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Bingo originated from Italy in the early 15th century and was earlier known as” le lotto”. Wealthy Frenchman and other aristocracies traditionally played them. It gets more popularized in the 19th century by Edwin S Lowe in us. He played the game at a carnival in Georgia, where this game was known as ” beano” due to beans used to mark numbers. Bingo is purely a chance game. And it’s straightforward yet exciting. It doesn’t require many strategies, but it does call for quick thinking and fast action. The main of this game is to match the combination of letters and numbers on a gridded card to the variety drawn and first fill strategy. Here we will explain bingo lottery game rules in detail, but before that, let us have a slight idea about this game.


Basic Terminology of this game  

Bingo Card: Bingo card is one of the classic games in which Bingo cards are flat pieces of cardboard or paper containing 25 squares arranged in five vertical and five horizontal columns. Each space in the grid has a number, except the middle square, designed as ” free space. A player can win this by completing a row, column, or diagonal. It is divided into a grid with the letter BINGO as a separate column. You can find each letter is a number that corresponds with a series of numbers from 1 to 75.


1. Ball Blower: A bingo ball blower is an air-blowing machine that mixes 75 numbered balls, which are removed and called out at a time.

2. Strip: Bingo cards come in ‘ strips, which is a vertical column of 3 Bingo cards. 

3. The Book: Bingo books consist of strips of bingo cards which range from strip 1 to 6 strips with 3 and 18 per page. Each page of the book resembles a different bingo game with a different theme.

4. Session Program: We usually play it in the evening schedule. Paper is generally handed out at the center and kept in front of players. The basic pattern of this game is to present the order of games, the prize for each game, and the line or pattern required for winning the match.

5. Caller: The person who calls out the number to the players and stops the game when Bingo is called.

6. Dauber: It is a unique marker used to mark or dab the number on a card, as the caller calls it.

7. Flashboard: A flashboard displays each number and as it is getting announced.

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Bingo Lottery Game Basic Rules:

  1. Every individual requires their scorecard. 
  2. Letter-number combination should be clear to everyone present in the game.
  3. Players can choose the caller. 
  4. Scoreboards pass to all the players – each player needs at least one scorecard. Even players can use more than one scorecard as long as they maintain it. 
  5. Bingo chips will be distributed among all the players- Bingo chips are used to cover the squares scoreboard. Bingo chips can be any piece of paper or coins. You can also use Poker chips.
  6. Chips will be kept on the square in the center of all scoreboards. 
  7. Numbers and letters are given to the caller when they call out in the game. 

Details of Game: 

  1. The caller should read out a letter-number combination loudly without looking, and read it out loud and pardon the combination until everyone hears it.
  2. The chip should be kept on the scorecard on letter or number – after the caller reads out the letter-number combination, the player should check the scoreboard if that combination is present. If it is present, it should be covered with chips.
  3. The game should be played until any player gets chips in a row on their scoreboard. – a player wins if they get five covered squares in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row.
  4. Players should call out Bingo immediately after they get 5 square in a row.
  5. After someone wins the game, the rest players should clean their scoreboard and take all the chips off their scoreboard. New games should always be played on a clear board.
  6. All letter-number combinations should mix up well before the next game. 

Odds: The odds of winning Bingo mainly depends on two main factors : 

  1. The number of cards involved in the game.
  2. The numbers of balls pick up by dealers.

In Bingo, the more cards in the game, the lower would be odd of winning. The odds are calculated by taking the number of cards playing divided by the total number of cards in play. So if 100 cards are in a game and the player has only one card, then the odds of the game are 1 in 100.


Different Variations of The Game:

1.U- pick them Bingo – A common form of Bingo game. This game allows players to mark the numbers they wish to monitor for a win. This game is similar to Keno, a game invented in China. 

2. Shotgun bingo – also known as quickie bingo, turbo bingo- is often played between regular games. The cards will be sold separately from the main game package.

3. Quick shot bingo – in quick shot bingo game numbers, players purchase sealed bingo cards, and then cards are pre-drawn. Suppose the card matched against the pre-drawn numbers. If a specified pattern appears, then the player usually wins a prize according to a prize table. 

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4. Facebook bingo – bingo on Facebook differs from traditional online or land-based bingo games. Most games feature ‘ power-ups,’ which give individual players an advantage on winning the game when using such power-ups.’

5. Horse racing bingo – up to 15 players are randomly issued a number from 1 to 15, which corresponds with the top row of the bingo flashboard. Numbers are then drawn, and the first person to have all five numbers in their column be drawn wins. 

6. Table bingo – this is a casino like a table game but runs on the principle of Bingo where players mark and monitor matrices cards with chips. Casino games like roulette, acey duecy, and money wheel have bingo counterparts permitted to be played under bingo licenses in any part of the world.


Rules of Bingo Lottery Detail Explanation

The basic rules of Regular Bingo games outline the standard rules applicable to all different varieties of bingo games managed and conducted at the bingo center unless these traditional rules are different in comparison to any specific written rules for any particular variation of the game.

A)If a particular bingo game has specific written rules governing its rules of play, the exact written rules will take precedence over the general rules.

  1. Arrangement of numbers needs to be covered on bingo paper to win the game, and the prize for each game will be announced to the players.
  2.  a) Player will declare as the winner of the game if they have covered all the numbers which are needed to make a pattern b) A player does not need to have the last number called to be declared as the winner.
  3. When a player claims to have won, It is necessary to check the winning arrangement of numbers covered on the bingo paper before a prize is paid out.
    • It can be done by audible call back of the numbers that players on the bingo paper cover in the immediate presence of one(1) or more neutral players.
    • By using the bingo caller’s electronic verification system and visually confirming the numbers covered on the bingo paper.
    • After a winner’s name is out, the caller shall inquire clearly and audibly three (3) times of the players whether any other players claim to be a winner of that game. The caller can declare afterward to close the game if he doesn’t find any other winner.
    • No claim of a player to have won a game shall be valid if made after the game has been closed
  4. The total prize, as announced by the caller, shall be paid to a winner or winner. The caller must disclose the amount and the number of winners for each game b)In case of more than one winner, rewards shall be divided equally amongst all players having obtained a valid bingo.
  5. If the actual number on the ball is not the called number, it shall be the official number for the game, which is termed the miscalled number. Any claim by a player is considered false if they use a miscalled number and shall be disallowed.
  6. a) A handwritten, electronic printed, or record are kept for each bingo game as it helps to outline the order in which the numbers were called for each match held during the bingo event will be produced. Anyone (1) method is required, not all three. b) If they find an error while verifying bingo paper, the game will be closed. Afterward, it can be reconstructed by identifying the number as previously called using the official record. The game will go on until won by a player.
  7. If a game has been closed due to a miscalled number, there is no valid winner. Afterward, it can be reconstructed by identifying the number as previously called using the official record. The game will go on until won by a player.
  8. House Rules or Bingo Game guides are available or displayed at the bingo center.
  9. The person must need be of age 19 or to play Bingo or any other game of chance.
  10. The number appearing on the monitor must be called by the bingo caller before it is valid.
  11. It is the player’s responsibility to yell Bingo and be heard by the caller. “BINGO” must be called and heard by the caller before announcing “Game Closed” to be valid.
  12. Wild Number: A wild number is determined by a specific ball ordinal, called in a particular game of Bingo that allows wild numbers as detailed on the written bingo program. A typical use would be “3rd number wild, “It shows wild number indicator ball is the third number called in the game. Any number ending in the trailing number (rightmost digit) of the wild number indicator ball is then automatically called a group in ascending numerical order.
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For example, if the third picked number is N37, all numbers ending in 7 will qualify as a wild number. In the Bingo lottery game, wild numbers are selected as a group but in ascending numerical order. Therefore, an N37 wild number indicator ball results in wild numbers of B7, I17, I27, G47, G57, and O67.

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