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Monopoly: Introduction

People generally prefer playing games when they have free time, but what if you don’t have a place to go out and play? No worries as you can play board games. Yes, these games are ideal to sit at a place in your house and enjoy. Board games have been famous among people of all ages for about years now. It is a fun game to play with family and friends even when you are on a trip. Do you want a detailed description on what a monopoly game is? If yes, then read till the end. 

Understanding Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is a buying and trading related board game that can be played by people of any age. It is published by Hasbro and is now played by innumerable families and people around the world. What is monopoly game? This is a question in many people’s minds!  It can be a pretty tough task to do!

Yes, the rules are a bit complicated making it tough to learn. Also as it is played worldwide few people make changes in the rules according to them and those are not mentioned in the rule book.  You will find answers to the most common questions like what is monopoly game, how to play it, and how to end it with flying colours to ace this game. Below you will find details on all this. 

What are the components of a Monopoly Game?

You can easily get a monopoly game that has all the needed equipment to start playing it. It will also comprise a rule book that states how to play the game correctly. The components of a Monopoly game are:

  1. A monopoly board.
  2. A couple of dice that possess six sides.
  3. Enough tokens that can be distributed to all players.
  4. 12 hotels and also 32 houses.
  5. 16 chance cards and with that 13 community chest cards.
  6. 28 cards related to property title deeds.
  7. The mandatory quantity of cash.
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So this is all about monopoly game components. By this, you might have a bit of clearance about what is monopoly game? 

What are the initial steps to play a Monopoly Game?

It is pretty easy to successfully set up a board game when you have everything needed. Unbox the game and follow the steps given below:

  1. Sit around the table and place the board on it. 
  2. Lying the charity and community chest cards on the rooms that are illustrated on the board. 
  3. Each player has to choose the token that will depict you throughout the game. 
  4. The amount of $1500 must be divided among each player. And the ratio is: 2 x $500’s, 2 x $100’s, 2 x $50’s, 6 x $20’s, 5 x $10’s, 5 x $5’s, and 5 x $1’s.

What Is Monopoly Game

What is the correct way to set up and play a monopoly game?

Here are few pre playing steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the game:

Step: 1 Gather 2 to 8 players.

You can play monopoly with a minimum of two players and a maximum of eight players. Remember there are certain advantages and drawbacks related to the number of people playing it. 

  • Playing with two players is generally not proposed due to the mechanism and nature of the game. It may last for a longer time until someone gets a big move. 
  • If you play with 3 to 5 players the game will certainly be a balance of enjoyment and fairness. It can linger for approximately 2 to 3 hours. And there is a fair chance of winning for each one.
  • Playing with 8 players becomes a tough task to do but yet it is enjoyable. The major drawback is one has to win and others become losers. Also, you need to wait until your turn comes, but there is a lot more to do in monopoly when it is not your turn. 

What Is Monopoly Game

Step: 2 Assign a banker to handle money.

  • For playing monopoly, you must give banking responsibilities to a person. This person can also play the game ensuring their money is differently placed to the bank’s money. 
  • The banker will have all the left out money, property, hotels, houses and other belongings to the bank.
  • He can place that bank box to everyone’s reach so it could be easier to manage. 
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Step: 3 Setup the board to start playing.

  • Sit around a table and unfold the monopoly game to place it on the table. 
  • Make sure that each player is comfortable and has enough space to put their money and property cards.
  • Keep all the community chest cards and chance cards on the board at the marked places in the center.

Now, you might have been pretty clear about the second part of what is monopoly game? 

How to legally and honestly play a Monopoly Game?

In the text below you will be getting a clear idea of how to play it and what is monopoly game?

  1. Roll the dice and move ahead as per the number.

  • Each player needs to roll the dice and move according to the number that has appeared.
  • If you are rolling twice, you must move accordingly after unravelling the space you landed upon.

2. Check the space you have landed upon.

  • There are different kinds of spaces mentioned on the monopoly board. And among them, there are the majority of properties. 
  • These properties can be rented or bought by you. And few of them will ask you to pick a card from the deck that might send you to jail or ask you to give money. 

3. Next, buy the property you landed upon.

  • If you landed on some property before someone has bought it, you can buy it with the amount mentioned. 
  • Once you pay the amount to the bank it will give you the title card that will say you have bought it.
  • People recommend that you must buy every property you land upon, or else someone else may buy it in cheaper amounts.

4. Auction the unowned property you landed on.

  • Yes, this is one of the rules of monopoly that many people don’t use at home.
  • If you are on any property that you don’t want to buy, then you can auction it. 
  • Award it to the highest bidder in the auction and you are done.
  • Bank takes the charge and auctions it at the highest price. The auction can initiate at $1 and can go to any price the player prefers.

5. Collect or pay rents to the owner of the property.

  • If you have bought a property any person landing on it needs to pay the decided rent.
  • If you land on anyone’s property you must pay the given amount of rent to the person who owns it.
  • The rent of the property is decided based on the price of the property, complete colour set and how many buildings the owner has built on it.
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6. Try buying the properties in a colour set.

  • If all the properties owned are from one colour group- voila you have a monopoly. This will help you get a lot of money from other players. 
  • This is one of the main goals of the game, with a monopoly a person can increase the rent of properties and also improvised sites too. 

7. Build the houses on the properties you bought.

  • If you have got a monopoly, start building houses on the properties you own. Building houses will allow you to charge more rent.
  • You can assemble the houses evenly on each property. If you build a single building on the property, then you must build one on each property you own. And then only you can build a second on the same property.

8. After building a house, build a hotel consequently.

  • The most powerful property in the game is a hotel, you can construct a hotel on your property if you have a house on each one.
  • You can replace the hotel with any of the houses you want from your property.
  • You must be amazed but a hotel is equal to five houses when you can have only four houses on a property.
  • It is at times also better to create four houses rather than building one hotel if you intend to create a storage house.

9. All other extra cards and properties on the board.

  • Every time you pass Go you need to collect $200 from each player.
  • As you land on the chest or community card, pick up the top card from the deck. This might get you loose or earn money.
  • If you land up in jail, you will be imprisoned till you are allowed to move out. You can still participate in all other activities.

10. End the game.

  • Set a time limit to make the game interesting and complete the game within a given time and choose a winner.
  • Also never award the money for the free parking area to any player.


You might be by now clear about what is monopoly game? Right! This is a very effortless game to play when you know all the rules and follow them. The above mentioned rules and guidelines will surely help you to ace the game. It is a leisure game and you must try it out with family and friends.

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