Non-smoking Casinos Celebrated As Atlantic City Operating Profit Soars1 min read

Gross operating profit for Atlantic City casinos increased by 222% year-on-year to $95.5m, while only Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino didn’t see an increase in gross operating profit.

Quarterly earnings for Atlantic City were 11% higher in 2021, compared to figures from 2019. But the $565m earnt was still a 5% drop compared to the first quarter of 2020, although according to some, making casinos smoke free has only boosted financial results.
According to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, the vast majority of guests prefer smoke-free indoor casinos since 90% of young adults are non-smokers.

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights CEO, Cynthia Hallett, said: “It’s good news that New Jersey casinos are thriving, and even better news that they’re doing so while ensuring a healthy environment for guests and workers.

“The gaming industry should welcome smoke-free policies and adjust to the new reality; Covid has changed everything, and guests strongly prefer to enjoy the entertainment experience casinos provide in a smoke-free setting.

“There’s no good reason to turn back to the old ways of operating, and New Jersey’s elected leaders should ensure its casinos operate permanently smoke-free.”

On Tuesday, six new state lawmakers signed on as co-sponsors to legislation that would make Atlantic City a smoke-free region.

The temporary smoke-free casino policy at Atlantic City is set to expire, therefore legislators are looking to introduce a newer policy to protect guests and workers.

During Covid-19, around 160 Tribal gaming venues introduced 100% smoke-free policies and 23 states now require casinos to be smoke-free indoors.

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