Is Poker Gambling Or Is It A Game Of Skill And Wits?6 min read

It has always been a matter of debate whether poker is a gambling game or not. Well, knowing the answer to the question “is poker gambling“, is not at all an easy task. The answer to this question differs from player to player who plays poker. Those players who play poker with proper skills and knowledge consider it a skill game while those who play and risk their money without any positive approach call it as gambling. It is very difficult to come to a conclusion about poker gambling

There are many people who claim that poker is a gambling, most of them are the players themselves. Though the nature of the poker game is to risk money, it would be completely unfair to declare the game as gambling. This is because of the intention of players who risk their money in the poker card game. Players only risk their money in poker games when they see the situation of the game in their favour and not against their intentions.

Hence, it can be said that poker is a betting game where players bet on their money while assuming that they’ll get favourable results. Therefore, it would be partially right to say that yes, poker is gambling. People risk their money and bet on it. If they win the tournament, they earn or if in case they lose, the money is not theirs. Betting in poker is just a synonym to gambling. 

According To US Law: Is Poker Gambling?

Whether poker is gambling or a skill game is something which is very controversial in the USA. As far as the US law is concerned for poker, it does not consider the poker game as gambling and hence, does not impose any legal constraints on the game. Though it is considered that poker is a game of betting, it is also a fact that it is a game where skills play a major role.

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Unlike games of casinos where there’s pure gambling, poker gives victory to players only when they have prescribed a set of skills and knowledge to play the poker card game. Hence, it would be wrong to say that poker is a gambling game as per US law. 

Is Poker All About Taking Risk? 

There is no doubt that whenever an individual puts his or her money, the complete scenario proves to be a risky one. When it comes to poker, the risk is definitely there which cannot be avoided in any circumstances. Some people take this risk with favourable skills to play the game while some just take to feel the adventure and thriller lying behind risking the money. There is a huge risk taking element involved in the poker card game. Players risk their money while betting during the game with an assumption to win it on the basis of their skills and knowledge.

In gambling, people are not so sure if they will win or lose whereas, in poker, there is selective risk taking involved with subjective thoughts of the players. Hence, risk taking is a part of the poker game but not the soul of the game. It starts with risk and ends with the presentation of the skills of players.

On average, you are expected to win money. Players who are very well known about the bits and pieces of poker, their mathematical expectation of winning is positive, because they are significantly more skilled, on the whole, than their opponents. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that poker is gambling and is played on the major risk factor. The risk of money cannot be avoided in poker similar to gambling. 

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Is Poker Gambling

Is poker a matter of chance? 

Not really, chance is an element of a poker game but poker is not all about the chance. Players take risks, use their knowledge to get the rewards of this risk as winning. Chance can be a coincidence sometimes but not always. Any more than anything else which has a chance involved. In poker, chance is the f major factor for those who are not aware of the various skills and knowledge required to play the game. There are several people who play poker but not everyone is an expert in the tournament. 

Some people play to polish their existing skills while some just play to pass their free time and take fun of the risk involved in the game. Players who are not skilled and just play for the sake of thriller are the ones for whom chance or luck is everything in poker.

On the other hand, people who have essential; and required skills to play and win poker, chance does not play any specific role. Chance is a fundamental part of Poker.  Hence you have professional poker players, whereas you do not have professional roulette players (although you may come across professional scam artists who will claim they have a roulette betting system).

Significance of Betting in Poker 

Betting plays a very crucial role in poker. It is a kind of soul to the game and cannot be ignored in any circumstances unless players are not serious about the game and playing just for the sake of fun. But it would be equally wrong to consider that poker is all about betting.

Betting is what is required to start the game but skills are what is required to play the game. Hence, betting is important but not the only thing required to make poker a successful game. It adds an element of risk to the game which makes it more interesting and exciting for the players. It can be said that without betting, poker will probably lose its importance and spirit of fun. 

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Poker in the opinion of players 

Poker has a chance and involves the role of luck, this is why it’s still gambling. Draws and odds are irrelevant to most playing for fun and just literally gambling hoping they win big. That’s why you never will be able to say it’s only a game of skill. As a pro poker now trader, let me say it is gambling but a game of skill.

Just a much more difficult game to learn. So, in the opinion of the players, poker is a gambling as it involves risking money at every level and stage. Those who do not consider it as gambling might not be knowing the various aspects of the game. Hence, poker is a gambling game, which involves a high level of betting where professional poker players come together and try to compete with their improved skills and knowledge about poker. 

Conclusion: Is Poker Gambling

The question is poker gambling, now can be answered on the basis of above mentioned information. Poker is gambling for the vast majority of players who aren’t playing enough tournaments or cash games for the long run. Players only risk their money in poker games when they see the situation of the game in their favour and not against their intentions.

Hence, it can be said that poker is a betting game where players bet on their money while assuming that they’ll get favourable results. Therefore, it would be partially right to say that yes, poker is gambling. Therefore, considering poker as a game of gambling is partially correct but there are certain other factors also such as betting, risks, skills, knowledge, etc., which makes poker a game worth playing. 

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