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Is It Possible That Casino Houses Are Cheating at Baccarat Games?

You must have heard about the game baccarat if you are a casino player. Among all the games such as Blackjack, roulette, and slot machines, Blackjack is the game that provides a minor edge to casino houses. However, some casinos are also involved in cheating with baccarat. A variety of practices are used by casino houses to have the advantage over this game and earn money today. Today we will tell you everything about the most asked question Do Casinos Cheat at Baccarat? Stay with us to know the details of it.

Do Casinos Cheat at Baccarat

Know About the Cheating at Baccarat

Do you also find casino cheating interesting or get confused over it? If yes! You will be very interested in knowing the facts used by the casino house. There are some specific techniques and methods which are being followed by any casino house for cheating. Most of the time, we hear or read the headlines about cheating in big games like Blackjack and roulette, but in games like Baccarat also cheating is done. Let us know the techniques used for cheating in Baccarat.

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Do Casino Cheat at Baccarat Different Ways of Cheating

There are numerous ways of cheating in every casino. Some of the widely used methods for cheating in baccarat are as follows:

A) Do Casino’s Cheat at Baccarat: False shuffling the Most used Method 

This is an ancient technique of cheating. In this, cards are arranged in a specific order. Richard Marcus, who is a dealer, introduced a false ceiling in the gambling world.

Let us Know in Detail How False Shuffling is Done?

The group of cards is present in a specific order. Then they are put into a tray. The dealer shuffles the card faster when the six or four-deck shoe has been dealt. When you notice, you will not find any false shuffling done. But actually, in a manner to show fast shuffling, the dealer keeps the order the same. When you think they didn’t know your cards, they will know which hand are you making and what will be your best.

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Once you place the bet either on a banker or player, the dealer knows your cards, and this will work as an advantage for the casino house. Thus, it becomes difficult or impossible for the player to win. False shuffling is more complicated than it looks. You must have perfection in shuffling to do it, and the dealer is proficient in shuffling; and hence they can do fast and fake shuffling easily.

Card swapping

In some big casinos, players are given a chance to shuffle and handle the cards. But this resulted in players to do cheating by swapping the cards. The player should pick a card from the deck of cards but instead choose a card from the deck they choose from the sleeves of their shirt when it is their turn.

It was done when nobody was noticing the cheater. Cards players have the skills to put a card underneath their sleeves and take it out when nobody notices. Additionally, they can swap the card from one hand to another. However, this technique also does not work every time, and later it was known by the casino dealers. 

Card marking

It is probably the cheating process that is the oldest and best out of all. In this cheating process, the person makes a mark that any other person cannot notice at the back of the card. So when his turn comes to pick a card, he can know which card is the next from the shoe. 

Later it was done by the advanced methods of invisible ink and contact lenses. The cheater makes sure that the mark should not be visible by the naked eyes. However, this technique was also caught by the casino dealers by using that particular type of equipment. These were the different types of cheating ways used by  players or casino house while playing baccarat!

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Pros and Cons of Using Cheat Tricks at Baccarat


  1. You might know the best bet of other players by cheating tricks
  2. There are the chances of winning millions and earn a jackpot.
  3. You can consistently win, which leads to more success and fame.


  1. You will lose millions if the cheating process fails.
  2. You may get stuck and hence caught by the casino.

Why do We Need to Follow Fair Play Guidelines?

Fair is behavior, but it is an attitude that will lead to enjoyment in gambling or any other sports. When you cheat & play, you disrespect the game and the place where you are playing. Sometimes, the first method is also very tough, even more, challenging than learning how to play that game. It shows your sportsmanship and your ethics when you do fair play.

Moreover, a player’s commitment to the excellent spirit encourages the players’ attitude and the game. Thus it would help if you played fair. When you use illegal practices, you may get stuck in problems. Therefore, it is better to go through fair play guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we consistently win in a casino? 

A: It is tough to win consistently in any casino, as every casino makes it extremely hard to win again and again. As in one win, you can score a million. Thus, it will be challenging for the casinos to pay such a vast amount.

Q: Is cheating easily possible at a casino?

A: Most of the time, in such a large number of people, it is difficult to cheat. However, in casinos, it is not legal to cheat. Thus, it is complicated and risky to cheat in a casino.

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Q: Is online casino easy?

A: Maybe yes or maybe no if you are a good player, then both the casinos, whether offline or online, would be accessible for you. However, if you are a go-getter, none of these is easy for you. 

Q: Do Casinos Cheat at Baccarat?

Yes! Many casino don’t follow fair play guidelines and cheat to get the edge in game.


We have provided you with all information regarding the question do casinos cheat at baccarat along with different cheating methods and ways of cheating used by players and casinos. We also provide you a good reason that why you should play a fair game instead of cheating. Also, we have given you the pros and cons of cheating while playing baccarat. So now you can either use these methods for cheating or play it fair. So, learn more about the game and start playing.


Cheating in a card game is beneficial, but the fair play has its own enjoyment. The cheating processes are straightforward but dangerous. Cheating processes also need perfection, like false shuffling. Thus, why not have perfection in playing the games. Cheating methods are both simple as well as complex. If you are lucky and you will not be found guilty, you will get a lot of fame and earn millions by using those methods. I hope you get the answer to the question do casinos cheat at baccarat. For more such informative articles, stay connected!

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