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What’s More, You Must Know About Panjim Casino Royale

Known for its splendid beaches, Goa is the ultimate holiday destination for all!  The vast and bucolic sea makes for a perfect backdrop for water sports by day and parties by night.  Apart from these activities, the casino is slowly becoming a big part of the tourism of Goa.  These casinos offer a great atmosphere and service to try your luck on an almost international level. Visit this Popular Panjim Casino Royale in Goa to win the cherished moments!

If you don’t get an opportunity to explore Vegas, Goa offers you mini Vegas. Initiated in the year 2005, Panjim Casino Royale proposes a variety of gaming alternatives varying from American Roulette, Black Jack, Money Wheel, Poker, Pontoon, Craps. You will feel a whole new nation of excitement and gambling here.

 If you are seeking fun-filled casino time in Goa with your kids in tow, now you will be able to know where to go!

About Royale Casino Goa

This spot will “blow your mind” as the casino floats on water. Deltin has unique and classy casinos which are indeed the most happening ones. Several floors are drooping over an area of 40,000 square feet with lots of sections to keep people involved of all generations. With 123 gaming tables here, you can take advantage of all sorts of gambling games be it Poker, Teen Patti, Black Jack, and many more variants.

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While you enjoy playing gambling, you can also drink exclusive liquors at the whiskey lounge with great hand-rolled cigars. The casino delivers all the top-notch luxuries and is the master in the field of casinos. Certainly, it is one of the most happening places to explore in Panjim. One can also relieve tension in VIP gaming suites where one can wait as well as play. The highlighting feature of the casino is that it is the only spot with a dedicated poker room.

Goa has everything you need as far as a relaxing holiday is concerned.  From white sandy seasides, crystal blue sea, and wonderful cuisine, Goa is full of culture, ancestry, and amazing nightlife. Gambling in India did not develop as a game, whether it is good or bad is a matter of one’s thinking. You can experience this in a floating casino called Panjim Casino Royale. The ship is stationed in the Mandovi river and it heads towards the ocean from where all the fun begins. Some of the major Casino Royale games are American Roulette, Poker, Black Jack, Money Wheel, Baccarat, Pontoon, Karps, and Slot Machines. There is also a separate VIP gaming room.

Here you not only enjoy gambling, but Panjim Casino Royale is a ship with entertainment equipment, a China Garden dinner on different floors, a candlelight arrangement, an all-weather terrace, and the ship’s crew which is as usual.  Is affectionate. The restaurant also has a belly dancing dance troupe from Russia.

Deltin Royale

The entrance fee is very high on the first visit but there is a lot here for you. The entry fee for couples is Rs 4000, but once inside you are given a non-refundable coupon worth Rs 3000 as well as wine and dinner. This is a gambling house.

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Here you can try your luck. There are simple games available for amateur gamblers and ignorant gamblers looking to hit the slots and maybe find some of them!

Don’t worry if you are traveling with kids. The ship has rooms for sleeping children so that the couple can enjoy it to the fullest. Apart from the sleeping zone, there is also a play area to keep the kids busy. It is not unusual for celebrity lovers to notice a couple on each trip.

 When it comes to enjoying the happiness given by gambling games, only a few people wouldn’t concur that Vegas tops out all such locations. However, it isn’t humanly probable for all of us to explore Vegas. Now, that shouldn’t be a prominent disappointment for you as this opens a wide area of chance, the chance to travel the highly-acclaimed Panjim Casino Royale of Goa.

 However, Panjim Casino Royale isn’t only a place for playing games. They satisfy their visitors with mouth-watering cuisine that aptly takes proper care of their guests’ longings. Besides, it makes sure that the guests also have a basis of entertainment apart from the normal poker games. And it is due to this they offer a wide range of live entertainment day-to-day on the dining floor and at the top of the ship.

Additionally, the spectacular housing proposed in the structure of luxurious suites, lounges, and the relaxing spa makes sure that they propose an ultra-premium experience that redefines the casino gaming setting in India. Thus, the Panjim Casino Royale must not be neglected by anyone preparing a trip or a stay in Goa.

  •  Timings: Panjim Casino Royale is available 24 hours a day.
  •  Entry Fees: The entry charge is near about Rs. 1500 to 3500 INR per person along with an unlimited buffet & drinks until midnight.
  •  Far from Panjim Bus Stand: Near about 1.6 km away. It usually takes 39 minutes to reach the destination from Baga beach which is 16.974 km apart.
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Panjim Casino Royale


The Panjim Casino Royale is the biggest floating casino in India that offers people diverse hospitality and deserved indulgence. Commenced back in the year 2005, the giant Casino offers you the alternatives to celebrate a variety of gaming alternatives that include the Black Jack, American Roulette, Poker, Money Wheel, Pontoon, and Craps. Also, it delivers poker enthusiasts with a poker room constructed exclusively for the game. However, please keep in mind that you must be 21 years of age and above to enter this cruise ship.

Overall Panjim Casino Royale makes your day and night fun! For a moment you miss that you are in India. It is easy to reach here. Take a taxi and they know how to get there. We have included all the most important stuff related to Panjim Casino Royale.

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