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Bad River Casino is located in Ashland, and a bad river band operates it. In this casino, you can find the best gambling games and action plus thrillers. The casino is open 24/ 7 to provide an exceptional sound experience to gamblers from all around the globe. Today we will tell you every detail about the bad river Casino and why you should visit this fabulous casino. So if you always wanted to know about the casino of Ashland, you are at the right spot. 

Know About Bad River Casino

That river casino is an American casino resort that is situated in Ashland, Wisconsin. The place Ashland is incredible, and it is rich in flora and fauna. The casino bed river is operated and owned by the band of Lake superior tribe of Chippewa Indians. Furthermore, they manage all the day-to-day activities inside the casino. Gambling games are available in plenty, and you can enjoy all of them to get tons of fun. The best part about gambling at a bad river casino is you can even bet from 0.01 dollars. Vibrating such a small amount, you get an opportunity to win high. In addition, designated areas are available for smokers so that non-smokers do not face any problems. So why not visit such an excellent Casino.

All Details About Bad River Casino

From gambling to uh dining, every facility is available at Bad River Casino. So let us know these facilities and features:

  • The gambling age is established at 21. 
  • Six table games and more than 400 slot machines are available.
  • The smoking area is designated
  • There is no poker table
  • The minimum bets are 0.01 dollars, and the maximum chances are $20.
  • The casino is open 24/ 7, so you can play and enjoy it anytime during the day.
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Gambling at Bad River Casino

If gaming is a source of entertainment for you, then the bad river is your place. They have numerous games with fun betting options. You can enjoy these budget-friendly games and get into special loyalty programs by playing multiple times. The Gambling games available are as follows:


The crowd influencers slots are available in plenty of varieties. There are more than 300 slot machines in which gamblers can enroll themselves to earn massive amounts. The combination of slots available is colossal wizards, Gladiator of Rome, forbidden dragon, Lil red, laser lock ice sapphire, etc. All these games are trendy, and people love to play them at Bad River Casino. Moreover, betting stakes are not very high; therefore, everyone can attempt to play and check their fortunes. So you can also play and win fantastic slots at a bad river casino.


Blackjack is an excellent game that can be only played if you know the rules and strategies. Blackjack is a traditional casino game that has been popular since the birth of casinos. Bad river casino also offers this classic game Blackjack in a considerable variety. Different variations of Blackjack involve Spanish 21, any two cards Blackjack, shoe game, single deck, double deck, and so on exciting competitions. In addition, casino bed river provides you with a proficient team of dealers who offer highly skilled information about this game Blackjack. So you can play bi-betting small amounts if you do not know how to play appropriately. By beating small amounts, you can win a considerable amount. Thus, start to play a casino at this wonderful place.

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Other games

The bad casino river does not offer sports betting or lottery games. Therefore, all these games are not provided to gamblers.

These were all details about Gambling games available at Bad River Casino. So start to play at this casino.



Pros and cons of playing at bad river Casino

There are multiple pros and a few cons when you play at Bad River Casino. 


  • You get a variety of slot games in this casino.
  • The batting limits are set not too high; thus, you can play stress-free.
  • The casino also has designated smoking zones where you can smoke and feel relaxed.


  • You might lose your money if you lose your bets.
  • You can get addicted to a casino.
  • These are the pros and cons when you play at Bad River Casino.

Bad River Venues and Services

Bad River Casino provides you with the full package of fun and entertainment. The casino has numerous places where you can explore and enjoy. The dining area available inside the casino provides unlimited food and drinks. You can choose your favorite cuisines and have them fill your stomach. Plenty of events occasionally happen in this casino. In these events, the ambiance of the casino is decorated very beautifully to attract more gamblers. You get plenty of ways in which you can get fun and entertainment. You can eat, shop, stroll or play Casino games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the gambling status at Bad River Casino?

A: Best river Casino has an area of 74000 square feet. There are more than 300 electronic games equipped to play your favorite electronics lots and other varieties in this area. Among table games, our traditional game Blackjack is available in which you can enjoy and bid higher amounts. So the gambling status at bad river casino is highly exceptional.

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Q: Where is the bad river casino located?

A: Bad river casino is located in Ashland, Wisconsin. This place is known for its richness in flora and fauna. All in all, it is a beautiful place to visit with your family and friends. And the bad river casino at this place embraces its beauty more.

Q: Is there any dining space available at Bad River Casino?

A: Yes, Bad River Casino offers a snacks bar and Manam restaurant. Both of these places have availability of unlimited drinks and food. In addition, you can enjoy your favorite beverages and snacks at this spot. So you do not need to stay hungry while gambling.


Bad River Casino


We have provided you with all information about playing at a bad casino river. Belle river Casino has exceptional performance, which is why most people love to play and gamble at this lovely casino. We have provided you with all information about gambling at Casino Bad river. Various gambling game information is also provided to you. In addition, dining venue information is also given to you. So now you can play and enjoy this fantastic casino.


Belle river casino is an Indian casino operated by the bad river band of Lake superior tribe Chippewa Indians. This casino offers all the visitors legal gambling and a wide range of exciting bonuses and promotions. Superb gaming experiences are provided to gamblers who visit here from all over the world. Although playing at this casino is fun, you should not play regularly as playing casino is not pocket-friendly. Thus, one should play only at limited times.

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