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There are many Hotels and Resorts nestled in America’s beautiful Wine city by the name of Santa Barbara, but there are a few that will take you on to your life’s best experience when it comes to casinos. Yes, we are hinting over the majestic, the classy, and the ornamental Chumash Casino and Resort nestled there. The place is truly an adventure into escapism from regular life by not only offering viewers and visitors. You can find over 2,000 of the hottest and most popular Slot machines games, table games, and others. Still, it does fascinate the travelers along Santa Barbara to experience the classic hospitality served by them. Trust us on this; a stay at Chumash is all you will be asking for this summer. 

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

Features of Best Santa Barbara Casino

  1. The Chumash Casino and Hotel’s main attraction is its World-class gaming space.
  2. The gaming space is operative on a 24*7 basis.   
  3. It offers a fascinating range of over 2000 games within its library. 
  4. The Property features around 58 luxury suites and over 320 spacious guestrooms for a comfortable yet unforgettable stay. 
  5. Three restaurants in total are incorporated within the territory of the Property to feature Casual to gourmet dining.
  6. One of the dining restaurants has been rated with AAA four diamonds for excellent hospitality and services for nine years in a row and is famous by the name of “The Willows.”

More Details About its Features 

The Santa-barbara Casino provides world-class gaming space as offered by the casino under the property features around 2,300 (updated) of the latest and hottest slot machines along with a range of over 45 Vegas- Style. You can play various popular Table games where a poker room is also available for the players to chill in a while enjoying their favorite poker games. 

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The location of the casino and hotel is so beautiful and picturesque that you can even spend your whole day staring at the exquisite views of the Santa Ynez Valley. 

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

The players within the Resort premises can enjoy their own signature cocktail while bartop gaming at the Centre bar. The casino itself accounts for around 115,000 square foot casinos. 

It is said that “Wherever you go, you just want to feel like home.” The phrase is absolutely correct, and thus the resort, along with the other luxuries it has to offer, also ensures all the comforts of home, be it anything.

A feeling of home with other luxuries like multiple relaxation areas that promote exquisite comfort levels to the visitors along with 24*7 operative and the highest degree of Customer service is just all one can ask for. 

The customer service operative works on principles of ensuring comforts to the visitors and an act of assistance whenever visitors around get stuck into any situation or in need of any service for them. 

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is it located?

Ans. The Casino and Hotel are located in Santa Ynez, CA, 30 miles north of Santa Barbara, considered the “Wine City” of America. 

Q: What is the Property type?

Ans. The Property is basically a resort where facilities of casinos, Gyms, Spas, restaurants, and bars have been provided.

Q: Is smoking allowed within the premises of the hotel?

Ans. Yes, professional players can enjoy such luxuries while smoking as it is not prohibited inside the Property. 

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Q: What are the other nearby attractions?

Ans. The Property has been enriched with Chumash Casino, Gypsy Studios, and Buttonwood within an accessible range of resorts.

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

Q: Are there proper facilities for Parking?

Ans. Yes, the site offers its visitors free private Parking.

Description of the Luxuries

Whenever it comes to Staying over a place, what we usually decide is based on the Property Rooms. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with the basic and most fundamental details about Rooms that the resort has. 

Rooms at the Chumash Casino Resort are not only are well equipped with space and Wi-Fi but include an iPod docking station along with a flat-screen TV. For the refreshment, each room under the Property has coffee machines and a private bathroom to ensure utmost comfort and luxury to its customers with free toiletries and Bathrobes to feel homely. 

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

Along with the things mentioned above, one thing that is very important and draws the attention of many visitors who plan to vacation in the resort is its proximity to the airport. Yes, the Property is luxurious and visitors friendly as the nearest airport of Santa Barbara is just 30 kilometers away from it. 

The Property also is enriched with a rooftop pool deck that spans nearly 15000 square feet with Cabanas, fire pits, and lounge chairs, making it an even more exquisite and magnificent experience. 


The wine city of America, Santa Barbara, is enriched with many Casinos and resorts within its territory, and “Chumash Casino Resort” is one such place. 

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The Property has a world-class casino arrangement, offering a huge space for gaming and a rich library of over 2300 games to entertain its viewers. The casinos have become a place for professional parties seeking entertainment, but in collaboration with a resort with homely experiences and luxuries of a hotel, including bars, dining restaurants, poker rooms, and others, make it unique and the most desirable. The Dining restaurant of the Property has also been ranked with AAA 4 diamonds for appreciable service to its customers along with the dining quality it provides. 

Santa Barbara Casino
Santa Barbara Casino

 The resort has been rated with 4.0 at Trustpilot and is trusted by over 400 million members or visitors so far visited the Property, which makes it an authentic property to at least one drive-in. The resort has facilities like a pool, free private Parking, a Restaurant, and a spa within its premises and ensures visitors’ cleaning and security with 24*7 customers service at your one call. 

Right now, the resort is more cautious due to the current pandemic going on. Ensuring the safety and health of both the visitors and staff has made it mandatory to wear masks entering the Property. Several liberties as Smoking have been restricted on Customer-friendly terms. We think the resort provides an ambient vibe to spend this summer. What do you guys think? For more information and such, keep reading more articles coming in at our website. 

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