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Grand River Casino Review

When we talk about the review of anything then both pros and cons count. The casino business is very sensitive. Only one unique thing can take your business to sky heights whereas the same unique thing can take your business down. Today we will talk about the Grand River Casino review. This casino is available both online and offline. Their site is accessible on Android as well as on iPhone for customer use. 

This casino was established in March 1994 hence the oldest in the business. Grand River Casino is located at 2 US-12, Mobridge, SD 57601. When this casino was new its demand was very high but with the increase in competition in the market, the demand for Grand River Casinos decreased which affected their yearly business as well. But they are still in demand because of the new policies that they adopt. However, this casino still needs to adopt some more changes but Grand River Casino is still far better than the many casinos in the market. 

Games Available at The Grand River Casino

This casino adapts to the new changes very quickly. To ensure the safety of everyone the table game section is still closed however you can use all the slot machines to play video games here. All the machines are kept at a distance and from time to time they do sanitization for safety purposes. This casino offers more than 250 slot machines for the players. The number of machines is less here but they are adding new games and machines in the casino so have some patience about this. The games offered here are:

  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Whales of Cash
  • Birds of Prey
  • Wild Wild Gems
  • Triple stars
  • Video keno
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Compared to any casino the gaming section of Grand River Casino is not diverse. This casino has a bidding limit on every game. This is one of the pros of this casino. You can not bid more than the maximum limit on any game here. The game limit varies from game to game. The maximum limit is $50 and the minimum amount is $1. All the online games happen in life but if you want to play them offline then you will need to check the schedule for that game. Poker starts from 3 pm daily and blackjack timing is from 5 pm. So, the online playing feature is quite good whereas the offline feature needs modification. Their online gaming site is very easy to use and hassle-free. 

Resort Features

This casino is located on the bank of the river hence you get a beautiful view. Along with the casino, Grand River offers a resort, hotel, restaurant, bar, and banquet hall. Finding all these facilities under the same roof is very rare. The banquet hall is mostly booked so you will need to do a pre-booking to use the banquet hall. The restaurant offers a variety of food including veg and non-veg. However, the bar section is not very popular because of the lack of drinks and some drinks are tasteless too. But the food section is good to use. Along with all this Grand River Casino offers a spa section and poolside dinner, lunch facilities are also available.

They provide boats for the finish purpose and the price for boating depends upon the time taken by the person on the boat. The food and fishing are quite cheap here. This casino offers more than 200 hotel rooms with 24-hour room service available. Grand River Casino restaurant offers a buffet system and a take-out system is also available. You will find Chinese, Italian, and Indian food sections here. The starter and the main course both have different sections which make it very accessible to use. 

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Bonus and Other Features

Like any other casino, Grand River Casinos also have an age limit to use the gaming machines. People above 21 years are welcome over the gaming floor. To ensure this policy they check the identity of every person before entering the gaming floor. Due to the Covid rules, there is a change in the opening and closing timing of this casino before covid it used to open for 24 hours for 7 days a week but now it opens from 7:00 am to 12:00 am from Monday to Sunday. However, the restaurant and the hotel facilities are available for 24 hours from Monday to Sunday.

Grand River Casino

Talk about the bonus and other benefits of the Grand River Casino. To use the benefits you will need to take the gold membership plan of this casino. You will receive a bonus of 450 per week in this membership along with free drinks and a free hotel stay on your birthday. For non-membership customers, they started a jackpot scheme where you can double your earned money. The winners are announced every month. The highest money you can earn via this jackpot is $7000+. You can check their website to get the information about the jackpot and the winners. There is no scam in this casino. Grand River is a fully verified casino so you can invest your money here without any tension. 



Due to its old style and poor interior, this casino is not in demand but when we look at its overall features then it is a must-visit. If you are not interested in games then you can enjoy the spa and resort features. The view from this casino is very attractive and it is the main point to attract the tourists. They are evolving their gaming section by adding more new games. Hopefully, in the future, we will see some positive changes in this casino. But for now, the gaming sector is very poor and the money deposit methods are also very few.

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The hotel, restaurant sections are very good. You can relax for some time here. They also offer a poolside spa for both males and females hence it is good for weekend relaxing purposes. If you want to take other benefits of this casino then you should buy their golden membership plan. The benefits of the membership plan are very attractive. 

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