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Casino Strike by Big Daddy Casino Review

There are many casinos in India that offer you some really incredible experiences at gaming and Strike by Big Daddy Casino is surely one of the best among them. It is undoubtedly the most luxurious and rich casino of India that offers and provides a unique gaming experience by hosting lots of exciting games and full entertainment. This superb and amazing casino is centrally located at Grand Hyatt, Goa.

You can go there and definitely this place won’t disappoint you and you will have an amazing experience there. Casino Strike by Big Daddy hosts the most fabulous gambling nights and fully satisfies their customers.

This review of ours is served to you to definitely help you so that you may know about the basic and important information about the strike by Big Daddy Casino. We are here to just shoot out your problems and confusion about where to go for a very amazing experience of online gaming in the world of casinos. 


You can go to the Casino Strike with your friends and can strike your luck in a wide range of games. You can enjoy a world-class Vegas-style gaming experience with the latest gaming equipment making your fun time more enjoyable. 

This casino has the most advanced gaming equipment along with 20 gaming tables that attract people. The games that you can enjoy are Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Indian Flush, Andar Bahar, Slots, and many more. With this wide range of games and advanced equipment, you can definitely spend a memorable and awesome time at this place.

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Entertainment Services

Along with the best gaming services, this place also won’t leave any stone unturned to provide full and proper entertainment to you. From restaurant booking to sightseeing, the strike by Big Daddy Casino has everything to woo and entertain their customers. There is a super luxurious restaurant where you can have multi-cuisine veg or non-veg buffet food and snacks. 

There is also a live chaat counter known as “Chandini Chowk”. To add and spice up the level of entertainment there is also a hookah bar at the casino named “Hazoor” and one bar that serves exotic cocktails and is known as “Talli Tequila”.

Other than all these things, the exclusive gaming floor, luxury bars, and VIP lounge make sure to provide the customers the best in-house entertainment. The best thing among all such entertainment services is the in house DJ nights and the Bollywood and international acts and dance performance that keeps people glued to their places.

The thing that amuses and surprises the people visiting there the most is the ravishing gift shop in the casino. This is something very unique in the strike by Big Daddy Casino. People can go over there and shop for their loved ones because special moments deserve to be captured in some memories.

One thing that definitely needs to be appreciated is the staff of the casino. Their friendly gestures and the way they attend to the customers can literally win your heart and you will not stop admiring them.

Terms and Conditions

To own and run such a well-known and popular casino is not easy at all. Every place must have some discipline and rules and regulations. The Casino Strike surely has some terms and conditions of its own to maintain the aura this place is known for. The minimum age to enter this casino and participate in its gambling night is 21. A person below 21 ain’t allowed to enter the place.

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There is no dress code in particular to visit this place but however, the authorities and this place expect you to show up in smart casuals and respectable footwear. One thing that is the most important to bring there is a government photo Id. It is mandatory to get an entry into the casino. The policy of the Casino also states that the decision of the management is final and there is no debate over it.

Availability and Timings

The Casino Strike is available at all times. You can go with your friends or family anytime there and they are ready to serve you all seven days and all 24 hours. 

However, All the services of the casino are available to the people 24×7 but there is a slight difference in the timings of dinner at the casino. On the weekdays, you can enjoy dinner anytime between 8:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m and on weekends considering them to be holidays the dinner services are available to you for one extra hour which means you can have your dinner anytime between 8:00 p.m to 2:00 a.m.


The Strike by Big Daddy Casino offers 3 different packages to the interested customers out there. People according to their wish can opt for one of the packages out of these three. The first package is the regular package, then comes the premium package and the last one is the VIP package.

Under the regular package, the customers are provided and served with the regular brand of liquors. The premium package offers the customers a premium brand of liquors. The VIP package is the most expensive one and the customers that opt for the VIP package are served an Imported brand of liquor and they are also granted access to the luxurious VIP lounge where they can relax in the midst of the gaming night.

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The Casino Strike is located in a supremely gorgeous and attractive location. This place is located at Worldwide Resorts and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Block number 4, North wing at Grand Hyatt, P.O., Goa University, Bambolin, Goa- 403201.

This location adds charm to the already very wonderful casino and increases its luxurious aura. The destination is one of the major attractions for the people visiting the casino for a gambling night.


Casino Strike

So, we hope that this review was very useful to you and it is now easier for you all to find a place of your interest and we bet that this place will not disappoint you at any cost and will definitely offer their best services and games. It is a place which is worth a try from you all and you can start your online gambling journey and full entertainment-filled experience which will definitely suit you and you will end with deep satisfaction.

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