LSports CEO Dotan Lazar: Sports Betting Still Has a “Long Way” To Go With Personalisation3 min read

LSports CEO Dotan Lazar exclusively speaks to Gambling Insider again on products, personalisation, and whether a European Super League would affect the gambling industry.

What, in your eyes, makes LSports’ BetBooster so unique compared to the rest of the industry?

The AI of it. We created a tool that is based on machine learning and AI, and all the tips that are popping in from the BetBooster are very unique and personalised; which gives it a very unique feature.

Why exactly has LSports adopted the AI route?

We believe in personalisation. The gaming industry is moving towards personalisation and, as a result, we decided this would be the best tool. There are not enough tools like this in the world today; we decided to invest our money and our time, among other things, in this specific tool.

How far does the industry have to go when it comes to personalisation?

A long way. I think we still have one or two years of development before we reach a very personalised tool. There are not enough tools today for personalisation; we can make it a lot better.

You recently signed a partnership with the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). What are your targets and aims in the US market?

First of all, we want to make this sport very popular. The sport is amazing and we believe the AUDL can be the next NFL.

What makes you so confident – as that’s quite a big comparison?

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We are not talking about in terms of spectators or filling out stadiums, but more of making this sport much more attractive because it’s played during the off-season in the NFL. We believe it can be the next best thing – not necessarily a gamechanger instead of the NFL but something that can be an alternative.

Have you approached things differently this year, in terms of strategy, with this summer being so busy in terms of sport?

No, we haven’t changed anything as a matter of fact. We believe again this is something that’s necessary to invest in – adding sports to the US in general. The US will be the biggest in the world in terms of betting revenue.

How much demand are you expecting given the Euros and the fact everyone’s been waiting a whole extra year for it?

We learned that people are looking for two things: one is accuracy and the other is coverage. Once you have something very unique, they will want to have it as coverage. Take, for example, kabbadi. It’s an Indian sport no one knows but Bet365 offers it live. We also need to offer things like that – and more. It’s all about coverage and making it popular accordingly.

If a European Super League happens, how does it affect the gambling industry?

Basically, I don’t think it will have any long-term effect in my opinion. It’s just another league to bet on, an alternative to other leagues. Maybe the league’s teams are kicked out of will be slightly less popular. But I don’t see any long-term effect; maybe a short-term one.

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