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Know About Double Down Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack’s most widely played game seems appealing to gamblers who love to play table games at the casino. When you know how to play this game and familiar with terms like double down blackjack, it will be profitable for you as it increases your chance to win the game. Here we are providing you all the necessary information about double-down blackjack. Here we will explain to you When to use double down blackjack and how to play by using it.

Double Down Blackjack

Know About Double Down Blackjack in Details

If you want to double your bet in the middle, you need to use a double-down blackjack strategy and get one more card. However, double-down blackjack is risky, and you can lose if you don’t know how to use this strategy. Thus, one should know when is the right time for using double-down blackjack. You should know how to take a risk by being on the safe side, and if you know this, you will get advantage from it. 

Double Down Blackjack

Things to Keep in Mind for Using Double down Blackjack

  • Involves risk; thus, be on the safe side first
  • Never prefer double down when showing for higher than 11
  • Double down when you have one ace and one card of 8,9
  • Double down with soft hands

When to Use Double Down Blackjack ?

Here we are mentioning a few details, which will help you know when to use double down blackjack.

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Total of cards 11

The right time to use double-down Blackjack is when your cards have a total of 11. In this scenario, you have a great chance to hit a blackjack or 21. If you don’t win, you will still be on the safe side and close to getting a Blackjack or 21.

One card and one Ace

In this situation, double down only when the dealer has shown a lower card and you have soft hands, you must stay as you are, but you get an opportunity to improve your game’s score if you double down. 

Hard hand

When the dealer has shown a lower card, you can play double down with a hard hand. Again, it will increase your chance to get a high card, and you will have a good hand than the dealer. Always remember that a double down does not mean that it will always make you win. But if you know the proper technique and strategy, then your chances to win will increase.

When to Avoid double down Blackjack

Higher than 11

If you do not want high risk, you should not prefer to double down after 11. If you are showing higher than 11, then that stick to a lower total or hit simply. And wait for the dealer to make his move. Moreover, double down is not a safe option. If you are not sure, you must stick to the safety plan and keep your bet.

Pros and Cons of Double Down Blackjack


  • Allows you to make a natural blackjack or 21
  • If you don’t get a blackjack, then maybe you will get a score near to it.
  • If you play at a calculative risk, the chance of winning is high.
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  • Involves a massive risk of completely losing
  • You will be unsure about the result
  • Most of the time risk of loss is more than winning.

Things to Look, When Planning a Double Down 

There are some essential things to consider before using double-down blackjack. These will let you know when you are allowed to do double down in blackjack. Many casinos allow players to double down when they’re showing cards having a total of 10 or 11. If you have some other hand, you’ll have the option to proceed as ordinary. 

Additionally, it gives specific consideration to the worth the seller should hit up because it will affect the fact that they are likely to go more than 21. If you are almost sure they will exceed 21, you should consider making a double-down blackjack bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you plan to double down after splitting?

Although, you will not be able to double down after splitting. But several casinos allow you to double down after splitting also. But double down will not have a significant impact in this case.

Q: Can we always double down on 11?

A: If you are playing with casual players, then you may double down on 11 always. But some players are highly proficient in this game; thus, they will know these strategies. So you must be careful.

Q: The number of Cards you get when you do double down?

A: As mentioned above, once you double down in blackjack, you will receive a single card as extra. But it comes with a risk that if the low card is dealt, you will get low hands in total.

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Q: Are the players allowed to double down on 21 in blackjack?
A: No! You are not allowed to so if you have 21 points. If you get the natural blackjack in this situation, the dealer will directly make your payout, and you are not allowed to do anything except this.


  • We have given you all information about the move Double down blackjack.
  • Some tricks & tips of double down are also mentioned above
  • The primary information about when to double down and when to avoid.
  • At last, the things to look at when you plan for double down is also explained with the addition of some most asked questions to clear the confusion if you are facing the same as others


Double down is a strategy that may make you win the game of Blackjack. But only if you know when is the right time to double down in Blackjack. Blackjack is the most widely played table game and most commonly also known as twenty-one. So the double down is a move of Blackjack, which can enhance your chances of winning if appropriately used, and if you are ready to take a calculative risk, you may win easily. Further, if you want to explore Blackjack Cards and Value more, you can check out the link mentioned! 






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