Las Vegas Roars Back To Life With A Record Gambling Win3 min read


 Las Vegas strip was shut down last year due to COVID – 19 pandemic, which affected the whole world, but LAS VEGAS ROARS BACK with its world-famous casinos to a record-breaking gambling win this year with a remarkable streak.  Nevada won the record of $ 1.36 billion last month from the gamblers, who named themselves as Lost Wages after months confined at home with little to spend their money on. 

A senior analyst from the Nevada Gaming Control board, Michale Lawton, said they expected this huge win after so much loss we faced last year. He also affirmed that” in Nevada, a billion dollars in gaming win is kind of bellwether number, and we have recorded a billion dollars win in gaming in last five consecutive months.”  

July was a perfect month for them, a “perfect storm” as they say because there were major events that took place, including the Conor McGregor fight, a Garth Brooks concert at the gleaming new Allegiant stadium, and the return of musical residencies such as Usher and Bruno Mars at swanky casino theatres. The month also contained five weekends, including the bonanza Fourth of July Holidays.

Even the delta wave is spreading worldwide, Nevada has reimposed indoor mask mandates as the crowd is rapidly increasing in the casinos. Thus, to protect and ensure their safety, they have reimposed this, pointing to a renewed confidence in the safety of pilling onto slot machines and roulette tables.

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One barman who asked not to be named said that the people who come to Vegas don’t really seem to be concerned about the city, and thus they don’t usually follow the basic rules imposed by Nevada. He also said that “they don’t seem super worried about getting sick or anything. If you are paranoid about getting sick, I don’t think those people would travel, and they will probably stay at home. Workers working at a casino told AFP that many of their customers hail from the US Midwest, Texas, and Florida.

Shawn Jones, a promoter at the brand–new Resorts world casino, said that “it is definitely back to pre-pandemic levels” he also said that the previous weekend’s pool parties had fully sold out. “Maybe it is the pent-up energy, if you are not able to do something for a while, then there is a big rush when they are able to get out.”

Las Vegas Roars Back To Life With A Record Gambling Win

In the year 2020, Las Vegas was a ghost town. As they say, the casinos were ordered to stay close for 78 consecutive days, and they also were dealing with huge unemployment blow these days and due to less tourism. According to Lawton, the place was bad until June. Still, in May, the city broke its long-standing monthly gambling revenue record set before the global financial crisis in October 2007.

In July, the total number of visitors hit the city was 3.3 million, which was a percent below the pre-pandemic period in 2019, despite the relative absence of international travel.  

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