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How to Play Keno Game?


Keno gives you a varied experience of gambling and lottery and will be a perfect casino game for every gambler. With its multiple features, it can easily give you the desired experience. You can easily find a casino where you can play Keno, whether offline or online. It is one of the most popular and top-rated casino games across the globe. Professional players popularly know this game as a lottery gambling game. We will give you detailed information about the keno game, but let us look at the keno game history.


History of Keno Game 

Many theories are related to keno game origin, and it is still a mystery which one is exactly right. The game gets its origin from China. According to many historians, the games were earlier designed to support the Government official fund, which helps defense during the war. As a citizen of ancient times had accepted this gambling game in place of tax paying. Some theories also claim that Keno helps in the building of the Great wall of china.

Meanwhile, when it’s come to the modern keno game, it comes into existence in the middle of the 19th century. Keno game is officially licensed by protege in 1847, where the game is played with 80 Chinese characters. When Chinese immigrants came to America, they shared the game with them too.

Today you can find keno games easily in any casinos. Keno is considered a relaxing game that you can play without stress to your mind and can still win large prizes as a reward after the digitalization keno had become one the most popular online games offered at gambling sites.


Know the basic rules & idea of this game 

Keno is more like a lottery where you have to wage on numbers from 1 to 80, and once players complete their stakes, the dealer will reveal 20 numbers either by using a ball machine as in bingo or a random number generator. This is the basic idea of playing Keno. However, some rules may be different in the different casinos. So, you can play this game with more of less than 80 numbers, and the winning pick will vary according to your luck. You need to the casino rule and policies before playing as minimum wage depends on their policy.

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How to play Keno Game Online?

Have you ever played the cross-game in childhood where the winner had to make the pattern based on the same rules but at a high level? This game requires players to cross off numbers on their cards to form patterns or lines. Those patterns or lines will help you in winning this game. To win this game a player need to match all the possible number on their ticket with are shown up in random picking by the dealer.

In Keno, players can win easily if they match only a single number or if they match all of them. It also allows the player an option to choose that how many numbers they want to play with. The winning amount will depend on the number selected by you for playing and the matches of the number made by them.

The Keno Card: In this game, you will get 80 magic numbers on your bingo card. Players are allowed to select any number from 1 to 15 that appears on their card. Here also, the maximum rewards will depend on the chosen number. Players have to select the numbers by random selection.

 Betting: At this stage of the game, the wagers are already fixed but have a lower limit that costs a single unit ($1, €1, £1), and it doesn’t depend on the numbers you choose as like other games.

Gameplay: After the vet is done, you need to start the game. Different numbers will be picked randomly from the pot, and if those are in your card, start to make a pattern. The more numbers you get, the more chances to win the game. 


How to Win While Playing it?

Keno is a lottery system game based on random number selection. Once you have successfully made a pattern through the number, this is called “hits” in Keno. As mentioned earlier, the winning amount will depend on the number selected by the player. The more the numbers, the big the rewards, and the less the number chosen, the less the bonus works on this simple process.

  • 1-Number Ticket: This means you are playing the game only with a single number and win if your number has shown up 
  • 10-Number Ticket: In this, you are allowed to choose ten numbers and won nothing if you match only one. If two numbers get fit, you can win a prize as little as 0.5x their bet. Rewards will get increase by counting the numbers that get matched. They are worth up to 1,800x their chance if all ten digits are compared.
  • 15-Number Ticket: As the name suggests, the players had to select 15 numbers and need at least three hits to claim a reward. The rewards when only three numbers get matched will be again worth around 0.5x a bet. However, if they were to fit all 15 hits, players would win a lottery or miraculous amount 10,000x their stake.
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You must know that the figures above are made for explanation only. Your prizes will be different for a different game. The best way to find out the exact amount of cash prize is by looking at the paytable, which will display beside the game once you made your bet.


Tips and Tricks for Playing this Game

Keno’s game is solely based on the lottery system, so there is no specific strategy that we can guide you. Even though there are few things which you can follow to increase your winning chances. Please look at the tips mentioned below, and it is advisable to check the best casino bonus before you start the game.

  • Look for Jackpot Keno:  as mentioned above, 15 ticket games include a reward, or you can say a jackpot if you matched all 15 numbers. It is still only the probability, but you can give it a try since it doesn’t cost anything extra.
  • Numbers and Cards: Playing with fewer numbers and cards will increase your winning chances. However, the winning amount is significantly less in it. If you are playing it for fun or want less risk, this is the strategy for you. The more number you choose, the riskier the game will become.
  • Don’t Be Silly: The chances of effectively winning 15 numbers (when 20 are played) are 1 in 428,010,178,098. It is discovered that if you spread out each ticket bought between two 15-number successes, they’d stretch to the moon. Naturally, that guarantee has not been confirmed. The fact is. However, 15-number keno wins are uncommon, so don’t bet every one of your assets on them.
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Where to Play Keno Online?

Keno is one of the most popular online casino games available. You can find it easily on any primary casino website. You will find the table games tab for beginners on the website. Instead of this, we advise you to look out for other games like specialty or instant win games while going through different website sections. You might also find some fantastic games such as “arcade” or “lottery” sections at some sites.

You don’t have to worry much. Mainly all the major casino sites provide you with this game. Most casinos seldom convey anything else than a couple of renditions of the game. A couple of programming suppliers have begun making live seller keno games, as well. Notwithstanding, these have not taken off very like other live gambling club titles. 

 Once more, players ought to recollect that every keno game might be not quite the same as others. The number of balls utilized in fun, just as the rewards, may change from one title to another.



Lottery games are one of the top-rated games across the world, and gamblers love to play them. This lottery game gives payers a chance to win their dream amount just by picking the correct numbers, and some of the people can win such jackpot amount which can change their life from that moment. The dream of getting such a vast amount of cash will tempt anyone and lift the spirit as they wait for the results. Nowadays, virtual Keno allows all the gamblers to enjoy the new drawings anytime they want with a chance to win a considerable amount of money every time they draw a new set.

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