The bets you place on Andar Bahar have an almost 50-50 chance of winning, this too attracts a lot of people.

Andar Bahar Rules

The literal meaning of Andar-Bahar is ‘left-right. It refers to the two sides of the player on which the cards are dealt and the player has to bet on either of the sides. In some places, the game is known as Andar-Bahar, in some, it is known as Katti, etc. There is not much historical evidence of the origins of the game, but many claim it to be more than 700 years old. However, many others claim that it is younger than Blackjack and Baccarat but probably more popular than them in India.

The game is super easy to play and unlike roulette, you do not need any specific tool/equipment. A standard deck of cards is enough to get started with playing Andar Bahar. Also, Andar-Bahar is a fast-paced game so you can have as many players as you want to play the game. A single game of Andar Bahar typically does not cross 5 minutes.

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Andar Bahar Winning Formula

To be honest, Andar Bahar is a game of pure chance. There is not much you can do as far as tricks or strategies are concerned. But to improve your chances of winning through smart gameplay, here are some tips and tricks that are a part of our Andar Bahar winning formula.

Choose The Side of The First Card Deal

If you go through the payout chart of Andar Bahar carefully, you will notice that the side on which the dealing of the card starts (after the game card), has a slightly higher winning chance. Although this means that the payout is less, it is a good way to optimize your winning chance. For example, if the face card or the game card is a black suit card, then bet on the Andar side because that is where the remaining dealing of cards starts. The probability here becomes around 51.5% and the payout is 0.9:1. Note that it is the other way around if the game card is a red suit card.

Consider Using the Martingale or the Anti-Martingale Strategy

These are strategies that are used in other casino games, but you can try them for Andar Bahar as well. The Martingale Strategy says that you need to double your bet amount after every game that you lose and go to the original bet amount after every game that you win. If you happen to be on a losing spree and eventually win, you might just win big enough to cover up for the previous losses along with a small profit. But this is a high-risk strategy and you can eventually run out of your bankroll or reach the maximum bet on the table.

If you are concerned about this, you can play the Anti-Martingale Strategy. Here, you can double your bet amount after every game that you win, and keep the amount the same if you lose games. This involves lesser risk, and you can win a good amount if you have good luck at the table.

Note that these strategies do not influence the chances of winning. They are just methods to handle your money, and depending on your bankroll size and the luck you have on the table, this trick may not work.

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Go For Side Bets

If you are a little adventurous in the game of Andar Bahar, you can go for side bets. These side bets are also available as variants in many popular online casino platforms.

One of the side bets you can play is to bet on the number of cards dealt. Here, you bet on how many cards would the dealer deal before the matching card of the game card is obtained.

Here are the payouts:

For bets of 1-5 cards dealt, the payout is x3.5.
For bets of 6-10 cards dealt, the payout is x4.5.
For bets of 11-15 cards dealt, the payout is x5.5.
For bets of 16-25 cards dealt, the payout is x4.5.
For bets of 26-30 cards dealt, the payout is x15.
For bets of 31-35 cards dealt, the payout is x25.
For bets of 36-40 cards dealt, the payout is x50.
For bets of more than 41 cards dealt, the payout is x120.

Alternatively, you can also bet on the Joker card outcome. If the Joker card bet is below 8 and if it is a 5, then you can win the bet.

Here are the payouts:

If the Joker card bet is below 8, the payout is x2.
If the Joker card bet is above 8, the payout is x2.
If the Joker card bet is 8, the payout is x12.
If the Joker card bet is a suit, the payout is x3.8.
If the Joker card bet is a colour, the payout is x1.9.


These are some of the elements that make up the Andar Bahar Winning Formula. Apart from this, ensure that you play the game responsibly. You need to have a fixed budget beforehand, and must not cross it no matter how your game goes. Andar Bahar is a fast-paced game so it is really easy to lose track of your bankroll. Put only that much money in your bankroll that you would not mind losing entirely, even if you are having a bad day at the table. Do not be emotional while playing Andar Bahar. It is a game meant to provide leisure, and Andar Bahar is best enjoyed for fun. Play with strangers online or your friends/family, and have fun!

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