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High-speed internet has entered the households of the middle class in India. For that, the gaming markets are thriving to great lengths. Different poker games have been an exciting part of the culture of this country. From the hundreds of year-old dynasties to the colonial-British period, gambling had been an inseparable part of social interactions. After the internet, many online players are making the scene exciting all over again. 

Indian Poker Games Market

The online poker market of India is growing at a substantial rate every year when new users are connecting with the community. Dedicated online platforms like Casino Keeda are bringing a phenomenal change in the poker-playing experience of the country. It is not coincident that mainstream celebrities are enthusiastically endorsing online poker playing sites. 

The market realizes the demand for online casinos and that drives the popularity of these games. Expert opinions suggest they estimate the online gambling market of India to reach the benchmark of USD 60 billion per year. Over 45% of India’s gigantic population has active internet connections in 2021. 

The historical background of poker in India 

When India was under colonial rule, the British rulers tried to curb all kinds of freedom and rights from the Indian citizen. In those tough times, like many other colonial laws, the Public Gambling Act, 1867 came into action. According to this law, all kinds of games, sports, and events that include the betting of money, is not allowed in India. 

Not only the players and book-makers but also the managers and owners of a place where gambling is taking place can be penalized under this act. This law stressed that the games where luck is the prime factor to win, cannot be a legalized social games. 

Poker got freed from the act

It took a hundred years, but the independent Indian Government declared that poker games like rummy, are not entirely based on luck. But it is a game of skill, calculation, and strategy. The regulatory act had an exemption for special games. The games where one has to rely on their brain faculties, calculative skills more than their luck, do not fall under the confines of the law. 

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In 1967 the central Government declared that poker is a skillful game, therefore playing it publicly and gambling money on it isn’t illegal anymore. Although this rule does not qualify in all the states in India. With necessary regulation, several states allowed the gambling and playing of poker. Similarly, in 1996, the Indian Supreme court gave a green signal to horse racing like a game of skill. So betting on horse races got legalized too. 

Although, the freedom for poker is partial in India. Many regulations don’t allow inter-state betting games. The federal states have different regulations too. Some states claim one has to be of the legal age of 18 to gamble. Also, players have to give 30% income tax on winnings of over INR 10,000.             

Internet in India and poker games

Over the last two decades, India has gone through the internet and smartphone revolution. According to the latest data, over 500 million smartphone users in India. It gives the idea of the growing internet users in the country as well. A market estimate suggests over 40% of that internet-using population indulge in gambling. 

  • The legality of online gambling is a little fuzzy because of several distinct state laws. The state of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, has banned the real-money gambling format. Since poker is a skillful game, it does not get into the legal bounds. Especially, the courts in Kolkata and Karnataka high courts have observed that the law and administration cannot interfere in the poker games
  • After the internet games came along, many people thought that the state boundaries have erased in the virtual model. But there is a gray area too. According to the IT Act, 2000, no internet providers can facilitate or host online gambling. 
  • So, the online portals get confused too. Some portals do not allow players from the states of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Telangana, etc. Although, the IT Act, 2000, differentiates between card games and casinos. 

Poker Games is a skill and not of mere luck

There are logical reasons that suggest poker is a game of calculation and probabilities. When a player plays the game for once, or not over three times, you can say they are a newbie and short-time runner. Luck may have a role in whether encourage or discourage that player to play further. The more a player explores the game, they realize it is about sheer skill and calculations. 

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Mathematical game: When you play the game, you can easily identify that, players will win or lose the game depending on the cards. Every batch has a probability factor. For example, if a player starts the game with A-A cards, and the opponent starts with Q-Q cards, probability says the A-A card player will win 4 times in 5 consecutive games. The opponent will win one out of five times. This game is based on calculating risks and odds, so you cannot call it a game of luck. 

Value of experience: In poker, you hit large profits when you have spent a substantial amount of time on the game. Many poker game statistics suggest the longer a player has played in the game, have gained more profit over time. The statistics suggest some players are in constant profit even after playing several hundred thousand hands. To keep up this degree of the game record is not a matter of luck. It is a game of skill. 

Good & bad players: Games that are based on luck, do not have good or bad players. But the poker does. In poker, there are players who make good choices and strategic decisions during the game, who is an excellent player. A bad player fails because of poor decisions. If poker was a game of luck, there would be no need for playing a good game.

An absolute amateur who doesn’t even know the game could win the hands again and again on the power of luck. But it does not happen that way. Poker is a skilful game. That is why good and experienced players win the game again and again.    

Estimated value 

An estimated or expected value is a presumptive number that denotes the worth of a hand in the average time frame. Now, poker is a game that depends on maths and odds. The probability factor is a calculative metric. So even if you don’t start winning at the beginning, you can calculate the odds in the hands. 

Experienced players set an estimated value of average time for hand. Then they map out the positive and negative estimated values and that way, the chance of making a profit increases when you play along for a long time.   

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Poker games have many rules and regulations. There are different variables in the game that determine the odds of winning or losing in the game. A luck-oriented game does not require this many rules and regulations at all. So, poker is a game of skill and calculations. 

Secure online playing platforms

Every year there are millions of new players registering in the different online poker playing sites. Secure portals like Casino Keeda maintain all the safety protocols to ensure the security of the users in the game. The experts in the portals suggest a few precautionary measures to keep your system safe and sound. 

  • It is always handy to have a professional internet and computer security system. While you browse online, several kinds of bugs and malicious viruses try to attach to your system. Apart from that, some spammy websites keep on sending worms, trojans, etc. So having a complete security system will keep your computer safe and you can continue with games with no interruptions. 
  • Before you sign in to a new website, always look and research the portal thoroughly. In a reputed site like Casino Keeda, you will have positive feedback and a solid brand image in the market. A prosperous website keeps upgrading its system for improving the user experience. Check the website loading speed, interfaces, player traffic to judge the credibility of the portal. 
  • Many reputed sites employ double verification gates to secure their user’s sensitive data. The instant verification like OTP settings, proper user name, password setup establishes the security of the site. 
  • Check the banking and payment gate options of the site. Reputed portals partner with worldwide corporates such as Mastercard, PayPal. Payment gateways are a crucial part of the portal’s entire security factor. Reliable site partners with credible third-party payment systems to maintain secure transactions. 

Try innovative poker games sites like Casino Keeda and learn more about the poker game. In India, it registered hundreds of million users with online casino parlours every year. The legal boundaries are not a barrier to earning good money with your skill and experience.     

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