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King 855 is the most popular casino in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand. For People living in these countries, it is the best choice for playing online slots games and many more. Established in the year 2018, Thailand offers varieties of games that beautiful women host. You can see these beauties in completely black attire wearing diamond jewelry. You can play these games on your desktop, laptops or smartphones, etc. King855 takes care of their players and has everything that a player needs, i.e., from Toto betting to live casino games, they have something for every player. Their games can’t be ignored as they are of high quality and made from the latest technology. Talking about the products offered by King855, there is a wide range of products available for you to choose from.

King855 Products

There are varieties of products offered by king855 applications. Their product section has been divided into four sections. This product has been developed using Mega888, Pusy888, Xe88, 918kiss, Sr888. These are-

1. Online casino
2. Esports
3. Virtual sports
4. Sports Betting

1. King855 Online Casino: King855 online casino offers a wide range of games. Players can experience these HD games on any platform (smartphones, desktop, laptop, etc.). Some of the live casino games offered by Kinng855 are
– Baccarat: There is a player and a banker in this, and you can place a minimum bet of 5 credits. Apart from betting on players & banker wagers (which payout at 11 to 1), players can bet on side wagers (which payout at 8 to 1). It is one of the most popular online casino games. Players can wager starting from $20 to $1000.
– Roulette: The basics rule for playing Roulette is the same. A variety of betting options is available in this game. For example, you can bet by placing chips on a group of numbers or bet through individual numbers, grouped numbers, red or black. There are many options available for you in Roulette like French Roulette, 3D Roulette, American Roulette, etc. You can find Roulette in any live casino.
– Live Dragon Tiger: The rules of playing this game is straightforward and easy to understand. You need not be a pro to play this game. This play deals with two cards, and bets can be placed for each round (EUR 1 to EUR 5ooo). There is a 30sec gap between each round.
– Sic Bo: It is the simplest yet traditional game offered in every live casino. In this player, roll dice with the help of an electronic shaker and place a bet on the outcome of the dice. Bets are of 2 types’ small bets & big bets, and bets are placed with the help of chips on the desirable outcome (single, combination of 3 dice).
– Bull Fight: Played with six card decks, bullfight/ bull is a kind of card game where players do not compete against each other instead, they compete against the casino. The order of dealing is determined by the 1st card drawn by the dealer. Players can also place their bets on players one or another player once the game starts.
– Three Cards Played with a total of 7 players. There is a deck of 52 cards in this game, and bets are placed on the play, pair plus or both. Once the bets are placed, the game starts. The rules of playing these games are pretty simple and easy to understand.

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2. E-Sports: E-sports by King855 does not have a wide range of games, but the E-sports tournaments are the best. Talking about E-sports games by King855, we have listed some of their top games –
– CS Go: CS Go stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is one of the best counter strike games in which there are two teams: the Terrorist & the counter Terrorist. The game is all about stopping the activity of the terrorist team by the counter-terrorist team and destroying the rescue host by the counter-terrorist team by the terrorist team.
– Legends of legends: There are two teams in this game, and each team has five members. The two teams compete against each other and try to defend themselves. Each player has its unique style of playing and lives a character of champions. The champion becomes more potent by earning gold, points, etc., to defeat the opponent team.
King855 also offers many other games like Starcraft, DOTA2, etc.

3. Virtual Sports: There is a wide range of virtual sports offered by King855, leading the company to immense success. The qualities of these games are top class and are of short duration, say 3 to 5 mins. King855 offers several bets on every match. Some of the virtual sports games provided by King855 are-

– Virtual soccer
– Virtual basketball
– Virtual horse racing
– Victual racing
– Virtual volleyball

4. Sports Betting: There are varieties of sports games offered by King855, along with a variety of betting options. King855 offers about 1500 sports games. They keep on updating their betting odds so that players could have a better gaming experience. The range of sports games available by King855 is football, basketball, golf, and many more.

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These games can be easily be downloaded on your mobile phone. All you have to follow these steps-
– Log in to the casino home page
– Select link for your mobile
– Download the game


Why choose King855?

– Unique design and sound effect- With a theme color of golden color and a unique logo design, they stand different. Their games have 3D effects and high-class sound quality and give prizes or bonuses to the new player.
– Variety of games- There are lots of games available for the players. Ranging from virtual sports to live casino games, King855 has something for every player. Also, they keep on adding different products to meet the demand of the players.
– There is no need to download the games– to play games offered by King855, and you don’t have to download them. You can play these games on the internet site on their mobile. In case you want a better gaming experience, you can download it on your mobile devices.
– 24/7 Customer Support- king855 team provides 24/7 customer support. A variety of platforms is there for the customer to speak to their team. Example- We Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Call, SMS, etc.
– Bonus: There is a variety of bonus options available for the players. Some of these are-
– 100% Welcome Bonus- this bonus is given to the new players at a deposit of MYR 50. To avail of this bonus, you have to select the promo code & submit it to the customer service.
– VIP 100% Monthly Deposit Bonus- This bonus is given to the players at a deposit of MYR 500
– VIP Weekly Turnover Bonus- This bonus is for active members. They will be benefited from this bonus when they achieve valid turnover.
– 10% Unlimited Deposit Bonus- This bonus is for the players who deposit MYRN10.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

Q. Is King 855 Safe?
Ans: King855, this platform is safe and secure. The team works very hard 24/7 to ensure your safety. Your bank details and personal information are fully secured, and you can enjoy their game without tension. According to the reviews given by the player, King855 is not just safe but also provides 24/7 customer service and resolves all the issues from security to deposit.King855 games are easily accessible, and you can enjoy their games on your mobile phones. You can also set the language of your choice that is Chinese or English. In short, King855 is a safer option to go for.

Q. What does King855 refer to?
Ans: King 855 is one of the leading Online slot Games for online gamblers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. They provide you with the best system online casino betting options for the players from casinos to slots games with fantastic sound and a beautiful interface.

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