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Top 10 Best Casino Restaurant In Goa For Foodies & Gamblers

For those looking for the greatest casinos, Goa has long been a popular destination. In India, gambling is allowed.  Not to mention the vast array of games available at these establishments. In a nutshell, Goa is the ideal location for all casino enthusiasts. Visitors throng to the area all year to enjoy and damage the casinos. In Goa, you can gamble as much as you want without a worry about losing your money. If you want to get the ultimate casino experience, Goa is the place to go. Not only do these casinos offer games but you can also get to enjoy delicious food from the casino restaurant. 

A list of the best 10 casinos in Goa that also offer sumptuous food

Goa’s casinos are known for their scintillating neon lights, entrancing music, refreshing beverages, and an endless stream of fun games.  It certainly helps that Goa is one of the few Indian states where gambling is not considered prohibited. You will be spoiled for options if you want to try your luck in Goa. The majority of the region’s casino action takes place on boats moored in the Mondovi River. 

Casino Carnival 

Casino Carnival can be found at two different locations: the Goa Marriott Beach and a cruise casino on the Mandovi River. The casino, which is situated across four decks and features an exclusive Entertainment Deck, is known for its luxurious setting and can easily claim to be Goa’s best casino.

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The casino is open to people of all ages and has something to offer everyone. Casino Carnival is decked out with exceptional performances by worldwide artists and leaves no stone unturned in its quest to dazzle its visitors.  The casino restaurant has the best dishes for the ones who love to hog on to delicious food along with games. 

Casino Carnival
Casino Carnival: One Of The Best Casino Restaurant

Deltin Royale Casino

This is one of Goa’s most well-known and greatest casinos with a great casino restaurant. The casino’s beautiful atmosphere is what attracts players. We can’t overlook the fact that this casino royale in Goa is set afloat on a luxury cruise ship.

The casino is most renowned for its extensive gaming selection and luxurious accommodations. This location is nothing short of a casino lover’s paradise. 

Casino Strike 

If you’re looking for a casino where you can play a wide range of games, Casino Strike is the place to go. This is a very popular gambling location. This is one of those casinos where you may get a whole bundle of entertainment, including games, beverages, food from casino restaurant, and lodging. The casino’s friendly welcome approach never fails to impress its visitors.

The place’s luxurious ambiance is likely to wow you. There are also a variety of modern electrical gadgets available. This is the ideal location to improve your gaming experience.

Goa casino news

Casino Pride 2 Goa

On the ship, we have yet another casino, which is the pride of Goa called the casino pride 2 goa. This is most likely one of the finest casinos you’ve ever visited. The casino is enormous and can hold a significant number of people. With its royal atmosphere and wide range of games, you’re guaranteed to have a good time here.

One of the advantages of the casino is that it has special provisions for children. While adults play their favorite casino game, children can play a variety of electronic games.

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Casino Paradise

Finally, there’s Casino Paradise, which is truly a gaming haven for gamblers. This shop has it all, from a large selection of games to a beautiful ambiance. Some of the best and most advanced electronic games can be found here. This is a state-of-the-art casino where you may spend an enjoyable evening with your family.

They also provide extensive accommodations for their visitors’ comfort. Aside from that, they are also furnished with high-end luxury products. 

Casino Paradise


Dunes-The Casino, which claims to be the only casino on land, is located in the Zuri White Sands, one of the beach resorts in Goa with the most games. Apart from the usual card games, the casino keeps its guests occupied with fascinating video games and pool tables.

Dunes Casino Goa

The resort’s hidden location among palm trees, replete with a waterfall, casino restaurant, children’s pool, swim-up bar, and bridges, making it a wonderful place to spend a relaxed day with your family while indulging in some world-class comforts.

Deltin Jaqk

Deltin Jaqk, Goa’s most popular casino cruise, is another franchise of the reputable Deltin Group, with more than 350 distinct gaming positions. Its opulent off-shore casino is located on a cruise ship gliding gracefully down the Mandovi River in Goa.

Deltin Jaqk offers a complimentary buffet meal from their casino restaurant featuring delectable cuisines from around the world. They even accommodate unique requests from diners as a sign of goodwill. 

Deltin Jaqk

Chances Casino

Chances Casino is an alternative for you if you wish to visit one of Goa’s oldest and most spectacular casinos. You can play a wide range of games here. The casino is quite large, so it can handle a large number of people without causing turmoil.

The opulent surroundings, combined with a pleasant mood, make it an ideal location for trying out some of the most popular games. This is the spot to go if you want to have a wonderful evening. You can go there with your buddies or your family. 

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Chances Casino

Casino Dice

Casino Dice is one of the largest casinos in Goa, and it claims to be the best. The casino pampers you with outstanding services and offers a broad choice of fascinating games such as Digital Black Jack, Electronic Roulette, Baccarat, and more. It is located in the acclaimed Intercontinental The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort, which is one of the top-notch resorts in Goa.

Every night, guests can enjoy live music and dance performances by the top local and international artists. 


Treasure Casino

This is yet another fantastic site to take your family. The amazing beach view is the place’s unique selling point. You can play casino games while admiring the beautiful scenery. In addition, the location offers a fantastic vibe that attracts additional gamers.

Throughout the year, the location is packed. The good news is that it can accommodate a large number of people. This is the spot to go if you want to feel like you’re at a casino. 

Wrap up

In Goa, there are numerous casinos that offer lip-smacking food from their casino restaurant. However, to improve your experience, we have only listed the top ones on the list. Visit one of these casinos and have the time of your life gambling. If you can afford it, a casino cruise in Goa is a terrific way to spend your vacation. So, don’t think too hard and plan your Goa vacation, and you’ll know just what to do next. Casinos are a must-see!

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