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How to Play Bingo Lottery?


The game of the Bingo lottery is relatively simple to learn. Conventional 75 number bingo with bingo cards has a grid of five horizontal rows and five vertical columns. The columns are lettered B I N G O from left to right across the top of the grid, and each bingo card has five numbers in each row except the center N column, which has a “free space” at the intersection of the third row and the third column.


Ball Bowler: The Bingo ball blower is an air-blowing machine that mixes 75 numbered balls, which are removed and called out, one at a time. The size and weight of each numbered ball are equal to ensure a random draw every time.

Bingo Cards: A card is an individual Bingo sheet with 24 numbered squares plus a free space. It’s divided into a grid with the letters B I N G O as separate columns. Under each letter is a number corresponding with a series of numbers from 1 to 75—assuming that the free space in the center of the grid gets automatically filled.

Strip: Bingo cards come in “strips.” A strip is a vertical column of 3 bingo cards. These are available to buy individually or in a book with multiple stripes.

The Book: Whenever you play Bingo, you buy a book of cards for the entire session. Every page in the book contains strips of Bingo cards, which range from 1 strip to 6 strips, having 3 to 18 cards per page. Each page of the book corresponds to a different Bingo game with a different theme.

Session Program: Session Program is an evening’s agenda, shown on a paper handed out at the center, usually where you buy your cards. It gets arranged so that it presents the order of games and prizes for each game, along with the line or pattern required to win.

Caller: The caller is a game where the person calls out the numbers to the players and stops the action when they hear Bingo.

Bingo Marker Or Dauber: We use a unique ink marker to mark or “dab” the numbers present in the cards if they match with the number in your card.

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Flashboard: A flashboard displays each number as it’s called. Typically, a bingo session includes several individual bingo games concluding with a coverall game in which enormous prize money is available for the winner.

Paper Bingo: Classic Bingo. Players participate by marking the numbers as they are using traditional paper and dabbers.

Handheld:- Portable and electronic – keep track of your cards with these nifty little devices. They assist players by electronically tracking the numbers called and signaling a winning card. There is no additional charge to play them, and players may use them in conjunction with traditional paper cards. Tell the cashier you want to play using a handheld unit.

Electronic Bingo (only available at some locations): This automated approach to traditional Bingo provides players with computer touch screen terminals instead of conventional paper and dabbers. You can play multiple cards by simply following the easy step-by-step instructions on your screen.

Personal Play Gaming for Bingo Lottery

Personal Play is governed by the Rules and Regulations of Personal Play Bingo by Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG). Unique Play Bingo is a bingo game that allows you to play against the computer rather than fellow players. The credit amount will be available on an electronic bingo account for you. Upon such payment, they will ask you to enter a personal password, after which you receive a paper receipt. You may then log onto an electronic player terminal to play unique play bingo by entering your receipt number, followed by your password. Special Bingo Games

Lightning: Lightning games are similar to regular bingo games, except the speed of the call is much quicker. Balls generally come after each three-second interval.

Bonanza: A Bonanza game is a bingo game run in conjunction with a regular bingo event. The first 50 balls are pre-called at the beginning of the bingo event. Players immediately mark the first 50 on their cards. The completion of this full card pattern game occurs near the end of the session, allowing players to continue buying bonanza cards throughout the regular bingo event.

Dual Dab: A Dual Dab bingo card contains two numbers per square instead of the standard one per square. Players mark the square if either number is called during the game.

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Super Jackpot: A Super Jackpot game is a bingo game run in conjunction with a regular bingo event. The jackpot prize is awarded based on completing a specified pattern (full card) within a designated number of bingo numbers drawn. The set number starts at 50 and increases from event to event until the jackpot prize is won.


Progressive Style of Bingo Lottery Games:

Accumulator Game: A progressive prize shall be awarded to the first person or persons, achieving the winning combination of numbers within the designated number of calls. The set number of calls starts at 50 and increases as the prize grows. The progressive award begins at a base amount of $1,000 and grows by $50 at each successive bingo event until won or until the reward reaches $5000.After the Accumulator progressive prize goes $5000, the designated number of calls shall increase by one time the progressive prize increases by $500. The progressive award is not won within the specified number of calls, and a consolation prize shall be awarded to the first person or persons completing the winning pattern. The consolation prize is equal to 50% of the gross revenues up to a maximum of $400.The consolation prize shall continue to be played even if the progressive award is won.

Players Progressive Game: A Players Progressive prize shall be awarded to the first person or persons achieving the winning combination of numbers within the designated number of 50 calls. When the progressive award is not won within the specified number of calls, the progressive prize shall be carried over to the next bingo event. The progressive award shall be calculated at 33.33% of gross revenue derived from Players Progressive card sales (electronic and paper). It shall increase by 33.33% of gross revenues until the maximum prize of $5,000 is achieved. 

A consolation prize shall be calculated at 33.34% of gross revenue. When the Progressive award has reached $5,000, the consolation prize shall continue to grow by 50% of gross revenues. When the players cannot win the Progressive award within the designated number of calls, they are rewarded with a consolation prize to the first person or persons completing the winning combination. The consolation prize shall continue to be played for even if the Progressive award is won. Once the progressive prize has reached the $5,000 maximum, the following day, the designated number of calls will increase by one each day until no one wins the Jackpot prize.

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Loonie Pot Progressive: Before starting each Regular Bingo event, we use a bingo blower to pick random bingo balls with the number on them. This number shall be known as the “Indicator Number”. The Indicator Number (bingo ball) shall be clearly shown to all players and returned to the bingo blower. The purpose of the Indicator Number is to alert participating players that the number drawn immediately after the Indicator Number will be the “Loonie Progressive Number.” 

 Player or players achieving the winning combination of numbers deserve the Loonie Progressive Game prize. A player must have a bingo on the number immediately drawn and called after the indicator number to win. For example, the indicator number drawn at the beginning of the bingo event is B15. When B15 is called during an eligible game, the following number called is the Loonie Progressive Number. This next number is G58, and it completes the game pattern. The player yells Bingo and wins both the regular game prize and the Loonie Progressive Prize. 

The Loonie Progressive prize is 65% of the gross revenues derived from the Loonie Pot Ticket sales. When you lose the Loonie Progressive prize, the Loonie Progressive prize shall be carried over and added to the next Loonie Progressive session to a maximum of $5,000.When the Loonie Progressive prize has reached $5,000, a “Must Go” game shall be played. We shall communicate with all players for the designated game to play the “Must Go” game. We don’t use Indicator Number in determining the winner of the “Must Go” Loonie Progressive prize. There is no consolation prize in the Loonie Pot Progressive Game.

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