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Casinos in Sikkim – Introduction

The Northeast is a beautiful part of India and is rich in biodiversity. Sikkim is a part of northeast India, surrounded by borders of the countries Bhutan and Nepal. It is famous for its biodiversity and mountains across the globe. But do you know Sikkim is renowned for one more thing despite its nature? Yes! It is its live casino gaming culture. There are many excellent and unique casinos resides in Sikkim. Today we will tell you all the information about casinos in Sikkim in detail.


Know the Details About casinos in Sikkim

Only three states of India, Sikkim Daman, and Goa, have the license of casinos. You must have heard that Goa is a place to visit the best casinos. But Sikkim is not less than Goa in any way. It also has one of the best casinos to serve you. Casinos in Sikkim were launched in 2009, and they helped the tourism industry in Sikkim grow 2X times. So, if you plan to visit Sikkim, here we are providing the list of best casinos in Sikkim that you need to know!

Casino In Sikkim
Casino In Sikkim


Benefits of Visiting Sikkim Casinos

  • You get to explore and enjoy the gaming experience in one of the best casinos in India.
  • The nature of the Sikkim is very welcoming and friendly to visitors.
  • You get to see some exotic locations in Sikkim as it is rich with biodiversity and nature’s beauty 

Know About the Beauty of Sikkim

Sikkim resides in the North-East part of the country. It is among one of the beautiful states situated in the Himalayan region and surrounded by the Tibetan plateau in the north and Nepal in the west. The east of Sikkim is Bhutan, and the Darjeeling district of West Bengal is south. The state is showered with exotic flora and fauna, making it more beautiful and a place to must visit! Sikkim also has the third-largest peak in the world, i.e., Kanchenjunga. It attracts a large number of travellers from all over the globe. 

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Furthermore, Sikkim also has the license of casinos in it. Sikkim tourism contributes a large part to the state economy. The beautiful flora, fauna, mountains, and casinos make it a wonderful and exciting place to visit.

Top 4 Casinos in Sikkim You Must Visit

There are several casinos in Sikkim. We are here to provide you with the list of the best casinos in Sikkim :

Casino Mahjong

Casino Mahjong is one of the fascinating casino names in the list of best casinos in the casino. The casino offers the players around 150 casino games covering around a total area of 7,000 square kilometres on the land. The casino provides the best rooms and best food to the visitors and players. Games like Blackjack, Kitty, marriage are also available in this casino. Moreover, this place is perfect if you want to visit with your family and friends. 

Casino Sikkim

This was the first casino that opens in 2009 for gambling in Sikkim. The casino covers around 2000 square feet of land, and provide its guest with five tables and 15 gaming machines. It offers games like Blackjack, flushes, and more. This casino is located in a royal hotel plaza. It has many rooms for travellers to stay. Casino Sikkim is the oldest and best casino in Sikkim which started the gambling culture in this state.

Deltin Denzong

This casino is set up 6,000 feet above sea level. Casino deltin denzong is situated in Gangtok. It offers different games, live Blackjack, teen Patti, Roulette, and more. The best part about Deltin denzong is that it is located in an exotic location, which is Kanchenjunga. The casino has a partnership with Hotel Welcome Dezong Regency with Delta Corp.

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The Golden crest

The golden crest is located in the heart of Gangtok. It is a lovely hotel with a house casino. Golden crest provides games like Blackjack, Poker, etc. You can visit the golden crest casino with your family and enjoy the location and the casino. 

Casinos In Sikkim
Casinos In Sikkim

Pros and Cons of Playing at Casino in Sikkim  


  • You have the opportunity to win millions of money.
  • You can meet new people and international visitors in Sikkim.
  • You can also explore the beauty of the place along with gambling fun.


  • You get addicted to casinos which is not suitable for anyone.
  • You may lose your money in a casino. 
  • You might get engage in gambling and miss exploring other places.

These were the pros and cons of visiting and playing casinos in Sikkim. You should explore it as it gives you peace of mind and increases the economy of the place too.

Gambling Etiquettes

When people misbehave in the casino, we say they are ill manners and uneducated. So one should know what the etiquettes which must be followed while gambling area. Firstly you should be polite while playing with the casino staff and other players. This is the best way of showing that you play with generosity and true sportsman spirit. We suggest you don’t be over drunk in a casino. It looks vulgar when people over drunk and miss behave.  

When you are in a game, you need to stop staring at your phone. It is a bad habit that shows disrespect towards the dealer and other players when you are playing. The following manner is quite apparent but is not followed by most people. When you get the chips and make bets, you should not touch your chips again and again. This is not just etiquette but also a rule. If you touch your chips, you might get stuff in the case of cheating. Hence when you are in a casino, you must follow all these manners and etiquette adequately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Sikkim have casinos?

A: The state has many casinos that offer the best gaming experiences. Also, some casinos are set 6000 feet above sea level, such as casino deltin denzong. It is a magnificent casino situated in Kanchenjunga.

Q: How many casinos are available in Sikkim?

A: Numerous casinos in Sikkim allow different types of games. The best ones are mentioned earlier in this article. Games like poker, roulette blackjack are available in these casinos.

Q: Is Sikkim a beautiful place to visit?

A: Yes! Sikkim is a gorgeous and exotic location to visit with your family and friends. You can experience the beauty of mountains and different flora and fauna. Additionally, it has the best casinos.

Q: Does Sikkim have a license for casinos?

A: Yes, Sikkim has a license for casinos. In India, three states, Goa Sikkim and Daman have licensed casinos. Without a license, opening a casino is illegal in India.


We have given you all information about the city and the top 4 casinos in Sikkim. It is really a beautiful place to visit. We have given you information about the benefits of visiting Sikkim along with the gambling experience. Top 4 casinos in Sikkim information such as casino Sikkim, Deltin denzong are also given to you. At last, we have told you the pros and cons of playing casino in Sikkim and etiquettes to play at the casino. So now you can visit Sikkim and enjoy the casino and beauty of that place.


In India, gambling is legal only in some states. Sikkim is a state surrounded by mountainous regions and has some of the best casinos. The place is famous for its culture and heritage. Casinos add to more attraction of tourists. Thus, you can also visit Sikkim and enjoy the fun and gambling experience.

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