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VGT- Video Gaming Technology developed this game called Lucky Duck Casino. In this article, I will be telling you about What is Lucky Duck?  How do we play this game? Is It Legal?. We will also talk about How to plat Lucky Duck for real money? The game is released by Blueprint Gaming, This game is the most rewarded game in the Gaming Machines.

Lucky Duck Casino
Lucky Duck Casino

If you love to play games like virtually attractive or appealing games so you should try or play The Lucky Duck Game because this game will satisfy your mood and income. There are a lot of things inside the game which will make you play more and more time because it has many rewards inside the game and it will also help you to win big. The Lucky Duck game is a themed game of a bird that is set in a set of green covers which comes with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 pay lines. In this Machine, there are some interesting and attractive features like Free spins, Exciting bonuses, and scatter symbols.

Lucky Duck Casino
Lucky Duck Casino


The Structure of Lucky Duck is kind of simple not attractive but interesting, There is a rich green glass everywhere inside, The only thing which is sorta attractive or we can say can’t keep our eyes off is the Golden Duck in the background resting on some steps. There are 12 simples in this game, some symbols look very old-fashioned or traditional, and some kin of ducks pasted on it. If we talk about playing this game the symbols which include ducks are more important than the traditional ones because at one time they become very thrill at one point of time affair with the lower wager being 0.20 and the max wager being 500.00.

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There is around in this game called wild symbol in which the game offers you 500 coins if you find him(the duck) but you have to find him 5 times in a row then you will get the 500 coins. If there are two of them in a row you will get or win only 2 credits. The Lucky offers you good rewards and prizes like as I said about to find him in a row 5 times you’ll get 500 coins but if 2 in a row you’ll getting 2 credits, which makes the high up to 400 credits if you play for a long time duration. There is a feature when you scatter three times you will get free spins in the Lucky Duck, which is kind of similar to when you find an equal number of ducks in the game.

The only best thing about this feature is when you get free spin you’ll be getting a free duck too in the spin, so that’s something good. When the Bonus Round comes in this game, You have to shoot the ducks whenever it shows up which means you will be getting double points in the game which is very excited and in the end this reward can turn into larger prizes. When you reach the to Spin the Big Wheel, just wanted to say that you are not ready because until this big spin ends and you make good points, you’ll be going home with some great prize or cash prizes. The return to player percentage here is at 91.06%. There are around two-game like the Luck duck which is very similar, the names are Wealth Treasure and Wild West, just wanted to say that, The Lucky Duck is more in reward and attractive if we compare these three. You can try these two but you’ll not get more satisfied after playing The Lucky Duck.

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Lucky Duck Casino
Lucky Duck Casino


The Lucky Ducky offers bonus opportunities, this is different from the 3 reelers.


This game features the first bonus round red screen re-spin, The screen will automatically re-spin when you win a re-spin. The screen will turn red and you will get to know that you have won a free spin in the game. The free re-spin will guarantee you that you’ll be getting a reward as you have won in the triggering of the spin game.

When you win about 5 triggering spins you’ll be getting a free spin and you will know that. If you have won around 1000 credits in the triggering spin, and it is guaranteed that you have won a good point as compare you have won in triggering spin.

Lucky Duck Casino
Lucky Duck Casino



This is the second screen game, In this game when the red screen reflects or appears on the screen, the upper slide will go down and you will see a duck floating in a pool. The video will instruct you to pick or shoot the ducks on the screen, once you select the floating ducks, that will be when you will be getting the credits by selecting the ducks.


You can use different denominations to start the game like :

  • $0.25
  • $1
  • $2
  • $3
  • $5
Lucky Duck Casino
Lucky Duck Casino


As the Lucky Duck Game is an average 3 reel slot machine. In which you can play two different bonus features and pick a duck round. This game offers you some good and exciting prizes within the game.

The red screen re-spins are quite well because in a row of 5 you will be getting free spin and it is guaranteed that you will get a good price as compared to the triggering spin.

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The machine also maintains a prize of a Jackpot and much bigger prizes, But the best thing players attracted to this game is they win-win the fixed payout of 10,000x your Trigerring bet.

The good point of the Lucky Duck is the coin’s denomination as I mentioned above about the coin’s denomination allow you to play cheaply and win good prizes. Of you play 3 coins, which puts you in line for the best payouts Because you are only risking $0.75 at this age which is kinda worth it if you something. This makes the players play the game for the longest time of duration.

The notable thing about this game is a screen that also attracts players to come and play, the Golden Duck in the background which is kinda very cool. Even with the two bonus features, this game does not compare to the modern games, like The Lucky Duck is different !.

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