Duterte OKs operation of casino in Boracay Palace2 min read

Duterte OKs operation of a Casino in Boracay— Palace

Philippines President Roberto Duterte has finally green-lighted the operation of a casino at the Boracay Palace. The Malacanang, official press of the Philippines government released in its statement that, ‘The President has given his go-signal allowing the operation of a casino in Boracay.’ Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque confirmed the news.

The Philippines had earlier banned the operations of casinos establishments in its provincial and island parts. The tourists in the Philippines were largely disappointed due to the ban and illegal casinos were duly operated in various parts of the country. The people were largely anticipating the uplifting of the ban and in a breakthrough, the ban was finally revoked.


Casino in Boracay
Casino in Boracay

Casinos are a deep source of revenue for government establishments as higher taxes are levied on the earnings of money earned through gambling. Operations of casinos involve a high element of risk and the licensing is strictly approved by provincial authorities. Casinos in the Philippines will receive a tremendous response due to the massive number of tourists arriving at the island nation.

The latest Presidential pronouncement by Duterte is a part of the revenue-generating efforts of the government to augment funds for the Covid-19 response. A major part of the government’s earnings is being spent on health infrastructure to tackle the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a deficit for the Philippines government and it has taken a major step to allow the operations of casinos to establish a major source of revenue for the government.

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Casino in Boracay
Casino in Boracay

However, all the health and safety protocols shall have strictly adhered to in the operations of casinos at Boracay Palace. The casinos shall ensure that all the covid protocols are underway and there is no violation of any rules and regulations. Also, underage children or minors shall strictly be kept away from Gambling activities. A mechanism for the same shall be set up in every operational casino.

Duterte has also expressed his willingness to put a casino on the island nation in his public address on Thursday. This had truly paved the way for the opening of casino establishments in Boracay Palace. The citizens of the Philippines welcomed the decision of the President and the tourists will soon plan a trip to take an advantage of casinos at the Island nation.

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