Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna To Be Back?2 min read

Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna To Be Back?

GEK Terna, a Greek company that acquired rights to build a playground at Hellenikon International Airport, has no partner. That is after Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment (MGE) released the project. The Greek construction company is reportedly holding talks on a partnership.

Inspire Athens Consortium is a listed company where GEK Terna is the sole investor. The consortium to win the tender contained 35 percent of GEK Terna and 65 percent of Mohegan Gaming, ”reports Greek Reporter.

Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?
Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?

In January 2020, it was revealed that HGC chose to apply for MGE over Hard Rock’s $ 1.1 billion proposals, a decision made by a jilted “non-laughing” operator However, it was reported in June that MGE reduced its number on the Greek project or abandoned it altogether.

GEK Terna probably needs Hard Rock.

But a construction company may not want that obligation, and it may not have the experience to operate a playground.

In addition, something else is happening at the old airport that needs to be taken care of. The total cost of repairs is expected to be close to $ 9 billion. In addition to the integrated integration area, the developers include high-end accommodation, a marina, a conference center, dining options, and other attractions. Below: GEK Terna may be talking to Hard Rock about involvement, and the list of other potential partners may be short.

Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?
Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?

Previously, Kesars Entertainment and Genting Malaysia were among the sports companies that competed with Hard Rock and Mohegan Gaming for the Greek license. But administrative delays, among other things, are said to be the cause of the companies’ indifference to the project. Today, the “new Caesars” is heavily focused on the US and are unlikely to re-enter the Greek casino system.

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Greek Government Could Help GEK Terna Cause

Earlier, the Greek government was considered to be obstructing the Hellenistic movement. But there are rumors that the tune change is changing and that policymakers could soften the Hard Rock pot by promising to speed up the licensing process.


Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?
Greek Casino Plan GEK Terna to be back?

Athens may be forced to do so because of the $ 175 million pre-paid project, and the Greek economy is still reeling from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, and policymakers could be encouraged to get bigger jobs out of the pipeline.

There is still talk that MGE remains interested in the Greek casino project. But if GEK Terna chooses to go with Hard Rock, the Connecticut national operator can be operated without a photo.

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