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How to Play EightBall Pool

Pool games are the classified version of cue sports and are generally referred to as billiard pockets. Here we will talk about how to play eight ball pool  One of the most popular pool games is eight ball pool. Eightball pool is also known as solids and stripes, spots and stripes, and is the second most-played pool game. The first one is nine balls. It is a pool billiards that is played on the billiard table. It is it has various variations that are primarily regional. Eightball pool is played all over the world by billions of people. It was originated in the United States in 1900. 

So eight ball pool is played with the help of 1 white cue ball and 15 numbered balls, which also include one black eight-ball. It is played between 2 players. The first player tries to pocket the solid colored balls, numbered between one to seven, whereas another player tries to knock the striped balls, numbered between nine and fifteen. Players cannot sink the eight ball until and unless they have pocketed all the striped and solid balls. The players who have appropriated the eight balls first win the match. The eight-ball pool is won when: the player legally pockets the entire eight ball into the said pockets. The player wins when the opposing player pots the eight ball illegally before clearing their own set of balls. There are some set of rules that should be followed while playing eight ball pool:

  1. The object ball should be placed in a triangular rack and positioned on the table’s lower end before the game begins.
  2. The eighth ball should be placed in the middle of the 3rd row, and the order of the ball should be random.
  3. The white ball should be placed anywhere on the service line.
  4. The player must ensure that the four balls must hit the cushions and the cue ball does not go down the pocket in case of a legal break.
  5. The player who will pot the object ball will be continued to pot the ball from that category.
  6. A player will continue to make a shot until and unless they fail to pot the balls.
  7. In case of a foul, the other player can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.
  8. The player must decide and announce which pocket they wanted to pot in. if they fail to pot, the position player will return to the table.

There are Various Variants of EightBall Pool. Let’s Have a Look:

  1. Blackball: the black ball is the British version of eight ball pool. It is an old version of a pub game with additional influence by English Billards and snooker. Blackball is mostly [popular in countries like UK, Ireland, Australia, and many more.
  2. Chinese eight ball: it is played in major Chinese tournaments such as the Chinese eight ball world championship. It came into light in the mid of 1980s and 1990s with the popularity of eight ball pool in China. It is one of the most popular cue sports in China. 
  3. Eightball rotation: The name itself symbolizes that eight ball rotation combines eight balls and rotation. In this, the players pocket their ball in numerical order.
  4. Backward eight balls: backward eight balls are similar to the Russian pyramid. In this, the player strikes the object ball with their cue. It is also known as reverse eight balls. 
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If you are a fan of eight ball pool, then you are on the right page as every game has its way of playing it, so as eight ball pool has. So! Today we will be discussing how to play eight ball pool. So let’s get started:

Listed below is the complete detail about how to play the eight ball pool 

The entire procedure is divided into three parts. These are:

  1. Setting up of the game.
  2. Beginning of the game.
  3. Playing the game.

Part 1: Setting up of Game 

For setting up of the game, you should keep 3 points in your mind:

  1. The players should know and understand the basics:

Players should know that eight balls are played with the help of cue balls and 15 object balls that are numbered between 1 to 15. It generally requires two players. 1st players will try to pocket balls that are numbered between 1 to 7 (1-7 numbered ball are known as solid balls) while the other will try to pocket striped balls that are numbered between 9 to 15 .the player who has pocketed the eight ball first will be declared as the winner.

  1. After that, you have to find the head spot:

Now, place the cue ball at the head spot to begin the game. This spot is located on the lateral center of the felt, which is about a quarter way down the length of the table. The line which runs through this spot is known as a head string.

  1. Now you have to rack the balls:

Place all the balls numbered from 1 to 15 at a triangular pool rack. Keep in mind that the rack is placed at the opposite end of the table from the head spot. The one corner of the triangle will face the break, and the rack is laterally centered along the foot string. Now remove the rack frame, and you are ready to play.

  • The triangle point should be placed at the foot spot, which is three quarters down the length of the table. Foot spots the dot that is located on the tabletop that corresponds to the head spot. If the head string marks the ¼ point from the head of the table to the foot, then this means that the foot string marks the distance ¾ of the way from head to foot. The spot located on the midpoint of the food string line is called a foot spot. 
  • Now, place all the eight balls at the center of the triangle, and one ball is placed at the point of the triangle, which is facing the break. The striped ball is placed at the back corner of the rack and the solid ball to the other corner. 
  1. Before the beginning of the game player must learn about the terminology:
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Sometimes, it isn’t easy for the new players to understand the different and unique terminology related to the pool. One must know about this terminology, and in case you do not have the proper knowledge about the terminologies, then, in that case, take the help of a veteran pool player to clarify your doubt. Let us discuss some of them:

  • Object balls: in the pool, there are solid and striped balls numbered between 1 to 15. The ball that the player tries to knock is known as the object balls.
  • Pocket: pockets are the kind of basket located on the pool table’s rim, and there are six pockets in total. One pocket is located on each corner of the pool table, and one is located at the midpoint of each long side. Knocking one or more numbered balls into the pocket is known as pocket.
  • Rail: Rail is the bank along the side of the top of the pool table.
  • Scratch: this term is used when the player accidentally knocks the cue ball into the pocket. If you scratch, you have to remove one of the hollow balls from the pocket and then place it in the center of the table. Now, the other player will shoot from its chosen spot.
  • Open table: if the table is available, it means that the solid and striped group has not yet been determined. It is legal to hit a definite first to make a stripe or solid.
  • Fall penalty: in the fall penalty, the player can place the cue ball anywhere on the table according to their choice to take a shot.

Part 2: the Beginning of the Game:

  1. It starts with breaking the rack: 

The clue ball is lined up behind the head string, and one of the players will aim at the rack. To make a legal break shot, the players must pocket the ball or drive four numbered balls to the rail. In case you fail to execute the proper break, then it will be declared as a foul.

  1. Players must know what step they have to take in case of foul or break:

The players have two options in case of foul: the first one is to accept the table and take the next shot or redo an opening break by re-racking the balls. Let’s see what happens In case of legal break shot:

  • The balls that were pocketed will remain in the pockets.
  • In case of a foul shot, the other player has the chance to shoot.
  • In the case of an open table, the first player to sink will choose the ball type.
  • There, is foul case arises in case the player jumps a numbered ball off the table. In that case, the players have two options:
  1. Accept the table as it is and take the next shot.
  2. Take a cue ball in hand and shoot again.
  • The breaker may ask for a re-rack in case the ball is pocketed on the break. The other player has the option of re-rack in case of the breaker scratches while pocketing the eight ball on the break. 
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The groups were chosen:

At first, the player who has sunk the ball will choose to aim the ball throughout the game. It is essential to know about the balls, and in case the player makes a stripe, they have to call out “I’m striping,” and in case of solid, they have to call out “I am solids.” In case you sink both stripes and solids balls, then you have to pick between the two. 

Part 3: Playing of The Game:

Shoot until you fail to pocket the ball:

If shooting a ball, whether stripe or solid, shoot until you miss to pocket your aim ball. In case to miss to pocket, then the next chance will be of your opponent.

Always keep in mind to pocket the ball in your group:

If you aim to pocket a solid ball, try to make all the balls numbered 1 to 7, and if you choose to pocket stripe balls, try to make all the balls numbered 9 to 15. In case you make your opponent ball, then in that case, your turn will end in a scratch.

Call your shot:

It is essential to call for each shot in pool games so that your shot will be considered legal. It would be best if you announced which ball you are going to knock. In the case of a casual pool game, you can avoid it.

You should pocket the eight balls:

To sink eight balls, decide which pocket will be most accessible for you and then announce where you will pocket the eight balls—the one who will 1st pocket the eight balls will be declared as the winner.

End of the game:

When all the eight balls have been pocketed, the game will end, and the player who will first pocket the eight ball will be the winner. You can lose the game if you:

  1. You pocket the eight ball at any point after the break.
  2. If he or she will pocket the eight ball on the same stroke.
  3. If the player pocket the entire eight ball other than the one they called for.

Final Words

So! Before playing eight ball pool, learn how to play it. Above mentioned steps will help you and guide you to play eight ball pool and win the game. So what are you waiting for? Let’s Play eight-ball pool right now. 

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