FunFair Launches First Multiplayer Real Money Game with Betsson2 min read

The gameplay is marked by engaging simplicity and an exciting story plot, which sees planet Earth bombarded by meteors that force AstroBoomers to mount their rockets and fire off!

Once in space, though, the meteors may prove too difficult to navigate, forcing you to abandon ship before a hurtling piece of space rock smashes you to pieces! Jumping off the right moment will define how much you end up winning, with the maximum win going all the way up to 2,500x of your bet.

To add a social and a competitive edge to the experience, AstroBoomers will be playing together in real-time and able to see how much others win and when their nerves wreck and they decide to abandon ship.

There is no telling when your ship may go up in flames, but that only adds to the exhilarating gameplay in AstroBoomers: To the Moon! The game is already live on select Betsson Group and it will be debuting on any operator willing to incorporate it in its portfolio from May 11 onwards.

FunFair Games COO Lloyd Purser had this to add: “We’re delighted to announce the lift-off of our exciting debut title, AstroBoomers: To the Moon! which we think will be the undisputed king of crash games.”

The key focus of the game is the community as well as simplicity of gameplay which has proven a great way to put a fresh spin on the available content in what he described the “solitary slots sector.”

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Slots, of course, will always have a place in iGaming, but the trend towards more social and multiplayer experiences is definitely worth exploring. FunFair Games believes in the segment’s potential and global reach, Purser noted, and added:

“It’s fantastic to see our release launch exclusively with such a well-known operator as Betsson Group, and we’re sure it will prove popular with its extensive player base as we build up to the title’s eagerly awaited network launch.”

Betsson Group’s Paul Malt shared the company’s excitement to be forging ahead with the innovative product and bring it to its sizable player base. Malt praised FunFair Games’ reputation for developing real-money multiplayer games, a new genre all by itself in the iGaming experience.


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