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How to Play Andar Bahar Game?


Andar bahar is a straightforward yet tremendously popular card game that originated from India ( Banglore) and has gained extraordinary popularity on online and live casinos recently. It is in the local world, also known as Katti or mangatha. The primary reason behind the fame of this game is its great style and simplicity, although the game’s premise still makes it very exciting to play. Online Andar bahar involves playing the game typically with friends or family. The best thing about this traditional popular game is that it’s portable. One can enjoy this on a PC, smartphone, or tablet in their comfort zone. It is even legalized under the public gambling act, 1867, and adopted by many states of India.

How to Play Andar Bahar Game?

In the Andar Bahar game, the outcome, as with many card games, relies mainly on luck with a bit of guesswork. The dealer will start the Andar Bahar game by dealing with one face-up card put by him/her or in the middle of the table kept in front of the player. As we all know, a single deck consists of 52 cards that we use for rapid-fire gameplay in this casino game. To keep it simple and easy, the odds of winning in the game are 50/50.

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Game terms and Conditions For Andar Bahar Game?

One of the perks of playing Andar bahar is that there is no complicated terminology to learn and remember. It’s a game that’s easy to intellect and can be fun for people of all ages. there are only two things that need to keep in mind before starting this game :

Andar – it refers to the left betting spot on the table ( inside )
Bahar – it relates to the right betting spot on the table ( outside).

How to Place bets in the game?

If the game is played online, there would usually be a minimum wager to participate, which can be low as rs 10. And maximum stake can be high as rs 10000. The player should prefer the table with limits that fit their budget and personal preferences.

Additional Side Bet

In some online Andar bahar games, there are some interesting additional side bets allowed. Players may be able to bet against the card that the dealer cuts. Their sides bet can include guessing the lead cards suit. You can click on the appropriate chip amount on the screen or click on the screen to place your desired bet.

Payout & Rewards for Andar Bahar Game

The payout on Andar Bahar is always made on the player’s right guess of where the matching card will appear. However, it also directly depends on the luck of the player.

If the same card you chose is seen when the first card is dealt with, then players are eligible to receive a payout of 90% approx. So if the bet is rs 100, then payout be of rs 190 in winning. And if the card appears on the other side, then players receive a payout of 100% means their Andar bahar payout would be rs200.

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Basic Rule: 

Although Andar bahar is a straightforward and friendly card game, some general gameplay features are necessary to know:

  1. The deck/pack of cards needs to be cut to reveal a card that all can see.
  2. Players are then allowed to bet on whether a card with the same face value will appear in Andar(to the left) or Bahar (to the right).
  3. Cards are then dealt with Andar and Bahar are being spotted.
  4. If the card is a black suit (club or spade), then dealing will start from andar, and if red(heart or diamond), then from Bahar.
  5. If additional is being added, then two cards will be dealt with, each being spot, and players will place their final bets.
  6. If an identification card to the chosen one is dealt with or spotted, then the round will end.
  7. If you have made a bet on the correct spot, Andar or Bahar, then you have won and will receive your payment.


Example to Explain an Idea About the whole scenario: The dealer deals with a six as the game card, and the player bets his money that the next card with value six will be Bahar’s side. After that dealer deals the card simultaneously with one card on the andar side and the other on the bahar side, and after a few cards have been dealt, a six is dealt on the bahar side. That means the player won, and the round is over.

Different versions of the game available:

There are essentially only three different versions available:

Live Andar bahar – play with the real live dealer and other players.
Online Andar bahar – single player
Speed Andar bahar- a faster version of the classic game.
Which Online Casino is Best for Playing Andar Bahar Game?

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According to our research, we suggest you for the best online casino for the Andar bahar game as enlisted below

Royal Panda
Leo Vegas

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