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What to scope out at the Diamond Casino? With the introduction of the Diamond Casino Heist update, Rockstar has chosen to provide a number of methods for completing the heist. The heist update is one of the most complicated and content-rich upgrades ever, especially when considering the robbery itself.

You must complete numerous heist preparatory tasks before you can carry out the heist finale. There are optional prep tasks within the obligatory prep missions, which you may do to make your robbery simpler. During the casino and vault scoping out missions, one of the prep objectives is to locate access points and points of interest (POIs).

What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?

A Complete Guide On What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino

The Diamond Casino Heist is one of GTA Online’s most popular heists, and with good reason. The task necessitates meticulous planning and unrelenting dedication, all while remaining as undetectable as possible. However, such a huge heist cannot be carried out without first knowing what you’re up against.

Getting into the Grand Theft Auto Casino Is it possible to plan a heist mission? If you’ve bought your arcade and started planning your robbery in GTA, you’re probably ready to check out the casino.

To begin the GTA Casino Heist scope out the task, go to your arcade basement’s planning board, and choose the mission. Lester wants you to go to the casino and photograph the entrances and areas of interest so you know what you’re up against. You won’t be required to scope out the entire Diamond Casino, but you will be required to satisfy a minimum requirement before your task is completed, and you can always return to the Casino to continue scoping out the joint later.

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What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?

What is Diamond Casino?

The Diamond Casino Resort and Casino is a well-known location on the GTA map, and it is usually bustling with visitors looking for a taste of oblivion. It’s not simple to loot a location in broad daylight, which is why Lester would advise the player to scout out the casino’s key entry points and places of interest before proceeding.

This page describes how to begin the Casino Heist scope out the task in Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as a list of all the access points and areas of interest that players should visit and photograph for Lester.

Players must first pull up their planned board in the Arcade Basement and choose the square that reads “Scope Out Casino” to begin the Casino Heist Scope Out task in GTA Online. This will enable the player to visit the Diamond Resort and Casino and photograph Lester’s key scope out objectives.

Understanding the scope outs

In total, there are 11 access points in GTA Online. Seven of them are on the casino’s roof, two are on the main level, and two are out in the open.

What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?

The following is a list of all the Scope For Objectives that need to be sought out by the player when completing this assignment in GTA Online:

  • 1st Floor Roof Access – accessed by elevator
  • Roof Access 2 is located directly across from the Roof Access point. 2
  • Roof Access 3 was discovered on the Helipad’s opposite side.
  • Roof Access 4 provides access to the roof garden.
  • Roof Access 5 is located on the elevator’s right side.
  • Roof Access 6 is a descent from the Helipad.
  • Roof Access 7 is located directly across from Roof Access 6.
  • Ground Level 1 – close to the racetrack
  • Ground Level 2 is located parallel to Ground Level 1.
  • The garage door is used to gain access to the tunnel.
  • Inside the tunnel on the canal’s south bank is a sewer access point.
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There are 11 access points and different areas of interest in the GTA Casino Heist scoping out the task. Points of interest include security cameras or guards who may make it tough for you to escape when the real robbery occurs. This is where you’ll discover the GTA Casino Heist scoping out objective, as well as all of the Diamond Casino’s access points and points of interest.

What Is the Best Way to Begin a Scope Out Mission?

To begin scouting the casino, go to your Arcade basement’s planning board and interact with it. Then choose the “Scope Out Casino” square at the top of the screen to start a task in which you must visit the Diamond Casino and snap pictures with your phone to email to Lester, each one increasing the number of possible approaches in the ultimate robbery.

What Are The Locations Of The Access Points?

There are a total of 11 entry points: seven on the roof, two on the ground level, and two farther out from the Casino. We’ve numbered them to make it easier to keep track of them, but you can explore them in any order.

What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?

Interesting Facts (POIs)

Aside from the access locations mentioned above, there are many sites of interest that can be found or explored. These will provide you with more alternatives, allowing you to approach the theft in a number of ways. The process of locating locations of interest is divided into two stages.

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Identifying Points of Interest (POIs) in a Casino

When completing the casino scoping out heist prep assignment, you can locate the POI listed below.

1st Point of Interest This is the old camera.

  • You can use any old camera to capture a photograph. They may be found throughout the casino. On the roof, as well as the roof terrace. The photo was taken from the roof.

2nd Point of Interest

  • The security guy was stationed next to the elevator.
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?
What To Scope Out At The Diamond Casino?

3rd Point of interest

  • The orbiting camera within the casino is the third point of interest.

4th Point of interest

  • Next to the chips exchange counter is a purple keypad with the words ‘Restricted Access’ on it.

5th Point of Interest

  • They’re in Agatha’s office in the casino’s management area, seated on the table. To have access to this area, you must be a VIP member. You’ll notice a double door with a guard standing behind it that reads ‘Management’ if you go through ‘Inside Tracks.’ You must enter that and proceed upstairs to Agatha’s office.

6th Point of Interest

  • The valet service at the main door is particularly noteworthy.

POI Scope Out Vault Content

When you hack into the camera feed while completing the vault content scoping out the task, you have the choice of leaving the camera stream after finding the vault material or continuing to locate the areas of interest. You may keep checking all of the feeds and grabbing all of the interesting items.

When recognizing POIs using the camera feed, the basic guideline is to simply scroll your camera from left to right, collecting everything. You’ll get a message in the lower-left corner that says ‘Point of Interest scoped’ after a POI has been detected. All of the points of interest in the camera feed have been mentioned to assist you as much as possible.

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