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Grand 7 Casino – Honest Full Review

Located onshore of Goa grand 7 Casino is a gambling spot promoted by grand seven entertainment. The location of the casino is Candolim main road, a place where almost all tourists visit. This casino is equipped with amazing casino games that will provide you with fun and thrill. If you want to know more about grand seven casinos, then you are in the right place. Here we will provide all information about grand 7 casinos so that you became more familiar with them. So, let us start without any further delay.

Grand 7 casino

Why is Candolim Main Road So Famous For Casino Grand 7?

Casino grand 7 is located on Candolim road. Candolim is one of the famous beaches of Goa that has pubs, shopping places, and cabins. It is probably the best place to explore in Goa. Candolim road has some of the best casinos and shopping places. Furthermore, Candolim beach has the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in this city. Every day around thousands of tourists visits Candolim main road and beach.

Candolim beach also offers some water sports like parasailing, boat ride, Jet sky ride, and so forth. These water sports make the road and beach more popular. Candolim beach is also famous for its nightlife. This beach is home to many night club with wild music and double fun to make your trip memorable. This is the reason why Candolim road is a perfect place to visit. You can imagine a casino located on Candolim beach will provide no less fun than any other beach.


Benefits of Visiting Grand 7 Casino

  • Parasailing is available near Grand 7 Casino as it is located on the beach.
  • Thrilling bumpy rides to provide you a great experience
  • You can get for Jet ski rides
  • To give a rush to your adrenaline- boat rides
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Here we have mentioned the best water sports available on Candolim beach. You must enjoy these games if you are going to visit grand 7 casino!

Grand 7 Casino
Grand 7 Casino

Games Offered by Grand 7 Casino

There are a variety of games available in grand 7 casino. Some of them are as follows: 


This game is available in grand 7 casino. It is a game that involves an electronic roulette machine, and the table has eight places. The ball spinning and wheel revolving is done by electronic method. It allows gamblers to choose their favourite bets as it gives them a variety of options. If you love this game, you may go to grand 7 Casino and enjoy this game.

Andar bahar

If you are an Indian, you must have heard about this game andar bahar. This game is also called Katti. The probability of winning in this game is 50-50. At first, the dealer makes two parts of the cards. Next, he distributes the cards in two columns, and hence the game begins. This is an exciting game, and you can earn lots of money by playing it. 

Banker Player or Baccarat

Banker player is also called baccarat. This game is based on luck, and it does not involve any strategy. It is also a table game. There are numerous banker player tables in the grand 7 casinos. If you love banker players, you can visit grand 7 casinos and play this game, baccarat.

Teen Patti

Another Indian game is popularly known as flush. This game is quite similar to poker and can be played in 3 or 6 players. It is played with the help of cards, excluding the joker. Teen Patti is a very popular card game for gamblers in India. The people of India regularly play this game. Casino grand 7 also has this game, Teen Patti.


Roulette is also a game based on luck. The odds of winning are significantly less in this game. Yet, people are crazy about it. This is why grand 7 casino has many tables for roulette. So you can go and make your bet. The casino offers both traditional and machines for playing roulette which attracts players from all the generation

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Casino grand 7 also has this wonderful and game of strategy – Blackjack. Casino grand 7has a professional team of dealers who play with you and provide you with thrilling experiences. Thus, you can play this game of Blackjack here.

Grand 7 casino also has many other games such as Blackjack, mini flush, and so on. But these are some of the very famous games which are most often played in this casino.

Pros and Cons of Gambling at Grand 7 Casino

There are many pros and cons of visiting casino grand 7. Some of them are as follows:


  • Give you thrilling experiences of casinos
  • Availability of numerous casino games which allow you to make money.
  • This beach is located on Candolim Road and near to it is Candolim beach. So you can enjoy both places.


  • You may lose your money while playing games spin casino grand 7
  • Playing casino at an exotic location can be addictive for you. Thus, you must know your limits.

These were some of the pros and cons of visiting casino grand 7. This casino is beautiful and vast. The entrance is through the main entrance of the hotel, which is on Candolim road. If once you decide your limits, you can visit Candolim beach and casino grand 7. Let us know about other details of the grand 7 casino.

Other Features About Grand 7 Casino

This casino has two entrances. One is the hotel lobby, and another is a casino. When you visit the casino gate for the counter, you need some entry tickets. Some of the packages involve entry tickets; however, some do not. They charge 1500 per person as an entry charge.

Further, for one-time play, a dinner coupon, and two house drinks, they will charge you INR 1000. These people are given to you on the entry door itself. The food provided by casino grand 7 is very delicious. They offer multiple cuisines so you can choose yours.

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The betting starts at INR 50 and can end up to no limit. An ATM is also available if you run out of cash. You can easily take out money from your credit and debit cards. However, both the cards are accepted, but you must have ID proof along with the card. The best part about grand 7 casinos is their multiple entry system. You can enter the casino, go out to your favourite places, and then come to the casino.

Grand 7 Casino
Grand 7 Casino

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the entry charges of casino grand 7?

A: As mentioned above, casino grand 7 has an entry of rupees 1500 per person. In that, they allow you two drinks, coupons for dinner, and one time play. Thus, a complete package is provided to you.

Q: Where is casino grand 7 located?

A: Casino grand 7 is located on the Candolim main road, which is near Candolim beach. Candolim beach is a beautiful location and is probably the most famous beach in Goa.

Q: Which are the luxury hotels near grand 7 casino?

A: Casino grand 7 is itself located in a luxurious hotel. However, many other hotels are the definition of luxury, such as Evoke lifestyle Candolim and so forth.


In this article, we have given you a complete description of the games available in casino grand 7. All information about casino grand 7 is provided to you. Some details about Candolim beach and Candolim main road are also shared with you. The pros and cons of visiting casino grand 7 and gambling are also given to you. So now you can visit this thrilling and fantastic casino of Goa and have a fun gaming experience.


Casino grand 7 is new but incredible. It is located on the most popular and busiest beach Candolim. Playing casino can make you win a lot of money and vice versa. Thus, remember when you should stop. To get the best experiences of casinos, casino grand 7 is a must place to visit.


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