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Alaska gambling laws are extremely restrictive. Some states ban all forms of gambling, while others allow it to be used as a revenue-generating tool and boost for tourism. Most states are somewhere in between, with almost all states allowing limited gambling (such as bingo) for charitable purposes.

More information about Casinos in Alaska

Many states have casinos located on Indian reservations. This complies with federal law. The National Indian Gaming Commission regulates it. There are many types of gambling, including horse- and dog-racing, poker, and roulette. However, it is usually based on chance rather than skill. While state lotteries are also considered gambling, they are managed by the state and are subject to separate laws. This article will give you all the information that you need to have a clear understanding of the legal gambling options in Alaska.

If you are wondering is casino gambling legal in Alaska? Below is a brief historical overview. It will also show you some of the extreme measures that Alaskans have taken to get a little gambling entertainment—next, a game-by-game overview of what you can and cannot gamble on. Finally, excerpts from current laws demonstrate just how wide the state’s gambling ban is.

What are gambling forms currently legal in Alaska?

This section provides a quick overview of each state’s gambling laws and regulations.

Casino Games There are no licensed casinos operating in Alaska. Even the tribal/native establishments that are allowed to offer bingo and ‘pull tab games’ are not permitted. However, many residents enjoy cruises that offer casino gambling, whether they are in international waters or on the coast of Canada.

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Online casinos: The State does not believe that the existing laws protect online casino gambling. Online gamblers are not subject to any enforcement actions.

Live poker: There are no poker rooms in this state. However, home poker is allowed if the games are social and not profit-oriented.

Online Poker – Alaska allows you to place bets on games of skill, but local legislators have made poker a game of chance. Poker is therefore only legal for social and in-home games.

Online poker is treated the same as casino games. Online poker sites that accept Alaskan players are often referred to as affiliates. They argue that online gambling is legal since the law does not specifically address it. This interpretation is flawed, just like online gambling. The technology used in determining illegal gambling is irrelevant.

Sports Betting There are no racetracks or land-based betting establishments in this state. Some quasi-sports gambling is allowed by the charity gambling legislation. You can bet on salmon fishing contests or guess the timing of dog-mushing contests.

Lottery Betting Alaska doesn’t have a state lottery or participate in any intra-State program. They are closest to ‘Pull tab’ games which are paper-based lotto cards. Perforated tabs can be pulled open to reveal symbols that will determine your prize. This is a low-tech version of a scratch card.

Bingo Halls These are managed by native groups and charitable organizations that fall under strict charity gambling laws.

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Alaska Online Gambling FAQ

Does Alaska have casinos?

No Class III casinos offer slot machines or table games in Alaska. However, the Federal National Gaming Commission has authorized two Class II gaming establishments.

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What types of gambling are available in AK?

Alaska offers very little to real-money gambling. There are no casinos within Alaska’s borders, and local gambling laws can be quite strict. Alaska does not have greyhound or horse racing tracks. Bingo enthusiasts can still enjoy their hobby at any of the regulated bingo halls. The most well-known establishment is located in Juneau. Alaska regulations permit gamblers to enjoy social games, provided they are not private property. However, it is best to play real casino, poker, or sports betting at an offshore gambling site that is US-facing.

What laws cover online gambling in AK?

The Alaska Statutes and Codes cover gambling, from Section 11.16.110 to Section 11.16.270. Although none of these regulations specifically address online gambling, it is important to remember that local authorities can argue that Alaska laws still apply for online play. So far, however, no online players have been charged.

Is online gambling legal in AK?

Online gambling is not strictly prohibited in Alaska. This means that Alaska residents can gamble on Bovada and other offshore sites without violating laws.

Which offshore gambling sites accept AK residents?

Alaska is a very iGaming-friendly State, meaning that any US-facing Offshore Site will accept Alaskan residents.

Is it likely for AK to regulate online gaming?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. Alaska does not have any organized gaming lobby organizations, and local politicians are not interested in changing the status quo.

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