Pai Gow Poker Playing Strategy4 min read

Pai Gow Poker Playing Strategy


Pai gow poker isn’t that complex game from the strategic point of view. The only bet is met one at the starting of the hand, and the player doesn’t need to worry or think about other bets and whether they are worth making. The main aim of this game is to create the best two-card hand that can be used legally. The exception is when players can build a high five hand, likely to lose like a straight or flush. But with the whole house, the player should use the three of a kind in the five-card hand and the other pair in the two-card hand. Still, many rules kept in mind from top(low) hand must always be lower ranked than the bottom ( high) hand. 

To make a profit on the pai gow game hand, players need to beat both of the dealer’s hands, so make a powerful hand at the back while something like 9- high at the top usually won’t cut it.

Here are few simple tips to kept in mind when arranging player Pai gow hand:

  • If a player deals with no made hand ( a pair or better), then the highest-ranking card should be put back, and the rest two highest rank cards should be kept forward.
  • The card should always be paired as (AA) with any other pair. Two high teams (JJ through AA) or a high pair should be coupled with a medium team (7s through 10s)
  • Two medium card pairs or a combination of high pair and low pair ( 22 through66) unless the player has an ace. If a player has an ace, one can win two pairs on the back and ace- high in the front.
  • Splitting the two medium pairs of a medium and low pair combo, fewer players have an ace or king. If a player has one of these, the player can also play ace or king-high in the front with two pairs in the back.
  • Players should always play trips in their backhand unless it’s trip aces—split aces into a pair in the back and ace- high in the front.
  • If players have quads that are jj+, they should always be split into two pairs.
  • Quad should be split through 77 and TT into two pairs unless they have an ace to play in the front.
  • With the quad 6s or lower, the quads should be kept in the back and play whatever the best player can make in the front.
  • The whole house should always split into a trips+ a pair combo unless the player has an extra pair to go with it. In such a case, the player should play the higher of the pair in the low hand.
  • Players should always split five aces ( when they have a joker) unless they have a pair of kings to put in the front.
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Also, success in Pai gow poker is mainly dependent on how the card is dealt as there is no betting round. Granted, some skill is necessary for setting one’s hand to provide the best chance of beating the dealer. Players are often faced with the hand that can be assigned multiple ways, which can have a very different outcome:

  • Q,j/k,k,9,9,10( mediocre top hand, strong bottom hand)
  • K,9 or K,Q,J ,10,9( mediocre top hand,very strong bottom hand)
  • 9,9 OR  K,K, Q,J,10( strong top hand, fairly strong bottom hand).

If the player chooses to keep both pairs in their hand, they have a greater chance of pushing it to the banker. It would be best to remember that to win the game, and the player’s hand ranking must beat both of the banker’s hands.


When a player playing with the no pair (i.e., an unconnected set of 7- card), the commonly accepted methods are as follows:

  1. The highest-ranked card should be kept in the back (big) hand.
  2. Second two highest – tankini cards in the front( small) hand.

Thus, if a player wants to guarantee a push virtually, the top-hand option is considered the best option. Meanwhile, if you think about profit, the most benefitting play would be the bottom option as this will increase the player winning the chance to a large amount. 

If you ever find yourself confused about how to set your hand, players can ask the dealer. Most casinos allow them to help.

Pai poker is another poker variant that has enjoyed considerable popularity over the year, and it is fun.

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Although Pai gow poker is not as widespread in live casinos, probably because the hand can take a while to complete, and Casinos with low house edge and the frequent split player won’t lose too much or most sessions .of course, the player shouldn’t expect to win huge, either. Still, like with any table game, the player might go on to hot steak when least expect it.

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