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Poker is one of the most popular games that is being played around the globe with lots of interest and fun. Several people play poker with full enthusiasm and love to bet. Some people choose to play poker in live casinos while others choose a wider network and play with great competitors over online casinos. Online casinos are often being preferred because of their easy accessibility and wider network and Connectivity. There are a number of amazing online casinos and one such favorable online casino is Casino Keeda. 

At this casino, you would get easy deals, genuine opponents, and various kinds of poker games. Yes, poker is not a simple game with one single form. Several different variants of poker have been played with equal interest and bets. One such amazing poker game is strip poker. Playing strip poker is not that complicated yet it includes a lot of fun and enjoyment. Before we proceed to how to play strip poker, it is very essential for you to know about strip poker. Once you will get to know the game of strip poker efficiently., it would be easy for a player to know the rules and how to play strip poker. 

About Strip Poker

Strip poker is one of the most popular forms of poker that is being played with fun and energy. This kind of poker game is often considered to be an adult poker game. This is because, in this game. Players use clothes articles instead of using poker chips. Players are required to remove their clothes one by one as they lose the deal. 

Hence, this is why it is considered to be an adult game. But, there is no doubt that strip poker brings a lot of fun while playing and each player gets thrilled with the experience. The game ends when any one of the players loses and is left with no clothes that are naked or with only underwear. 

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The ending of the game would depend upon the pre-decided rules mutually by the players. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that poker is one such game that can be played with flexible rules, better understanding with the players, and in a comfortable environment. Keeping the joy and enthusiasm of this game in mind, strip poker is considered one of the best adult games, played by couples. 

This game can be played at bachelor parties and within a  closed friend circle as well. It would not only bring happiness and fun but also build better understanding and familiarity between the players. Hence, it could be said that strip poker is one of the most exciting and favourable variants of the initial poker game. 


Basic Guidelines / Rules

If we talk about the rules of strip poker, it can be believed that there is no strict set of rules for strip poker. It is a variant of poker that can be played with certain essential guidelines and with flexible rules/. With flexible rules, it can be said that strip poker is flexible with the rules and does not bind the players within certain norms or restrictions. Players can decide their own rules with mutual consent and can enjoy the game with full power and skills. 

Strip poker is very much similar to any other poker variant and is played with a deck of cards and the same shuffling process. But it should be considered that the poker chips are here replaced by the clothes articles. Therefore, this becomes an extraordinary adult poker game. Here we are up with certain important guidelines regarding this game, which would make it more interesting and effective. A game without any rules or guidelines looks like a mess. Therefore, to play an effective strip poker game match, consider the following mentioned guidelines: 

  • How to do stripping? 

Before you start playing strip poker, it is essential to know how you are going to do stripping during the game. It could be done in two ways, they are :

  1. Chips
  2. Clothes articles 
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Chipping would be the same old poker chips which would probably make your game ordinary and dull. Whereas if you are choosing to do striping through cloth articles, the game would become more happening and interesting. It would look fantastic and would be a thrilling experience for all the players. 

  • How to make it fair? 

Before you start the game, make sure that each player has an equal number of cloth articles. This is important to start the game with a fair deal as it would make it more interesting. An equal number of chips or clothes articles are essential to make the game a fair deal. 

  • What will count as clothing? 

If you are starting the game without knowing the unit of clothes, the game would become confusing and would bring conflicts among the players. Hence, it is important to know the counting units of the cloth articles you are using to play. For example, t-shirts as 1 unit, 2nd unit will be shoes, bracelets, hats, jumpers, coats, dresses, etc., can be considered as units to play the game effectively. 

Tips For A Great Strip Poker Night

Now that you are aware of the rules and guidelines of how to play strip poker, it would be necessary for you to know about certain tips to play the game effectively. If you want to have a successful strip poker night, then you must consider these tips and tricks. These tips are being used by professional; strip poker players and all of them have reviewed these as the best tips and tricks to play strip poker. If you also want to have a nice and cheerful experience while playing strip poker, the following tips would add stars to your game:

  • Keep things light and entertaining 

Strip poker is not a game of restrictions and rules. It is played with the only motive to have fun and joy. Hence, keep the spirit of the game entertaining. Yes, if you will keep the game light and entertaining, you will be able to enjoy the game. Otherwise, restrictions and boredom might turn the game into a dull and lethargic one. 

  • Set up a comfortable atmosphere
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As mentioned earlier, strip poker is an adult game where there are a lot of chances that a player might feel uncomfortable and hesitate. Therefore, if you play the game smoothly, it is important that you create a comfortable environment and make it satisfactory for the players playing the game. Do not be judgmental while playing and do not pass negative comments. It would probably end up creating distress among the players and the sole spirit of game entertainment would not be recognized. 

  • Only invite people you know pretty well

It will help create a more relaxed and trusting atmosphere. If you have someone unknown in your group, others may not feel good and comfortable. Also, if you don’t know someone well, you will start misbehaving and ruin things for everyone.

  • Talk with everyone beforehand

While it may sound like a good idea to just bring the deck of cards and try to start the game of strip poker out of the blue, it could make some of your friends uncomfortable. You don’t want to put them on the spot or force them into doing something they don’t want to do. It won’t be fun.

So above were some of the types that could make you play the strip poker game effectively and efficiently. If you want to have a thrilling and worthwhile experience, then applying a strip poker game with keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks would surely help you in the most efficient way. 

Strip Poker: Your Ultimate Party Bomb

It is often being said that party bombs add colours to a party and make it more memorable and exciting. And that is why calling strip poker your party bomb would not be wrong though. Strip poker can bring a lot of fun to your party and can make it more exciting and happening. Therefore, if you want to make your party memorable or wish to enjoy it with your full potential, then do not forget to play strip poker with your friends. 

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