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Poker is one of the most popular card games where players bet against each other over which hand is the best. It is more a game of skill, emotions, and experience than luck and chance. The poker strategy vary with deck configuration, several cards used, the number of cards dealt facing down and facing up, and the number of cards that the players select. 

What it takes to Play Poker – Poker Strategy, Tips, and Tactics

Poker is a high-stakes game of mathematical calculations, probabilities, and keeping ones’ emotions in check – that comes with experience and much practice. 

It is rightly said that “Poker is easy to learn, but hard to master.” In this article, I give you practical tips, tactics, and poker strategy to help a beginner like you become a formidable poker player. You can win high-stakes games at popular online casinos like Casino Keeda.

Play for the Right Reasons

As a beginner, you must decide beforehand if you are playing poker to become a professional player and make money or simply have fun. However, to consistently play poker as a professional and win requires your time, effort, and practice with real money at stake. Therefore, you must take the tactics discussed in this article seriously and review them now and then.

Poker Strategy: Learn the Rules and Poker Hands Ranking

As Poker is a game with many rules, naturally, this must be your first step. Although learning the basic rules of poker can be easy, you must spend some extra time understanding and imbibe what poker hand ranking means.

If you do not do that, you may find yourself in the middle of the hand and need to think whether you are beating a straight with your flush or not! Memorizing and understanding poker hand rankings is a huge task but worth every moment working on.

Importance of Position

In a typical poker game, the dealer, or button, is the last player to bet around and has the tactical advantage of already knowing how his opponents have acted. To make the game fair and share the benefit with all players, the dealer position changes after every hand.

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Try to play more hands from late positions as you win more money from there. If you are in an early position, then play very tight, relax, widen up going closer to the button, and try to steal as many pots as possible when you are at a button.

To use this tactical advantage, you should play more hands when you are in a ‘late’ position – like second to button or third to button – than from an ‘early’ position. Professional players in late positions, often relax their starting hand requirements to have the added benefits of more options and greater flexibility as the hand plays out. It takes some to get hold of this concept of position, but always consider your position when deciding which hands to play.

Poker Strategy: Start with Low Stakes

Don’t blindly follow the high-stakes poker players who dive with deep pockets. As you are a rookie, you must never forget that your goal is to learn a good poker hand and waste money.

Here are some reasons why you must start with low stakes:

  1. With less money at risk, you will feel more comfortable, even if you lose – which is inevitable. Learning shouldn’t be a costly affair after all!
  2. You can move up the stakes as your skills improve. Starting with the bets at the lowest rung allows you to test your skills against other rookies and weakest players. But, of course, you don’t need to donate money to stronger players, do you?
  3. It takes time and practice to understand the advantage of positions, poker hand rankings, and what hands you need to play.

Find the Best Games with Poker Strategy

Popular online casinos like Casino Keeda can help you find the best games with your monetary limits – as you would want to start with low stakes in the beginning. Then, when you can play the best games at your level, it will help you increase your EV significantly.

If you play from ego and play against better players, you will lose more games than you will win. This will not only shatter your ego but your confidence, and eventually, you will go broke. So, in the beginning, it is wise to choose games where your odds are better, or at least comparable to, than other players on the table.

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Another benefit of choosing better games is smaller swings in them, aiding you to move up the stakes faster. Casino Keeda suggests that you follow these tips to find the best games:

  • Look for the best games for your format – single-table, cash, or MTTs.
  • Observe and find when recreational players come in droves at peak traffic hours.

Good Decisions, Great Results

Even the best of players has had losing streaks – they don’t blame it on bad luck but their bad decisions. So don’t expect that you will always win even at a table with odds in your favor – your one wrong decision can lose you the game.

You should play to improve your game with every game, every hand, and play to the best of your abilities each time. If you continue to do so, the games, the cards, and the winnings will come along your way. Remember, luck has no place in your win; it is only your skills and practice.

Never Forget the Mathematics of Poker

Odds express the probability of something happening – for example, the odds of getting a six on a fair six-sided die are 5:1 or 5/1. On each roll, you can get precisely 1 six but five other numbers.

Now apply the same to a poker game. Let’s assume you have four spades and are waiting for the last spade to make your flush and win you the pot. There are 13 cards of each suit in a deck, and two spades out of 13, are in your hand, and another two are on the board.

With a total of six cards with you, 2 in hand and four on the table, 46 different cards could come on the river, 9 (spades) of which can help you win the pot. These nine cards are your outs. Therefore, your odds of making the flushes are 37/9 (46-9 = 37) or approximately 4/1.

Now, let’s say you are up against only one opponent, and you are waiting to hit that last spade on the river. Let’s consider two situations:

  1. The pot already has 10, and your opponent bets his last 10. Now, you can call, with the hope to hit the spade or fold. Unfortunately, the situation asks you to pay 10 So onto win 20 – that are pot odds of 2/1. But your odds of hitting flush are 4/1. Therefore, taking a 4/1 risk for only a 2/1 payout is foul play, and you should fold.
  2. The pot already has 90 in it, and your opponent has put in his last 10. Now what? The pot odds are now 100/10 or 10/1, meaning you are asked to pay 10 to win 100. With such a great payout, taking a 4/1 risk is a good move, and you should call.
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Start with a Single Table

I cannot emphasize enough on how to win at poker online important this is! If your goal is to master poker over time, learn strategies, become a pro, concentrate on a single table game. You must leave MTTs for the time when you have mastered the skills and the art of the game.

Poker Strategy: Avoiding Tilt and Steam

Tilt is a state of mental frustration or emotional confusion in which a player adopts a sub-optimal playing poker strategy, resulting in the player becoming overly aggressive. Steam is an over-aggressive form of tilt.

Controlling your emotions is a particularly important meta-skill that you must master as part of your winning strategy. Your opponents would invariably use your negative feelings against you to bluff you into believing that you have a winning hand when you don’t. this will further aggravate your confusion, frustration, and anger at yourself. An emotional play always results in poor decisions and losing money.

To avoid tilting and steaming, which can happen to anyone, take a break from the game. Here are some tips to prevent tilt:

  1. Get up from the poker table or computer, take a walk, go to the restroom, and cool off.
  2. Don’t discuss your bad hand or bad luck with anyone, as it usually furthers the same negative emotions you want to control.
  3. Don’t engage with your opponents in a manner that will fuel an argument – they will know for sure you are burnt.
  4. If you cannot calm down, then cash in and stop playing!


Poker is an exciting game with chances of earning huge returns if you learn to play it methodically. Before you sign up for online casinos, thoroughly research the portal’s security, features, and reputation. On reputed sites like Casino Keeda which keep your interests in mind, you will see new features, games, and tips coming your way regularly with good poker strategy.

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