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Are you looking to know How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino? Then you’ve come to the right place, But before we get started let us know a brief about the game. Andar bahar is a fantastic Indian casino card game. Learning how to play Andar Bahar does not take time, and you can actually win in this game as it is more accessible and exciting. The rules of games are also straightforward. The game Andar bahar gain its recognization from Bengaluru, which is the capital city of Karnataka. Overall, andar bahar has enormous popularity, and Indians love to play and win in Andar Bahar. But if you don’t know about the rules and how to win every time in Andar bahar, you are at the right spot. Today, we will learn everything about Andar Bahar and how You can win easily in the Andar bahar game. 

Andar Bahar Rules

What is Andar Bahar game?

As mentioned priorly Andar bahar is is an Indian game that is played with cards. The game is originated in Bangalore, the southern state of Karnataka. It is also known as mangatha in Tamil Nadu and is solely a game of your luck or chance. The goal of this game is to find the winning pile. It can be outside the pile that is known as Bahar. Whereas if the winning pile is outside, it is called Andar. The game starts when the dealer places a card facing upward from the Deck of the card. The complete round finishes once one of the cards matches the first card of the table. 

It is an exciting game and has plenty of versions. So you can start playing this game at any online casino in India. Sometimes the game is also called Katti in Tamil. It was all about the match, Andar bahar. Now let’s find some rules and how you can win every time in this game Andar Bahar. 

Rules of Andar Bahar

Most gambling sites play and offer Andar bahar games in the card model. The dealer is in charge of the bank, and he deals with all the cards. The whole burden of works is on the dealer. Let us look at the different rules which carry out the entire functioning of the game.

  • One card facing up: when the dealer shuffles all the cards, he cuts them and keeps one card facing upwards. 
  • Trump card: the card kept by the dealer is called the Trump card, and the players need to match this card. 
  • House card: the piles are kept on one side, and they are known as house cards. This term is mostly used in card games.
  • Once the house card is built, the players play either andar or Bahar on one pile. 
  • The minimum and maximum bets are made before the game starts. However, in most casinos, the house remains minimum and maximum bets.
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These are all the rules and regulations for playing the Andar bahar game. Furthermore, players can also have different restrictions depending upon where they are playing.

Best Andar Bahar Casino Game Strategies?

To improve your game, you must know all the strategies. You can win at the game of Andar bahar when you become a professional at playing this. All the winning chances are 50/50 as the game is based on luck, but some strategies can assist the players in playing and winning this game easily. Let us look at some strategies that can help you to win the game.

Martingale Strategy

 Martingale’s strategy of betting was mainly developed for the game Roulette. Especially for online Roulette but this strategy is applicable in most Casino games. It works best in the match Andar Bahar and can contribute to you win the round. Andar Bahar martingale strategy has two basic principles that help you earn. These two principal says:

  • Whenever you lose a best, make it double for the next round.
  • When you win a bet, drive to return to your starting bet amount.

Your bet depends upon your bankroll and how much money you have. If you have an excess of money, then you can play more aggressively. However, you must not make a bet if you do not have a bet amount. If you use a high bet to start the game, it is imperative to follow as high bets quickly become huge. If you lose continuously, it’s better to stop playing as it might not be your day. Don’t forget the game Andar bahar is based on your luck so play accordingly.

How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino
How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino

The hot or cold strategy

As mentioned earlier, the Andar bahar game is based on superstition, not on statistics. Therefore, when playing the Andar bahar game online, the table shows the latest winner of either andar or Bahar. Accordingly, Andar is marked with a blue dot, and Bahar is a Red Dot.

Our strategy says that you must believe they’re hot or cold. People who believe in cold methods place their bets on the side which day has the minor wins. It helps them in analyzing which side they choose to win. On the other hand, people who believe in hot strategy place their bets on a side where they have won most times. It increases their chance of finding the pile and also maintains their winning streak. All these strategies are entirely dependent upon the feeling and your sixth sense. Moreover, there is no particular strategy involved, and there is no right or wrong. You need to decide where to place your bets, and you can pray that you win.

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How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino
How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino

These all the strategy is related to the game Andar Bahar. Andar bahar is an exciting game and entirely relies on luck. Thus, play this game if you think you are lucky enough to win every time.

Pros and cons of playing Andar Bahar

Some several pros and cons that apply to this game Andar Bahar. These are as follows:


  • The game is dependent upon your luck so that you can play easily.
  • There is no specific strategy or rules of the game.
  • Play Andar bahar can help you win a good amount as the winning chances are 50/50.


  • You cannot practice winning the game as there is more specific strategy or rules. 
  • You can lose a tremendous amount if you once get addicted to Andar Bahar.

These were all the pros and cons of the game Andar Bahar. Furthermore, play the game only in regulated time as an excess of everything can be terrible for your pocket.

How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino
How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino

Can we play Andar Bahar online, and is it legal?

Andar bahar can be played for both free and real money, both online and offline. The game is Andar Bahar is available on most online betting sites. Also, there are plenty of licensed sites that provide 100% legal games. In offline mode, if you want to play Andar Bahar, you can choose any legal Casino. They allow all Indian players to play and bet in this game. 

Some top-notch online Casino host this game andar bahar and has a variety of other games. In addition, these casinos accept the money threw up and many different modes. So we will recommend you to choose a licensed site to play this game, Andar Bahar. It will be an excellent option to play and get started.

Some online sites also offer you to play for free to play and do the practice. So once you become professional at playing this game, then you can play for real money. In addition, you can enjoy Andar bahar on your mobile phone as numerous sites offer mobile casinos. So what are you waiting for? Start to play and enjoy this beautiful casino game Andar Bahar.

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How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino
How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Andar Bahar game is legal to play?

A: If you are playing in any land-based casinos, then prefer to play in regulated casinos only. For example, casino in India is legal only in three states Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Furthermore, you can play online Andar bahar game for real money, and it is ultimately. Thus, you need not worry about the regulations, and you can play stress-free. 

Q: How to win in the Andar bahar game?

A: Andar bahar game is entirely based on your luck, so there is no specific strategy by using which you can play easily. A single face-up Card deals in the center so you can bet on the next side of the same value as the center ka is going to be deal. It can be either side of Andar or Bahar. If you place that’s on the Andar side, then the first card with the same value as the center card is on the Andar; you can win and vice versa. But always remember there is no specific strategy.

Q: Which side is best to play, or Andar or Bahar?

A: Both these sides are great to play. You can follow the hot and cold strategy according to your sixth sense. Most gamblers prefer the Andar side as we might think that their luck works better on the other side. However, your side can be different. So one cannot say which is the best side to play.

How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino
How to Win Andar Bahar Game In Casino

We have provided you with all details about playing the Andar bahar Casino game and its rules and strategies. Furthermore, the game is luck-based and is highly popular in most casinos. Also, we have given you the details about the pros and cons do you can place accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Play and enjoy with your family and friends this fantastic game Andar Bahar.


If you want to win every time in this game andar bahar, you must assume yourself as the luckiest person. The game is associated with your luck, so there is no specific strategy. Furthermore, most online casinos offer the game to play for free. So you can play there and understand the basic rules to play. Once you get Pro in this game, you can play it for real money. This game is full of fun and entertainment so you can play with your family and friends.

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