Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale – Which One Is The Best?6 min read

Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale – Who Will Win The Crown?

Goa is very famous for its betting and gambling facilities. casinos are of them. The thing is which casino is best. So here is the comparison of the two most promising casinos of Goa.

Big Daddy Casino Review


Big Daddy Casino is an offshore casino set off the coast of Mandovi river, Panaji Panjim, Goa 403001, India.

It constitutes a bizarre blend of grand gaming and a high living experience. The sparkled neon lights, the amazing beat of the pop music, and the games filled with a lot of exciting rewards are the ideal things to define how this Casino vibe you in Goa. Here’s the beginning of the big daddy casino vs deltin royale review.

Big Daddy Casino
Big Daddy Casino



Big Daddy Casino is licensed under the Goa, Daman, and Public Gambling Act,1976.


Big Daddy Casino is built on an old -charm 24-year old refurbished ship, which is categorized into five distinct levels. Each level serves different purposes. All the gambling tables and electronic stadium are on the ground floor. The second and third floor is dedicated to the VIP gaming tables along with restaurants and open bars.

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Opening and Closing Hours

The Big Daddy Casino is 24 ×7 operational where the thrill never dies.

Entry Fees

The entry fee to the casino is:

  • 1500 INR would be charged with a 1000 INR coupon if you are going between Monday and Thursday.
  • 2000 INR would be charged with a 1000 INR coupon if you are going on Friday and Saturday.


Big daddy casino offers different packages according to the different needs of players.

Day Time Deals Package:

This applies to all days and costs Rs 2,000 for each person. 

Regular Package:

This package costs Rs 2,500 for each person for weekdays (Mon to Thu) and the weekend(Fri to Sun) package costs Rs 3,500 for each person.

Premium Package:

This package costs Rs 3,500 for each person for weekdays (Mon to Thu) and the weekend (fr to the sun) package costs Rs 4,500 for each person.

VIP Package:

This package is available on all days for Rs 7,000 for each person. 

Couple Regular Package:

This Package is exclusively meant for couples and costs 5,000 for each couple for a weekday(Mon to Thu) package.

For weekends it costs Rs 7,000 for each couple.

Poker Package:

Charges 2,500 per person during weekdays (Mon to Thu) and Rs 3,500 on weekends. (Fri to Sun).

Poker Couple Package:  

Rs 5,000 per person for weekdays (Mon to Thu) and Rs 7,000 for weekends (Fri to Sun).

The above-mentioned  Packages are for only adults who are of age 21 or above and include other additional items like OTPC, unlimited drinks, buffet, dinner, and snacks depending on the package.

Hyatt Casino Goa

Youth Package:

One can visit the casino(aged above 18 years )to avail oneself of the youth package worth Rs 1,500 on all days.

Kids Package:

Charges Rs 1,000 per kid and require them to be aged between 8 and 18 only. There wouldn’t be playing chips in the kids’ package. 

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Available Foods and Beverages. 

Big Daddy Casino offers a good range of games and tables where you can gamble according to your choice and this helps in enhancing the experience of the user. The cuisine offers both international and local cuisine in their buffets which you can enjoy by indulging in numerous gambling.

Games and Entertainment

The casino includes all the national and international games ranging from Indian Flush to games such as American Roulette, Black Jack, and various variants of poker available for avid gamers.

You can also entertain yourself with a variety of mesmerizing acts, routines, and performances by international artists from all over the world.

Big Daddy Casino
Big Daddy Casino

Terms and Conditions


  • Entrance of the 18 to 21 age group into the casino floor or for alcoholic beverages is not permissible.
  • Temperature monitoring is a must while entering the casino due to COVID-19 protocols. 
  • Wearing a mask and COVID – 19 negative reports necessary at the time of visiting.

Dress Code                 

Big Daddy Casino doesn’t allow informal attire such as flip flops, shorts, and sleeveless shirts. Big Daddy encourages you to dress like a classy player with formal attire.

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Royal Deltin Casino Review


Royal Deltin Casino can be found on the Mandovi Riviera, Panjim, Goa. It is one of Asia’s largest floating and luxurious casinos and is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers. Here’s another part of the big daddy casino vs deltin royale review. 

Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale
Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale



The infrastructure is eye-catching. It has multi gaming floors and multi-cuisine in-house restaurants where one can enjoy world-class food facilities.

Opening and Closing Hours

Royal Deltin Casino is 24×7 open for thrill and enjoyment. 


Entry Fees and Packages

The prices are convenient. The regular package starts from INR 3,000 and goes up to INR 8000. The premium package ranges from 7,000 to 12,000. The VIP package ranges from INR 15,000 to 22,000.

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Available Foods and Beverages

Royal Deltin provides a wide range of dishes and cuisines from the buffet dinner which comes with unlimited beverages and cocktails in the Vegas restaurant, which is famous for its fine dining experience .one can enjoy the impressive selection of cocktails and liquors at the sky bar and the Whiskey Lounge and can also get the incredible views of beaches of Goa.

Deltin Royale
Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale

Games and Entertainment

The Royal Deltin is a literal paradise for those who are interested in casino games. Some games at the place one can enjoy are Texas Hold’em Poker, The Indian Flush (Teen Patti), Baccarat, The slot Machines, The American Roulette, Blackjack, Money Wheel, Casino War, Mini Flush, etc.

The casino also organizes exciting performances by world-renowned singers, dancers, troupes, bands, and independent musicians. 

Best Time to Visit

Though the casino remains open throughout the year, the best time to visit would be between November to February, as this is wintertime and one can enjoy the gorgeous weather over there.

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Conclusion – Big Daddy Casino vs Deltin Royale

It’s solely your choice but I want to add a little thing that both the casinos are good in their own way. Both the casinos have good packages and a variety of games for betting where you can earn a lot of money with ease. To begin with, you can go into any of these casinos and try to get the feel of the atmosphere. You can try out some free or low-cost games to get an idea of how games there work. Depending on that, you can slowly increase your gameplay. Another tip is to talk to experienced gamblers and get their opinion on which casino they prefer and why. 

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