Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Reaches A 100% Vaccination Rate For Covid-192 min read



Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort is the first in the current to reach 100% Vaccinated employees in all the sections. As we know in today’s time that be vaccinated is the first thing to do in your life, the Scarlet pearl invested around $500,000 for their vaccine effort which includes $300 each to the supervisor who completed the requirements during the vaccination helps.

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

Scarlet pearl also provided the covid tests to be secured and be alert in the On-site medical clinic in the resort, where also the vaccination was done. $50,000 was given to the Gulf Coast Community for their vaccinations efforts. It’s actually a milestone where people find it difficult to register themselves and there is Scarlett Pearl who is totally vaccinated without any difficulties.

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

It is the only Resort Casino in Mississippi that is fully and totally vaccinated. The communication between the staff and employees was too good to build a genuine effort. CEO LuAnn Pappas said, “Pearl Casino’s first motive is to be taken care of their employees and costumers also their first initiative, The health is the first essential thing for our company and Everyone is here is a part of our family”.

  • Scarlet Pearl provided complimentary Covid-19 testing because one pin drop can ruin all things.
  • On-Site Vaccination was also provided or available for the public.
  • $293,000 in Incentives were given to all the Supervisors who made effort to get all of them fully vaccinated.
  • 150,000, The Customers who were drawing and getting cash prizes were also awarded to get vaccinated as Pearl Award.
  • This is the only private state to do the staffing of a satellite call center for the department of employment security.
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“We want to help other businesses too because as we all know health is wealth, we will encourage other people to get vaccinated in the state of Mississippi.”

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort
Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort

Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort is located in Mississippi in D’Ilberville. The hotel has 300 rooms which also includes a gaming room in the basement and has video poker machines, 36 table games, and Scarlett Paerl Sportsbook. The casino was formed and opened on December 9 2015 in D’Lberville.

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