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Gold River Casino Review

Nowadays the main attraction of gamblers in casinos. Both online and offline casinos are in demand. With the increase in the number of online casinos, gamblers find it super easy to access. Now you can play games from any part of the world. Casinos provide a user-friendly mobile platform to access their site. Every casino provides you a different type of environment and top of a world experience. One such casino is the Gold River Casino.

Gold River Casino is among the massive casinos with more than 21,000 square feet of area. Coronavirus had an impact on almost everything. Gold River Casino has reopened for its customers after it was closed due to the rising Covid cases. This casino is available both offline and online. If you want to visit in person then the address for Gold River Casino is 31064, highway 281, Anadarko, Oklahoma 73005, United States.

Games Offered by Gold River Casino

Unlike other casinos which offer machine games along with table games, Gold River Casino only offers machine games. This casino is equipped with more than 453 machines and they are continuously installing new machines. All the machines are working well and you can use them any time. Some machine games slots that are offered by this casino are:

  • 3,5,7 reel machines
  • Classic slots
  • Video slots
  • Fruit game machines
  • 3D slots
  • Progressive slot machines
  • Both single and multiplayer machines
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The gaming section of the Gold River Casino is very vast. You can easily find free machines here to spend some quality time here along with some money-making. Along with the games the casino also takes care of your safety hence all the machines are sanitized from time to time. Also, the mask here is optional because of the decreasing number of Covid cases in the US. The only cons of this casino are that they do not offer any table games. Because table games are in demand these days. Maybe in the future, we will see some table games in the Gold River Casino till then you can enjoy the machine games here.


The most attractive thing in any casino is their entry bonus amount. Sometimes it’s the bonus that attracts people to the casino. Gold River Casinos also have a handsome amount of bonuses for their users. To use its bonus you need to buy a membership plan and based on your plan you will receive your weekly bonus. Gold River Casinos divide the membership plan into many sections like silver, Gold, and diamond. The bonus division is like this:

  • For silver members $10 per week.
  • For Gold members $25 per week.
  • For diamond members $50 per week.
  • And lastly for platinum members $75 per week.

So, you can choose any plan according to you and you will get benefits for the bonus. For one-time players, they gave a bonus amount of about $10 per sign-up. The bonus amount they gave is gaming money hence you can only use them to play games. They also announce their weekly lucky draw winner so if you are lucky then you can win that jackpot too. They announce the jackpot worth $100 every week. All the winner’s list comes on their website every weekend. However, you can only deposit money via credit and debit card here. They also accept cash but they have these limited sources for money deposition.

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Gold River Casino Restaurant

Along with the casino, Gold River also has one restaurant. This restaurant provides all three meals at a very affordable price and you will see a variety of food here. For the membership holder customers, this provides a complimentary dinner and breakfast facility. They also serve all kinds of beverages here like beer, wine, and mixed drinks. No matter your taste and liking, you will find options to fulfill your culinary requirements. The opening timing of the restaurant is 5:00 pm to 1:30 am from Monday to Thursday and 11:00 am to 1:30 am from Friday to Sunday. However, the casino opens from 9:00 am to 2:00 am from Monday to Sunday. The breakfast timing here is 11:00 am which is quite late compared to any other casino. A variety of food is served here like Indian tacos, steak, fried chicken, etc. you will find both veg and non-veg food variety here. 

Gold River Casino

Every weekend Gold River Casino arranges some entertainment programs for their customers like music festivals and DJ nights. All the information regarding the upcoming events is available on their websites along with the tickets. Hence this casino is a must-visit for weekend party lovers. This casino takes every precaution of Covid to make sure that they provide a healthy eating and entertainment space for everyone.


For anyone who loves having a party and enjoys drinks along with the games, this place is a must-visit. Gold River Casino provides you an out-of-the-world machine game experience. The interior of this casino is very fancy and gives you a royal vibe. Casinos have been modifying themselves over the past few years. Along with the gambling casino is also a fun entertainment place for people to spend their weekends. Most of the casinos offer food and beverages to their customers to keep them in their casino. 

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If you are not a gambler and just like to visit new places and explore then the Gold River Casino is good for you. This casino has a very attractive interior so anyone can easily attract it. Also, this casino is very huge.

Gold River Casino has some cons too. The lack of table games and lack of money deposition methods. You can only deposit your money via credit and debit card or you can deposit in person by visiting their place. Also, many big casinos offer hotels along with the restaurant but Gold River Casinos only offer the food section for their customers. 

This can be a big turn-off for those who travel from far places to visit this casino. However, this casino is continuously modifying itself over the past few years so we hope that all these cons will eliminate with time.

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