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Andar Bahar Game Tips & Tricks


Andar bahar is one of the famous and simplest games and is mainly found in casinos catering to the Indian market. Tips and Tricks of Andar Bahar Game we are most inquired query and we will talk in details here. The basic idea of this game usually depends on two options :

  • Players have to choose andar, the left side of the table, or select bahar, the right side of the table.
  • This game is mainly based on superstition, i.e., it depends on luck rather than statistics. And in this game, players should be more consensus about their way of deciding and the place to put their bet.

There are some tips to enhance the possibilities,  but that does not guarantee winnings: 

  •  The player should Learn and practice Andar bahar: like any other game, and the player should be
  • Aware about what to do and when .player may practice rounds game with their groups without the real money bet.
  • Players should decide their budget: Andar bahar is a fast-paced game. Maybe players lose their sense while playing the game .this game seems to be very simple because this player may take it for granted and spend more than they planned for. As betting on both Andar bahar sides is possible during the game, it may be safer to spend money on both sides as spending on one side maybe not a good idea. 
  • Players should understand and count the odds: the shortest odds of winning this game is 50/50. This is more than enough for the game. For the winning purpose, players have to go through deeper into their theory about the odds online. In an average game, 13 cards are laid on the table before the match ends in a matching card ending either on the Andar or bahar sides. The longer the game goes, the more likely the probability of a matching card to appear. And the prediction is that the game which starts from the andar side is more likely to win. If the game started on bahar, may things go in opposite directions?
  • Players should know the game to a T – it’s crucial to be familiar with the terminology and basics of the game. Familiarise with the table limit make the player more conscious about the game and bet.
  • Understanding the game and concepts: since this game is more reliant on chance, no matter what the player does, the gameplay relies on and learns the rules by heart. The fundamental of Andar- bahar thoroughly before player start the game and player can even practice made bets online for free. But once the player starts across the dealer, the risk becomes real, and the player becomes more confident about their bets. And also, the player should keep an eye on the cards, especially the reference card, .and should be more alert, and whether they win or lose, they should be present throughout the results.
  • The player should keep a firm grip on their bankroll- it’s the best trick in the book .the more players will manage the bankroll more pro player will become. Whereas live dealer games like Andar bahar are attractive and exotic, fast-paced, and require players to be quicker on the finger while they make bets .so In no time, the player may lose their whole amount, and at that time, no tips and tricks are used. So they should be more responsible and play accordingly. Andar bahar is a thrilling game, so the player should not be carried away .once they reach the target should stop playing .with game like this one, the odds are that player should stop before they lose too much.
  • Making small bets- in a card game as straightforward Andar bahar, the best player can do is they can start the game with small bets. With round fleshing, they may have little time to think once or twice to adjust their stakes accordingly. Also, players should start with betting small, even the minimum, so that they can stay in the game for longer. And can only raise the wager when they have the sizeable amount accumulated with them.
  • Choose the right platform – there are various online platforms present in India, but the player should know the background, recheck the rules they impose in their rulebook, and then select according to their comfort.
  • Look for variation- different casinos present have another edition of the game. And the various versions have their diverse side bets. E.g., some developers may let the player determine the total number of cards that’ll end on the table. Some may opt for 40+ the joker card to shows up. So, according to the player’s style, they should checkout.
  • Conclusion- all things considered, Andar Bahar is one of the fun games to play. And can be enjoyed with friends .it’s originated from India and most suitable for Indian gamblers; however, as it is furnished with Indian culture and equates it most likely to appeal to foreigners as well.
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Final Words: If players want a taste of Indian gambling, they should go to Andar Bahar. A growing number of creators develop a proprietary game in their casino studios worldwide.


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