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Casino in Daman – The Deltin

When it comes to casinos in Daman, it is the first city of India that has initiated the tradition of land-based casinos outside Goa state. Daman and Diu is a union territory with rich culture, and the colony is established in portegues style here. Casino in Daman owned by Deltin group, i.e., Deltin Daman covers the 10 acres area of land to provide a spacious ambience for gamblers. The casino offers more than 30 classic table games along with slot machines.

According to the Gambling act 1976, with the permission of the state government, any casino in Daman will be open at a 5-star hotel, and that’s the reason which allows Deltin group to open their land-based casino in Daman. When it comes to the Deltin group, it is one of the largest corporations which own casinos and hotels in a different part of India. It is the only company from India which makes its name in the list of casino gaming. 

Casino in Daman
Casino in Daman – The Deltin

Know About Daman Deltin Casino

This city has a prevalent history and was a Portuguese colony 400 years ago. Today, it is a very exotic location for visitors. The Deltin Daman casino attracts many tourists to Daman. It is situated in Nani Daman and plays an important role in increasing the economy of the state with the help of tourism. Does the casino yield a lot of money? The deltin Daman has many hotel rooms and 60000 square feet of gambling area. Hence we can say this place is a must to visit all gambling lovers.

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Casino in Daman
Casino in Daman – The Deltin

Deltin Casino in Daman provides visitors with 5-star accommodation with a pool and greenery surrounding the land. The casino has a total of 176 rooms and can accommodate 2000 people at a time. Additionally, you get different types of spas here to relax and energize your body. The casino Deltin will give you the luxurious experience of sitting at the Las Vegas casino with its fantastic restaurants and whisky lounge along with the gambling space.

Games Offered by Deltin Daman Casino

Casino Deltin Daman has 1200 games in total. Therefore they provide you with a thrilling giving experience. The following games are:


It does not involve any strategy. You need to bet numbers from 0 to 36, which are written on a big wheel. This incredible game is offered by deltin Daman casino. They provide you with 100% fair game. Therefore if you love roulette, you can visit Daman and play this exciting game.


Blackjack is a game of strategy. It is a fantastic card game also known as 21 because the player needs to make 21 points to win this game. Deltin Daman casino has a proficient team of dealers who give you tough competition in this game of 21, also known as Blackjack. Deltin Daman Casino has numerous tables for playing Blackjack.

Many other games are also available in the Deltin Daman casino. But these are some of the most played games here, the casino is also known as the mini goa of Daman.

Casino in Daman
Casino in Daman – The Deltin

Pros and cons of visiting Deltin Daman casino


  • When you visit the money, you get to see one of the most exotic places.
  • You can play your favourite games in this casino.
  • By playing your favourite game, you can make millions of money. 
  • The people of Daman are very generous. Hence you can enjoy their company.
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  • The standard of living of Daman is a bit high. Hence you might run out of cash.
  • You may get addicted to playing casino, and it is not suitable for your pocket and health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are casinos legal in Daman?

A: Yes, casinos are legal in Daman according to the Public Gaming Act of Daman and Diu in 1976. However, before opening a casino, the hotel must have a license. Hence check the hotel which you are visiting should have a license. In India, only three states have legal casinos, which are Daman, Goa, and Sikkim.

Q: What is the minimum age of gambling in Daman?

A: If you love gambling, then you should be at least 21. As in India, an adult is considered at the age of 21. Hence if you want to gamble, you must be 21.

Q: What are the entry fees of Daman casino?

There is only one casino in Daman, which is deltin Daman casino. The fees for gambling in there at the casino depend upon your package. It starts at 1000 and ends at 3500. Therefore, you can choose your place. 

Q: Are there any land-based casinos in Daman?

Yes! The daman has one of the best land-based casinos owned by the deltin group which are trendsetters in land-based casinos. Further information about the Daman deltin casino is mentioned earlier in the article. 



We have provided you with all information about Daman and its casinos. Further, the information about the land-based casino with 5-star accommodation Daman Deltin is provided here in detail. The casino in Daman provides you with varieties of games which you can enjoy along with food and drinks. You must know the consequences and benefits before you start playing at any casino in Daman; you can check them out from the article above. Despite that, you must follow some manners to behave in a casino to bring out sportsmanship in you. Now you can visit the casino in Daman and enjoy yourself with your friends.

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Daman is a beautiful and exotic place to visit. The casino Deltin daman is an exhilarating casino that will provide you with a wonderful experience. However, you should know your limits, as the casino is addictive. You can also lose your money if you are willing to win. Thus, go with your friends for enjoyment and fun. Not for the sake of money only. So here we have provided you with all the casino details in Daman, and now you can plan your trip and explore more about the place.

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